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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Work on Oneself
Be aware of the power of the verb!

"At this time and in the year that has begun, you will hear about many departures. Do not distress yourself because this must be so! This will be the departure of beings whose soul has, in a certain way, chosen to shorten their earthly sufferings to live the transition in another way.

There will be the human way to live the transition but some beings will also have the possibility of living it on another plane, with another consciousness and in another reality.

You could experience everything that is happening right now, but you would not perceive the half of it or even one hundredth of what happens inside you and what is happening in your world.

You have begun the great transition but you are not aware of it. In a certain way, you are being subjected to the new vibratory frequencies.

We are speaking more about vibratory frequencies, of Love and of Light than about energies because for us the term “vibratory frequency” is like a note or a different frequency. You must absolutely integrate this note and this frequency to go towards the “new” (not the renewal!) the new in you, the new in this world.

You are preparing yourself to integrate the new frequency that will make you understand Love in a different way. When you will be in a modified vibratory frequency, except when you will have well integrated it, you will have difficulties accepting all that is not Beauty, Harmony, Light, Love, Wisdom and all of the beautiful qualities of the soul and of all that will not be in these energies.”

They are showing me that all will sing, will vibrate and harmonize within ourselves.

“You will have more and more need of all the qualities of the soul; this will be the only way that you will have to really be able to stabilize yourself upon a new state of being, upon a new vibratory frequency and upon a new note of yourself.

In the universe everything is music, all is sound, all is a note of music! Your earthly music only represents a tiny part of what sounds can be and music on other spheres of the universe can be.

Sound has and will have more and more importance in your evolution! However, what has and will also have more and more importance is that you must be very vigilant in relation to what you will formulate through your speech.

When you are upset or that you feel something that is not in its place, instead of reacting and having a little inner anger, hum “I Am Love, I integrate Love, I Am Light! I call upon Love, I call upon the Light! I Am Beauty, I Am Harmony, I Am Force, I Am Wisdom, I accept that my new consciousness is opening and I accept to become other!”

If you give too much importance to the past and to your little dualities, you will slow down your advancement because what is taking place in you is considerable!

If you feel that everything is vibrating in you, tell yourself that these are sounds and music of the universe that are there to accelerate the process of transformation.

In the universe there are three important things: sound, Light and Love.

Children of the Earth, when you speak you emit a sound, a vibration but you also emit the sound and the vibration of the word that you pronounce.

More and more often you will have trouble saying anything that is not harmonious, which does not go in the sense of your own evolution. You will feel some disagreeable things if you pronounce phrases or words that are not in harmony with what you are becoming. You must become aware of this!

You must become aware of the power of the verb! (That is to say of the word that you use). You must become aware of all that will be accentuated in the good sense, but also in the inferior sense if you are not sufficiently in harmony with all that is going on inside you.

We are asking you to be more attentive to your words! Avoid as much as possible to pronounce useless words! If you could hear yourself speak you would understand how much, in a conversation, there are useless words!

If we are telling you this it is so that you can understand well that you will generate a sound, a vibration that slows your evolution. You are not aware that the words that you formulate have a considerable importance upon your evolution and upon your advancement because you do not think about the words you use.

It is now time to try to change your way of speaking or of thinking! We know that this is not always easy for humans.

You must understand that a word has an influence and importance not only in your life but also upon your health. Before speaking, try to reflect a little!

It would be better if you could say a thousand times: “I love you”, a thousand times “I Am Love, I Am Light”, a thousand times “I love all my brothers”, a thousand times that your world will go more and more in the direction of the fraternity that you wish for rather than weighing yourself down with all that is not yet harmonious in this world and what is not harmonious in you!

Call to you the vibratory frequencies of all the qualities of the soul! Try to name them like a mantra, try to call wisdom, knowledge, compassion, joy, confidence, serenity and of course Light and Love to you.

This is of great importance not only for you and for your future but also for humanity. The vibration of the word that you pronounce automatically associates itself with similar words; instead of helping your world to awaken, you continue to feed the leaden cloak that is still found, but not for long, over your world!”

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