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Work on Oneself
Fears -Second part

“Fears, as we have already said, have a thousand and one faces. The problem is that humans do not succeed in giving them their true face; they are subjected to them, sometimes they nourish them but they do not always recognize them.

If we are speaking to you about fears it is because it is necessary to do all you can to know them in order to eradicate them.

We are going to take the case of one of these fears: the lack of confidence in you. We are going to try to study the reasons for this lack of confidence.

Lack of confidence can manifest itself in several domains such as the fear of not being able to achieve what others expect from you; they can underestimate your own value, which creates within you some real fears, often hidden, and aliment even more your lack of confidence.

These fears can also come from youngest childhood and even from birth. A baby that comes into the world feels the vibrations of all that surrounds it; it feels the vibrations of fear of its parents and of life in general. It is much more receptive to the vibrations of fear than adults, who often misunderstand their own fears.

At birth, a baby is much more sensitive to the vibrations of fear because it is coming from a world where it does not exist, at least as such. Fear does not exist there but it can last a little while after the death of a human being because the soul is still very close to its body and to its life.

Often babies cry at night because they are afraid. They are afraid of what they sense and of what they perceive in the vibrations and they also have fear of their own existence because little babies are still often in relationship and in liaison with their former life; they have the capacity to perceive their future, not as a whole but in several experiences planned for their life.

Therefore you must reassure a baby that has fear and you must avoid, you adults, speaking about fear in front of them! Babies, children, and adolescents are constantly bathed in fear! You turn on the television: fear is constantly distilled there! You also turn on the radio where fear is also constantly distilled.

As long as fear nourishes fear, it destroys men! As long as it will be so, your world will not be able to find serenity, joy, fraternity and Love.

Have you ever asked yourself this question: Why, in the news, is there rarely any mention of the marvelous things of life?”

There are several reasons for this. There is a reason that dwells in the deepest part of each human being. As humans cannot get rid of the notion of fear themselves, this fear, that is a vibration, exists and only asks to drink its fill, to nourish itself on all the vibrations of fear.

How do human beings nourish their own fears? Simply by being very fond of things that are totally inferior, for example of horror films, of atrocious crimes, or by being fond of sensational experiences, etc.

In your society, during accidents or difficult events, some beings come “scrambling for the pickings” to look and to photograph them! Just simply because the fear that is in them feeds on this and needs to nourish itself with an exterior fear.

We have never made mention of this but now, you must know about it! If you were aware of that your own fear seeks to nourish itself from a fear coming from outside, you would be more vigilant. Be aware that your consciousness will try to nourish itself with your shortcomings, with your jealousy and with the great underestimation of yourself.

As we have just told you, fear has a thousand and one faces; it is always very crafty at finding nourishment. So interrogate yourself!”

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