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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Work on Oneself
Hope is fundamental to spiritual evolution
Remain neutral
Difficult end of life
To transform many things within
Preparing oneself for telepathy
To make a clean sweep
Consequences of not forgiving
Anger and crises of the ego
Fears - third part
Fears -Second part
Fears – First part
Make peace within yourself!
Peace and fraternity
The year 2017
Be aware of the power of the verb!
To be out of reach
What is evolution?
Guilt and attachment
Willpower and patience
The inner dialogue
The impact of thoughts
Cleansing of cellular impregnations
You are going to have some spiritual experiences
Do not regret your experiences!
Be your own master!
Recognizing fears
The thought process
The seed of non-forgiveness
Words have a vibration
Let go or let it be?
Acceptance, tolerance and letting go
The most beautiful key to evolution
The integration of energies
Forgiveness frees
Emotional variations
The protection bubble
Forgiveness is essential to evolution
To rebel or to accept?
The inner peace
The power of thought
The supreme goal
Fusion with the soul
The Shadow of a Doubt
Now you must advance!
Going back up the slope
When the burden is too heavy
Chase Away Your Doubts!
The Law of Resonance
Thought is a Living Energy
Former Karma and Immediate Karma
Where is the soul located?
To Master
Ego is a Big Obstacle
To Learn Self Nurturing
Open Your Eyes to Who You Are and Wake Up  (5 April 2012)
Dominating Matter
States of Awareness
Stabilizing the Emotions
It is Time to Awaken
To Accompany the Transformation
Thoughts and Dreams  (6 October 2011)
Emotional Detachment
What Slows Evolution
Important Evolving Advice  (4 August 2011)
Important Lesson to Ponder  (21 July 2011)
The Emotional Center
Digging Deep into the Inner Being  (19 May 2011)
Open your Channel of Perception
The Ladder of Light  (31 March 2011)
Spiritual Ego
Learning Silence
The Work to Be Done Is Significant
Put On the Garment of Light of a Fully Realized Being
Moving Up Exams
Listen to Oneself Speaking
Unconscious Thoughts
Reviewing the Soul
Understanding and Practicing the Teachings
Self Cleansing and Cutting with the Past
Act of the Ego
Color and Sound
Working on Oneself
A Clash of Forces
A New Consciousness
The Sage Within
The Mirror
The Energy of Thought
For Those Who Cannot Visualize
Difference between Resignation and Acceptance
The Importance of Forgiveness
Hypnosis and Regressions
Going to the Essential
The Mind is a Great Obstacle to Evolution
The Keys to Transformation  (3 May 2009)
How to know and communicate with our guide?
Rising Above Difficult Experiences
Parallel Paths
The Gates of our Destiny
Annihilating a Negative Thought
Bringing Oneself into Harmony with One's Higher Self
Understanding Calls from the Soul
Becoming a Channel
Cleansing Cellular Memory
Forgiveness Is Essential
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