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Work on Oneself
The impact of thoughts

“You, human beings, are not aware of the psychic power that emanates from what you are. You are not aware that your thoughts have a result that is much more different than you think.

The association of all inferior thoughts, some emanations of suffering, of violence and of sadness creates a terrible egregore, terrifying, that you do not see. This egregore impacts very deeply its planetary consciousness and its matter.”

They are showing me a grill of many colors. I am trying to perceive it well in order to describe it to you correctly.

“This is the energy grill of protection of planet Earth. It protects all the inferior thoughts, thoughts that also make this energy and vibratory grill very fragile. So, what does the Earth do? It tries with all of its force to fight against the attack of inferior thoughts!

Of course, human beings are not aware of their power so it tries to defend itself by the means that it has, that is to say, storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc. These means of defense help it to re-establish a little bit its own equilibrium.

You must be aware at a certain moment, if you do not do what is necessary, the planet Earth will react much more violently, in a certain way to assure its survival but not only the survival of its matter but also the survival of its consciousness.

Of course, those who watch over, the Beings of Light and your galactic brothers help in a considerable way.

But you, you live on your Mother Earth, you are in matter, and the impact that you have on her is very important, which gives a considerable task to all the beings who desire to help this magnificent planet, precious for the solar system and the galaxies.

Therefore, you must also become aware of this and that you help it not only in the manner of human beings but also with the Love that is in your heart.

How do you do this? First of all, it is important that each of you work on all of your thoughts of limitation, all negative thoughts and all destructive thoughts of violence and of fear; fear is a terrible energy for the planet Earth! Unfortunately, at this time, some entities are doing all they can to generate fear within human beings in a terrible way.

You must therefore distance yourself from fears generated by the entities that are pulling the strings on your world and directing it. We will not continue on this subject as it is not necessary.

Begin first by mastering your thoughts, your words and your emotions because emotions also have an enormous impact on your planet Earth and you are not aware of it.

Imagine one, two, or seven billion individuals who project their moods (we are using the human expression) and are constantly projecting their suffering, their revolt, and their emotions. If these are positive emotions, this is marvelous, but often human beings only project inferior emotions.

If it is only one individual, it is not serious, he can at the worst have some inferior emotions, even fears, of violence, etc., but multiplied by several millions, even billions, imagine the impact and what that can do in the consciousness and the matter of your Mother Earth!

Those who watch over are around the Earth, the entities of the higher planes of Light and your galactic brothers work constantly in order that all of these inferior psychic emanations do not go beyond the planet Earth, that is to say its trellis and in a certain way the energy belt that is located beyond it.”

They are showing me geometric figures that are interlinked and that form a trellis; in these geometric figures there are colors that are sometimes dark and sometimes luminous.

“Therefore those who have so much Love work so that these energies do not evacuate themselves towards your solar system and well beyond.

A thought has no limits and you do not really comprehend this yet. Nothing stops a thought! Your thought can be perceived at the other end of the world and can associate itself with a similar thought which is also found at the other end of the world.

For thought, there are no limits, whether it is in time or space because thought is an energy, a vibration. Nothing stops an energy, nothing stops a vibration! It takes off and goes farther and farther. Even a wall does not stop an energy because it goes through walls.

From the moment that you will have become aware of your responsibility in relation to the power of your thoughts, you can change the world!

This will be more and more the goal of the teaching that we will give you!"

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