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Work on Oneself
Fears - third part

“Certain human beings have already cleansed much, eradicated certain fears, however other fears could resurface because, as we have said already, the vibration of fear is a part of what you are, and it is a part of matter. Fear, once again, can come from a lack of confidence in yourself and in general from a lack of confidence in your abilities, whether they are intellectual or material.

There are a thousand and one reasons for the fears surrounding you to penetrate you and to make your own fears grow.

We propose that you ask us for help, to ask help from your guides, from the Universe and from God during your meditations. Ask that we help you to better understand your fears in order to be able to dissolve them, to consume them in the Light and Love.

If you ignore your own fears, you can never consume them! Many people are not aware of their fears; stress is a part of your fears; lack is one of the great fears, especially the lack of appreciation for yourself!

Why this lack of appreciation? Because you always have fear of the opinion of the other! You have fear of being judged, you have fear of not being loved, you have fear of being underestimated, etc.

You must work on detachment in relation to the opinion of the other. The other can judge you but he does not know you, therefore his judgement is totally arbitrary. From the moment that he cannot know you through his own regard, he is in error! You are the only one who can have the correct regard in relation to what you are and in relation to your fears.

Why do you always need the appreciation of others? Why do you want to be better than others? To be appreciated, as you could say, “for your just value”? What is the just value of things? For you, the just value will be this or that, with a margin of one to ten. For the other, it will not be the same thing at all and that person will not have the same consciousness of the value of things, of his own value or of the value of others.

It is important, Children of the Earth, that you look into this, that you think about that vibration in order to reduce it to the maximum; to totally eradicate it would be very difficult, at least unless you are a wise man or a saint, however wise men and saints have also experienced fear.

There are terrestrial fears and those that are not terrestrial. We are going to give you an example.

Those who you call the great saints (or the great initiated) had to fight against their own fears. These fears could have come from the astral planes; they also could have come from deep inside but they were not aware of it.

To evolve, you must be able to bring up all that you are impregnated with: all of your sufferings, all of your annoyances that, since early childhood have been impregnated in what you are at the level of your personality and at the level of your spiritual advancement.

In a certain way, fear is your enemy. You could certainly do what you could to make it disappear more and more, or simply to starve it; it always remains because it is a vibration belonging to matter but it would not express itself through your personality.

If it is a little dormant within, if you do not nourish it, then you could really blossom in the Light, in Love, in fraternity, in joy and in confidence!

For example, we will say that fears can be situated in dependence. Dependence is also a fear. Fears can be situated in addiction and addiction can be situated at the level of power and at the level of money. Addiction comes from fears generated from fear of lack. Within all beings who are subjected to addictions – no matter what they are – addictions are always connected to fears, to lack. Lack is a fear: fear of lacking money, fear of lacking food, fear of being in bad health, etc. Everything is always connected to fears!

There is also the fear of not being loved! This is the great fear of humanity because every human being has a visceral need of being loved.

First of all, as a baby, the human being needs to be loved by its parents and this Love reassures it! The baby enters into a terrible world, with extremely difficult vibrations for a baby who often comes from elevated planes, planes of Light. When it has loving parents and even if the parents do not know the process of fear, the Love that they give him calms his deep feeling of the base vibrations of the third dimension.

At all ages, fear makes itself felt: the fear of failing at school, the fear of failure at the level of a union, the fear of failure at the level of work.

If you understand it, you can starve these fears by having confidence and by simply telling yourself: “I have help, I can have confidence!”

From the moment that you truly wish to eradicate your fears and that you no longer wish to feed them, we will help you, be certain!”

Be assured that he who, really, with all his heart, with all of his faith, asks for help to evolve spiritually, will be heard and helped depending on the willpower that he has put into it to advance on the spiritual path.

You can ask us for all the help that you wish and we will give this help. However, do not forget that you also have an evolutionary path to make.

We are going to tell you this again: You world is going bad! This is not a “scoop” as you say on Earth! You know it, you see it and you feel it!

The world vibrates in fear, once again nourished by your media. The newspapers, televised or on paper, that speak of catastrophes and of fears are responsible for audience ratings and help to increase the sale of the newspapers. People who manage the information are not aware that they are thus feeding into their own fears.

You must also be aware that the fear that is now being generated in the world is a vibration that nourishes certain entities that are totally destructive and negative for the human being. Also be aware that you nourish not only your own fears but also the entities who feed on this energy.”

We will speak more about this to you; this will be necessary. Now we are speaking in a certain way; when the moment comes, we will speak of it in a different way, that is to say that we will give you a compliment of information.”

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