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Work on Oneself
The year 2017

“We would like, as you do on Earth, to wish you the best, humanly and spiritually.

What now has real importance is the comprehension that you have of yourself, of life, of what we are, of what you are becoming and of what you will become.

We know just the same that it is not easy, for the beings whose consciousness is still veiled, to advance without really seeing very clearly, whether it is their spiritual path or their human one.

Advance without any knowledge of what is at the end of the path! Advance simply in confidence and faith while telling yourself: “my path is just, my path is true, my path will lead me always towards the Light and Love.”

If, as you say on Earth, you had the problem and the solution, that is to say that if everything was given to you without effort, there would be no evolution. Obviously, experiences are not necessary to evolve because you can evolve in another way, that is to say with comprehension, Love, consciousness and faith, and also – and above all- through the profound transformation of yourself thanks to your behavior, your thoughts, your words and to your way of loving.

The year 2017 is a part of the new cycle. There have been several cycles more or less long, more or less important since 2012, cycles that are not perceivable by the human consciousness except for certain beings that are more receptive than others who feel the energies and the vibratory frequencies.

Many beings say that at the level of numerology, you are in year 1. We will not speak about either numerology or astrology because it is necessary to go beyond that. You must be able to conceive that you have everything within! All you need to do is turn the pages of your own book! Everything is written there! You are a part of the Divine; you are a part of the Divine, you are a part of the Mother Soul and therefore you have Knowledge. However, this knowledge is for the moment veiled because you are not yet sufficiently wise to be able to unveil it to yourself.

This new year will see many awakenings! Some people who were totally in a deep sleep will awaken due to sufferings and to difficulties. There are also those who seek, all the Light Workers of which you are a part, all those who have invested themselves and who continue to invest themselves because they always wish to go farther, to understand, to evolve and to love even more.

You who are a part of this category will receive much help. However this help will not be given you until the moment when you will have cleansed your inner space or your interior garden; if it is covered with wild weeds, if your inner space is encumbered with all that is useless, there will be no place for all the renewal, for all that is sent to you from the universe, for all that we offer you and that we send you.

We know however that, for human beings, it is not easy to forget their past, that they always bring their past into their future, in a certain way that disturbs their future!

Imagine that your present was a hut that you carried on your back. This immense hut is full of all that belongs to your past; it is full of all your problems, all of your sufferings, your lack of letting go, your lack of forgiveness and your guilt. How can you think that there is any place left for what will be offered you?

Your hut is heavy because the past is often heavy. If you succeeded in emptying that hut, you could fill it with light things because all that corresponds to your evolution, all that corresponds to a much higher vibration has no weight and even allows you to elevate yourself much more. If you fill up your hut with all the beautiful things that you hope for, that you wish for, that you call to yourself, you will climb up much more easily because the vibration of all that you will integrate, of all that you will charge yourself with will allow for a much more important awakening and a much more important vibratory climb.

This year, it is asked of the Light Workers an immense letting go, to stop the constant complaining and to be positive about all the acts of their life.

Make your life positive and give thanks for all the little moments of happiness that the universe offers you! Give thanks for the Love that descends into your heart and that inundates you! Give thanks for the Beings of Light who accompany you or for your guides who help you avoid major problems! However you are not even aware of this since they have helped you avoid them!

You are accompanied and helped but our aid and all that you will receive will be even more effective when you will have cleansed yourself, when you will have removed the weeds from your garden; in its place only beauty, harmony, joy, Love and confidence will install themselves.

Imagine that beauty corresponds to a person; it is within you and it is waiting. Then, there is a person who could be called compassion. After that, there will be a person that could be called confidence. Afterwards there could be people who name themselves courage, willpower, letting go, forgiveness, joy, serenity, Love, etc. All of these people will have put on the clothing of Light and they will radiate their presence and their beauty. Think of bringing all of these people within or into your garden because if you give them a reality they will be there to help you and will never leave you all alone.

Do not forget that thought is also a person! If you constantly think that you are happy you create a person who represents happiness. If you constantly think that you are in perfect health you create a person who is in perfect health. All the people that you will have created will be, in a certain way, at your service, and they will constantly help you.

It is for this that you must, during this new year, become aware of your immense capabilities, become aware that your path is a magnificent path and that, even if some small thorns remain, some rocks here and there, with the help of all of these persons that you have created to help you, these rocks and these thorns will not count, you will skim over them; they will no longer even exist because they will no longer be necessary to make you evolve.

Individually, this year can bring you many joys. However, we repeat once again that if your hut is full, you will receive nothing. Be aware of that! To fill up a recipient it must be empty! A recipient that is full cannot be filled with other things. So, do the work that will unburden you and understand the uselessness of what can slow you down!"

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