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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Work on Oneself
Hope is fundamental to spiritual evolution

“We are always a little surprised by all that can be said, especially in what you call the “medias” or the internet, notably concerning hope. What astonishes us the most is that some people take as true what is unfortunately just a brake on evolution. It is however a part of the freedom that everyone has to believe or not to believe certain theories, certain ways of conceiving things and life.

This context distresses us because those who annihilate all hope in a life have not really understood what thought and the powers of the mind can generate.

We are distressed that some people could believe that hope is a brake rather than a step that can really help you get through several stages of your life and that also helps you to grow.

Hope is the most important thing for humanity. Humanity without hope has no future; it hopes for nothing else!

“Do not forget that thought creates; hope also creates your future. Certainly, you have done your programming long before coming into this world, but a programming that would be understood before being applied would no longer need to take place.

We are not speaking about hope at a material level (to have a beautiful house, a good situation). We are speaking more about hope at the spiritual level: to hope to advance, to hope with all your force to better understand what you are.

Hope is fundamental to spiritual evolution.

If you remove hope, you block spiritual advancement! You slow down humanity, you even remove the capacity to go beyond it!

At that level, once again, everyone acts depending on his beliefs, on his evolution and we leave everyone free to advance depending on what he is.

To complete what we have said concerning hope, we will say that it may be necessary to renew several times the thoughts of hope that you have formulated (we are of course speaking about positive hope because certain situations can be associated with an inferior hope).

After having emitted a thought of hope, it may be necessary to repeat it several times. We are speaking about positive hope obviously, and in no case, of destructive hope, which would consist of causing harm to someone. For example, when a great duality exists between two people, it is possible that one of them hopes that justice be rendered in his favor or that the other person will be subjected to the law of cause and effect.

You must never hope for something inferior for anyone, even for your worst enemy. You must never hope that such and such a person be in difficulty.

Positive hope, that which grows, is sacred! You can constantly cultivate this! Spiritual hope also connects you to the most elevated parts of yourself. If you do not have hope, if you live your life day to day you do not force yourself – by positive thought or by creative thought – to go beyond yourself!

Hope is a motor! Every human being needs hope to live. It you remove hope from humans, what is left for them? To live their life, to assume it of course, but also to live it sometimes with great difficulty. If you remove their hope, humans would not have the force to continue their life, no matter what it is, if their life does not bring them joy, serenity, health…

Even for the most material things in life, a human always hopes to improve his financial situation; a human always hopes to heal himself or to heal a pathology or a disharmony.

If you remove hope form these humans, what is left for them? To be subjected to their fate? No! No one has to be subjected to fate! Everyone needs to go beyond a difficult experience and not be subjected to it!

We find that, in your society that you call “modern”, you are constantly subjected to your laws. You are always hoping that your political, social and economic laws improve, and hope that, tomorrow, a man will be able to bring peace to people and to give them a breath of fresh air.

This is also called hope! If you remove this hope, what is left? Suffering? To simply accept life as it presents itself? But why accept it? You must accept, but you have the capacity to transform things. Within, you have extraordinary tools. Why not use them since already for some years now, essentially since the shifting in 2012, the faculties of your mind have been developing.

Hope is a part of the dynamic of the faculties of the mind. Hope is precious! Never be in despair in relation to anything! Always hope for a better day! Always hope to evolve spiritually! Always hope to grow in Love!

Hope does not stop at limiting concepts. Hope pushes you forward! Hope gives you wings! Hope nourishes you! Even if, for some, it is to be nourished by his own illusions; what difference does it make? In hope, you create; you create what you want most!

By having hope, by creating by thought your wishes and desires, the hope that you have put into a situation gives you the force to create more and more and gives you the force to realize your wishes. (The word “wish” can also be associated with the word “hope”).

The opposite of the word “hope” is the word “despair”. If you remove hope, beings find themselves often in despair…Do not be in despair, always be in hope, the hope that brings you joy, that allows you to live when the Light does not shine in you or when you find yourself in some difficult situations.”

They are showing me someone who has no hope. He only wishes for all of his difficult experiences to stop. So, he goes towards a chopping block and has his head cut off.

“Today you can be in difficulty and tomorrow, with hope, all can change. This is what you must understand! Once again, hope has immense importance in your life.

We have often spoken about hope, for us, it is something that is acquired. What human, in his life, has not hoped that a difficult situation be different? What human has not hoped to simply be happy in his life, in his home and with his friends? What human finding himself in a very difficult situation has not formulated the hope that things get better? What human has not had the hope of being completely healed of any disharmony?

Therefore, keep hope, it is a precious tool. Hold on to it preciously! Hope is a vibration that helps you! Hope allows you to climb up more and more steps!

Have discernment! Ignore those who believe that hope is limiting and that it keeps you from living, leave these persons to their ideals, to their way of seeing things and life, but you, take life in stride; eliminate the word “despair” and always keep the word “hope”.

Hope allows you to accept! If you do not have hope, you will not accept a situation that presents itself to you. With hope, accept a situation by telling yourself: “today I am living this, but I hope that tomorrow all will go better and that I will better understand my life.”

When all is said and done, hope leads you to accept many things.”

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