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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Work on Oneself
Peace and fraternity

“You, human beings, speak often of peace, of fraternity and you even speak of Love but what do you mean by these words of peace and of fraternity if you do not add Love, that is to say, the consciousness of what Love could be and you must learn to find the profound meaning of these words to use them well.

We are going to speak about the word “Peace”. Human beings are asking for peace! So we are going to tell you this: try first to make peace with yourself, this will be much more efficient and important than to manifest in asking for peace!

Of course, it is not always useless to manifest your wishes! But what does the word “peace” mean to one or the other? Each person puts onto this word what he wishes depending on his knowledge and his evolution.

If you succeed in making peace in your heart, if you succeed in understanding what this word really means, you will be in respect of yourself, in respect of the other, and you will also be in the Love for yourself and for others.

Your world, we have said it over and over, is going to change, human beings are going to change and life on Earth is going to change; this can happen rapidly depending on the desire of human beings to change because we cannot do this work for them.

You must invest yourself more! You must be aware of the power and of the mission of which you are each invested and this mission is to anchor Love and Light in matter. You are, in a certain way, the prolongation of the Source, His finality in matter.

From the moment that you are aware of the work of Love and of Light that you can accomplish, all changes within you, all becomes lighter, and you no longer see your world in the same way as yesterday or the day before.

It is for this reason that we are speaking to you about peace and fraternity! From the moment that you truly engage yourself to be aware of what peace represents, especially within, you put into place a process of transformation, and you can then accede to all the marvelous energies that you will receive, that you sometimes integrate in a rather brusque manner if you are not prepared to receive them. They are integrated in a much gentler way by those who have prepared the terrain.

At this time, you have all possibilities to advance, among them thanks to the teaching that we give to certain channels; we say “some” channels because to receive a spiritual teaching it is not only necessary that the channel be in harmony with those who are teaching but he must also be in harmony with himself so that there are no interferences between those who give the messages and he who must restitute them.

Your world is moving on, whether it is at the human level, of the profound transformation of your Mother Earth or of that of all lives. If you really wish to reach the other shore, if you really wish to cross the bridge towards this future so much hoped for, so wished for, try to love yourself, very simply! Try to realize the peace and serenity in you because if they are not in you, Love cannot dwell there. Love will of course be in you as it is in each of you but it will not manifest itself and therefore you could neither offer it to yourself nor offer it to those who need it.

If you are not in peace within because of certain feelings of guilt, or of some incomprehension of life or of your experiences of life, you are not effective for yourselves or for the great change.

This great change has been announced by our channel and to other channels. It is at your door and it only requires the awakening of a small part of humanity for the shifting to take place.

Therefore, be artisans of the profound change of the world, be artisans of your future and if you are aware that you wish to move forward, to wish to integrate the new energies that are offered you, to wish to integrate the new knowledge that we are going to offer you more and more through channels like ours, you must work in the awareness that you are useful to the Plan, that every human being is useful to the Plan, that no human being is rejected.

Each human being has his mission to accomplish; each human being has his place in this world! If he did not have his place, what would he do on Earth? No matter what he is, unhappy or happy, in perfect health, in small or great disharmony, every human being has his place! Human beings can have each other work on themselves; they are mirrors for each other. Human beings can solicit their neighbors; they can solicit others so that they can invest themselves in the true Gift, the Gift of Love.

Human beings are both masters and students; they have much to learn from each other, from their behaviors, from their sentiments and from their Love.

When there will be a certain majority of human beings who are sufficiently awakened, the shifting can probably take place in an extremely rapid fashion. We say “probably” because there are other imperatives that we cannot speak about.

We have already told you that there are several possibilities for this great transformation, this shifting into the fifth dimension. Several possibilities are offered to humanity but for the moment even if humans open themselves up, even if they advance at great speed, even if solidarity begins to manifest itself between men, the negative forces are still trying to prevent beings from blossoming; these are fragile beings, easily manipulated, who do not succeed in thinking for themselves, who do not succeed in understanding what Love can represent.

We are asking you this: when you find yourself face to face with your colleagues, with your family, with your friends, their smile, their kind word can greatly change many things. A smile, a kind word of Love (because Love goes automatically towards the other) can make the process of the profound transformation of your world accelerate.

Peace in the world will install itself little by little because this is planned, not by men but by the Plan that must be experienced by the planet and all that lives on it and within it. Men will follow this Plan but they can live it in happiness or with suffering, depending on their behavior in relation to certain events.

This new terrestrial year, which for us represents absolutely nothing, will see many changes, essentially within human beings, but not only within them. It will also see evolutionary changes in the animal kingdom; you can observe that animals are becoming more and more sensitive, that some have the capacity of mediumship, notably cats, but of course not only cats.

You, human beings, could also notice that telepathy, and notably with animals, is developing. However, we warn you: as all of the faculties of the spirit are beginning to develop themselves, try to think in a just way, to think with much serenity, much joy, much respect and much Love.

If you do not have these thought forms of Love, those surrounding you may perceive it. They will not perceive the integrality of your thoughts but they will feel the energy emitted by your thoughts and that could create some dualities.

Your world will no longer go towards a permanent duality, towards permanent conflicts because it is not humans who wish it but those who dominate the world. Some call them “puppeteers” and we could also call them that. These are beings that do not belong to your world, who have not yet undergone the opening of the consciousness, who have not yet lifted the veils upon what Love, fraternity and respect could really represent.

All of this is going to end; we are not saying that this will end this year because there will still be some difficulties; you only have a few meters to run before the world can really change.

There will come a moment, not so far away as that, where you will no longer hear talk of wars, of conflicts because human beings will refuse them; this does not correspond any more with what they want.

The words war, conflict, duality, sadness and violence will disappear from the vocabulary; they will be as if erased from your memory and from your writings as if by a magic wand.

Be certain that this will happen! What human being truly wishes to live permanently in destruction, conflicts and war?

For thousands of years, planet Earth has known many wars and conflicts. There are cycles and you are ending a cycle of wars and conflicts. You have already begun this since a while ago but you are not aware of this! You are going towards a world of greater gentleness, of respect and of fraternity, a world where human beings will be brothers, a world which will not be a world of profits but a world of sharing.”

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