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Work on Oneself
Difficult end of life

Why do certain beings, despite having acquired a spiritual, esoteric and intellectual knowledge, have sometimes a difficult end of life?

Your end of life will depend on what your life was!

If during your entire life you have unceasingly been in reactivity, in a refusal of experiences, if you have not nourished your body with Love and with beautiful vibrations, if you have been unforgiving, all of this will be impregnated in the body in an important way and the years will have had an important advantage of wear on your body.

Some people, not even having any spiritual knowledge, remain forever optimistic: you call them “optimistic of life”. When they have difficult experiences to live through, they can say: “this day is not really extraordinary but tomorrow it will be!” These are people who constantly put their life experiences in perspective.

Learn to put your life experiences in perspective constantly, to accept them, to put much Love on your body, even on those that you have perhaps not known how to protect.

When you have inferior thoughts and there remains a trace of a small weakness in your body (that could come from earlier experiences or even from your childhood), your inferior thoughts automatically degrade further the parts more or less in suffering in your body.

How to approach this time of aging which is a marvelous time, a time where human beings have the possibility of looking back on their life, to see what it has brought them that is positive and to better accept this new phase of their life, that is to say in Love, in joy and serenity?

Human beings do not take stock of their life sufficiently often and this is why there is often a somatization in their body in relation to experiences that are not accepted and always and again in relation to unforgiveness and guilt.

We are not saying that guilt is a poison, but it can however have a very negative action on your body!

Children are often raised in a way that is not beautiful because they have been made unceasingly to feel guilty and inferior. All of this remains inscribed in them when they have become adults and continue with it because they often remain in guilt in relation to themselves and their actions.

If we have often asked you to cut with your past, this does not mean only not to think of the past any more. You must first examine the difficult experiences, inundate them with Light and then, no longer think about the suffering that they may have generated in you.

The beings who are really on this spiritual path, who succeed in integrating Love for themselves, who are much more serene, who are not constantly thinking inferior thoughts, who know how to smile and laugh, who are in inner joy or express joy, age much less rapidly because, by their behavior, they regenerate their cells and their body.

The spiritual path is a beautiful way to approach this passage towards the end of life (more or less distant) in a serene way and, why not, with a body in perfect health.

Human beings have a very short life span. This can be explained: it is the wish of the Masters of Karma, it is the will of the Beings of Light or the guides who have charge of their experimentations of life existing in your world; this is a world of matter, of duality, of incomprehension where you must absolutely develop Love with all its facets, a world where sometimes you do not find your place because you have not understood the reason for your life.

Therefore, from the moment that human beings, whether or not they are on this spiritual path, have a hygiene of life, a life without excess (because excesses are very nefarious for the body), they can maintain their body in good health.

There are excesses at the level of your body, such as the food that you ingest or products like alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc., which have repercussions on your body.

There are also excesses at the level of thought: if you underestimate yourself constantly, if you do not succeed in being aware of what you are, of your own value and the Love that is in you, there are also repercussions on your body.

The excesses from what you ingest and from what you think accelerate not only the process of aging of your body but also the process of it deterioration, resulting in problems of health, etc.

You who are on this spiritual path have much luck in relation to neophytes and to those who do not even search, who live their life simply by profiting as much as one can from what this material world may offer in this third dimension.

There are also beings who have no spiritual knowledge and who have Love in them. These are beings who are very positive and joyful and who, without being on a spiritual path, succeed in having a body that does not degrade, in going through the years the best way possible, and even sometimes attain a very old age.

Joy is a very important element for retaining youth; this includes youth of spirit, youth of body and an appearance of youth. Your body is a function of your spirit and, once again, of your thoughts, your behavior, and the joy that may emanate from you.

When you are joyful, when you have a beautiful smile, when you put all the problems of your life in perspective, those who surround you say that you radiate. But, what exactly does the word “radiate” mean? It is to emit a vibration of Love, of serenity, of joy and of calm. Once again, this is very important for approaching the last period of your life.

Those whom you may call “Great Beings” or “Great Initiates”, Beings who have brought much and who have left much thanks to the work that was theirs, did not always love themselves. They totally invested themselves in what they had chosen, whether it was at the level of their way of living daily life, of their esoteric knowledge or of a new science. They forgot themselves, they forgot their body, they even forgot Love to give themselves totally to their work. There was a lack of balance, a lack of Love for their body and for themselves.

It is important to have a mission or to give oneself a mission, but you must not forget, no matter what this mission is, that you are a being of Love, Beings of Light incarnated in matter, and that you must always keep this in your awareness! If you forget it, your body will feel the consequences.

Therefore, to close this subject, we will say that you must do what is necessary if you wish to conserve your body in perfect health, at least in the best health possible; having arrived at a certain age, you are the sum of your thoughts, but also the sum of your revolts and sometimes also the lack of Love for yourself.”

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