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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Work on Oneself
To transform many things within

To succeed in acquiring peace within there are techniques and meditations but there are also many other means that are much more evolutionary.

This does not mean to say that meditation is not evolutionary because it can calm the mind and lift you towards other levels of consciousness but can it really transform many things in you?

There are several necessary and very important things to do:

Use introspection to know if you have many things to pardon or to forgive yourself. Forgiveness is extremely important and very powerful! You must learn to forgive yourself and to forgive others constantly; if someone hurts you, you must try to understand the reason why this person hurt you and what he or she has hurt in you because the people who surround you are often their own mirrors. Therefore, forgiveness is necessary and we say that the first stage in the great transformations of the being is to forgive oneself.

It is also necessary to understand your mistakes, to accept them and of course to eradicate them. However, mistakes are sometimes necessary for comprehension; you must absolutely not feel guilty in relation to your behavior, your reactions, to your past because from the moment that you are in guilt, in non-pardon of yourself and towards those who have caused you suffering, sometimes involuntarily, you block certain inferior energies that do not allow you to elevate your vibratory frequency in a way that is desirable right now.

Therefore the first thing to really try is to forgive. Apply forgiveness towards yourself, forgiveness towards those who have hurt you over the course of your life. We are not speaking about forgiveness in relation to recent events; you must look back on your life to see what may have bothered you in childhood, adolescence and your adult life. If there is nothing this is perfect but you must be clear with yourself! Afterwards pass on to the next phase that is to not feel guilty (human beings often feel guilty for a thousand and one reasons that we will not enumerate).

Therefore, forgiveness and not feeling guilty are already two important things.

Afterwards try to make joy come forth because every human being has joy within; try to liberate this joy to express it! Joy is the little sister of Love and it elevates your vibratory frequency. Learn to smile, to sing and to put the difficult moments of your life into perspective, to watch films that distract you positively and that amuse you.

Look at children: they play, they laugh and they do not ask themselves questions and all goes well for them!

Jesus said: “be like little children”. He wished to say this: do not intellectualize your life so much, do not think about the suffering that it may have brought you, try to let go and to be much simpler in your behavior.

Of course this is not easy because you are confronted with others constantly. Know that if you are in joy, in confidence and in serenity, others will feel this and will come towards you. Not only will you be useful to yourself, you will also be useful to those who surround you and you will really be in your mission on Earth, that which consists of not only anchoring Love and Light within and in matter but also to radiate what you really are, that is to say spiritual beings who have come to experiment life in matter and to grow through your experiences.

Try as much as possible to laugh about everything and nothing to be sometimes like children, to put the difficult things in your life in perspective; try to have confidence, to be hopeful that tomorrow will be a marvelous day and try to always be positive.

Of course, for you humans, this is not always easy because there are constraints in life; parallel to this you could face the constraints of life by having confidence in it, in having much Love for it, for yourself and for all those who surround you.

You will think that this is an important program but these are the little things in life, all the little gifts of life that can fill you with happiness and with joy. Life is not as horrible as you think!

For example, we are going to tell you what to do with those who have lost a job and who wish to find another, to those who wish to sell or buy a house or who have a wish of some kind, etc. Constantly visualize that your wish is realized and give thanks for this realization, be in thankfulness for all that the universe offers you, have confidence in it and in all the help that you have; do this one time, ten times, one hundred times and one day you will have the answer to your request.

However, human beings are very impatient; they would like to evolve all of a sudden, they would like to go very fast but evolution requires a certain amount of time; you must give it time; sometimes this can certainly go very fast, sometimes this requires much more time.

So try to do a little of what we have advised you, try to put this in practice and above all to bring up the profound joy that dwells in you, try to smile at life, try every day, each time that you pass in front of a mirror to smile at your image; this is not pride, this is respect for yourself, this is respect for the Love that you must offer to yourself.

If already you do a little of what we have told you, you will transform your life and you will radiate, and beings will feel good in your presence; you will become aware of how much, by your presence and thanks to the work that you have accomplished on yourself, you have the possibilities of helping those around you simply by what you are, by your shining and by your Love.”

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