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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Work on Oneself
Fears – First part

“Fear has a very large scale of low frequencies. This scale is different from that of Love. Only the vibratory frequency of Love is elevated.

Everything that lives in this world has fear! The vibration of fear is emitted by all life in the third dimension.

The mineral world can feel the fear of destruction. Humans have no awareness of what the mineral world can feel, of what its suffering and its Love can be: when the great crystals are dynamited to be extracted from their place of existence, they feel great suffering.

Certainly, the suffering and the fear that are felt are not at all the same as that concerning the animal world or human realm.

The crystals and the minerals can, telepathically, express their suffering and their fear. At that moment, if they express their fear and their suffering, you must help them by sending them much Light and Love.

The second kingdom has been touched greatly and so is the vegetable kingdom and you are not sufficiently aware of it. Do you believe that the vegetable kingdom does not suffer when the forests burn?

In the vegetable kingdom, the great trees notably communicate among themselves. Where there is fire, their suffering is communicated even up to dozens and hundreds of kilometers and the trees who are suffering and who are afraid ask for help from their fellow creatures, even if they are far away, to accept their destruction.

When you cut down a tree, you do not know that the tree can suffer and have fear.

Of course, you use the wood! However, before cutting down the tree that is still healthy and vigorous, you can enter into communication with it to remove its fear and its suffering and just simply thank it for giving its life to humans, who will make furniture with it, who will use it for constructions, or unfortunately, for heat.

We say “unfortunately for heating” because it is too bad that human beings have not accepted the aid that has been offered them by some of their galactic brothers in order to benefit from an energy that is not polluting and is free and eternal in a certain way. But men are what they are! They have need of power, they have need of profit, and they have need to prove to themselves that they have value and that they are above others.

The third realm is the animal kingdom. You can notice the fear of an animal, no matter what it is, whether it belongs to free animals – what you call “wild animals” – or if it is a part of family pets; when the moment comes for it to leave the Earth or when it feels that it is going to be attacked, it begins to generate fear.

For animals, fear is a certain kind of safeguard. It puts them on alert and thus they can often save their life. The animal, from the smallest to the largest, can suffer from fear; they can experience what you call “nervous depressions” even if this is situated at a completely different level than that of human beings – depressions generated by lack of consideration, lack of Love and fears that they may feel due to human behavior.

The human being has several realms within: mineral, vegetable and animal. Therefore, humans recuperate the ancestral fears of the different realms because since the beginning of time they have been in contact and in communication with them.

Human beings are often fooled by thinking that over the course of their incarnations they have passed from one realm to the other. This was taught them only so they would respect the different realms.

Telepathy exists and has always existed between human beings and the different realms. Therefore, humans feel their fear and their suffering. Unconsciously they charge themselves with this fear that also originates in them.

The fears of the different realms, plus their own fears, make it such that human beings are often completely out of sync in relation to themselves and in relation to reality; always fearful, they absolutely cannot be happy.”

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