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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Work on Oneself
Preparing oneself for telepathy

Human beings have the capacity of thinking; they also have the capacity of receiving telepathically, by inspiration, messages that do not belong to them. There is that which emanates from human thought – simple, primary thoughts – and that which emanates from your Brothers in the Light, from your guides, etc. Concerning this you do not even walk on the razor's edge; it is even much thinner than a razor's edge!

You must prove that you use much vigilance to be able to differentiate between what comes from you, very often unconsciously and what comes from outside of you and which does not belong to you.

Many channels and mediums are led astray without being aware of it, in several ways. One of these ways is that their unconscious has restituted some information that, at the limit, may have belonged to them but which did not come from the planes that they supposed.

Therefore, you must be very vigilant as far as information is concerned because your veils are going to lift themselves up, as for all humans. Suddenly, you will have something like intuitions because telepathy is sudden!

Information that is sent to you by your guides are sent telepathically instantaneously without you having to reflect for one second. A thought comes to you; it may impose itself one time, two times, three times. The same thought may impose itself on you until you have understood that it does not belong to you.

Once again, telepathy does not pass by the intellect, or through the mind, nor by reflexion; it is, just simply in the moment! This is what you must learn in able to differentiate between what may come to you unconsciously and what comes from outside of you.

We would also like to speak about the mind. A mind that is too active will not receive information. It is therefore important that you learn to calm your mind. You can calm it in many ways: with a music of meditation, with a phosphenic effect; you can calm it but it is a little more difficult with a silent meditation. It is up to you to choose! Therefore, even if you try to calm your mind and if you are not used to it, your thoughts will return with force.

Our channel has the capacity to have no thoughts during her channeling; if a thought arrives despite everything in her mind, she simply says: “Love Light on this thought” and the thought will go away. We advise you to do the same. When your mind is turbulent, too destabilizing, say: “Love Light on these thoughts” until you feel that the thoughts have dissolved, annihilated by the Light and Love.

The speed of thought is immeasurable; is simply is! It is absolutely impossible to measure time with a thought and it is for this that you must learn to avoid as much as possible having thoughts.

We are not asking you to do this for ten minutes or fifteen minutes, this is impossible, at least unless you are very advanced in this domain, as it would be in the case of a yogi or a great wise man, and still…

Even the great wise men, even the great masters do not always manage their thoughts entirely. Those who meditate at that level turn inward, that is to say abstract themselves totally from the world in which they live in order not to be in relation with it and to have no further thoughts.

It is as if they turned inward and cut themselves off completely from the world in which they live. Therefore, they are neither in their body or in their mind, they are in another reality.

We are not asking you to be in another reality! We are asking you to try to silence your mind as much as possible.

If we are insisting upon this today, it is because it is in relation to your great transformation.

What we would like to ask you today – and this is very important – is to meditate every day for five minutes minimum or even ten minutes, to connect yourself to your Brothers in the Light, to your guides and also to try to find some silence within.

You can do this at any time of day. We are going to tell you something that may make you laugh: when you are in the bathroom you can take five or ten minutes to sit down, to connect with yourself, to enter into silence and to connect yourself to us.

During the day, you can always find a little moment. Some will say: “I no longer wish to, I no longer have the courage”. Here is where you must absolutely change your point of view because this is important!

You must make some efforts through the end of this year or at the beginning of the next one because certain events could happen suddenly, even if everything will not happen at once! All may go faster, little by little. So be ready!

We often repeat the same thing to you but you do not always hear it or do not wish to hear it.

We are telling you: “Cut with your past”, this is very important! Do not dwell on yourself anymore, this is very important! Do not generate energies of fear or of suffering! Even if you are suffering in your body, even if you still have fears within, do not nourish them! This is also important!

We repeat it to you again and we will repeat it over and over until you really begin to apply what we have said to you.

Do not forget, children of the Earth that you are in a school! As long as the lesson is not learned, we are obligated to repeat it again and again!”

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