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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Work on Oneself
Remain neutral

Can you tell us which great efforts we must make to arrive at an awakening that will have us shift collectively?

They are telling me:

“It will be a minority of men, a small part of humanity, that will bring along a greater part towards positive changes.

Right now, the most terrible thing for humanity is fear! Fear is constantly distilled through your medias, and through everything that you may hear about what is happening in diverse countries.

We are not asking you to not be aware of or not to know what is happening in such and such a country, or even in your own country, we are asking you not to put an inferior vibration, a vibration of fear, of suffering and bad compassion on this information.

You must be neutral in relation to all that you may hear or see. To be neutral is not to be totally insensitive! This means that you must not invest yourself emotionally. You can have compassion, but above all do not invest yourself emotionally because then you are no longer neutral, but you give energy to that which must not have it.

Unfortunately, currently, a great part of humanity is fearful. This fear is ceaselessly nourished, and, for us, this is damaging. We are going to do all that we can to invert this process, but we are asking each of you who are present, and those who will read or listen to these messages to avoid generating fears in yourself, no matter what these fears are.

If for example you hear that in three months the end of the world will occur, if you hear that on certain dates some considerable events will take place in one sense or another, do not pay attention to it. Advance serenely in life, in confidence, in faith and in Love.

Anyway, all that must happen will happen! Whether you have fear or not, all that must happen on your planet will happen! Therefore, it would be better for you to have the most elevated vibratory frequency possible in order not to be subjected, by certain events, to very low vibrations and that would not allow you to confront certain events.

If the human being truly does not understand, the Highest Hierarchies of Light will allow man to expose himself to events that could be terrible for humanity. At that moment, if man knows how to bend his knee and to elevate his consciousness towards the Father-Mother and towards us, humanity will have the help that will be necessary, and we will intervene.

We absolutely cannot intervene if humans are still in total pride, in the power that they think they have, whereas in the end, the human being has no power; he does not even have power over himself; he does not even have the power to manage his life whereas he wishes to manage the planet in his own way.

We are speaking about those who govern your world more or less well. They think they have so much power! They have no power and even less upon themselves! They are in the illusion of power, just as some humans are in the illusion of Love.”

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