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Work on Oneself
To make a clean sweep

“Many human beings are being subjected to some troubles at the level of their body, such as great fatigue, colds and other things…

Right now, whether you are conscious of it or not, you are in the process of a great cleansing. But what are you cleansing? You know that you have all come here with important baggage, very important emotional charges inherited from your former lives on this earth or on other spheres.

Now, you are living through a very specific period of human evolution, the evolution of the planet Earth, of the evolution of the solar system; everything must be different!

The body is preparing itself and spirits are preparing themselves. In order for all of you to be able to integrate the vibrations that are very important that, in 2018, will inundate the Earth and the solar system, therefore each of you must be able to liberate yourself from all that you have brought with you, or all that you have experimented since you have been on this planet and that slows down your evolution. What you have not succeeded in evacuating is generating great suffering.

We will give you, as you say on Earth, “a helping hand” to prepare you more to evacuate what is still a little blocked in you.”

They are showing me crystallizations of energy that are blocking themselves and that generate suffering in human beings.

“Many human beings have been asking themselves questions, first in the year 2000, which was a passage, and then in 2012 which was also a passage but not the one that you understood it to be and that was a poor interpretation of certain texts and of the Mayan calendar.

Therefore, 2012 put certain energies into place to prepare human beings for a much greater opening of consciousness and also to a much greater acceptance of what they are becoming and of some transformations.

How can you liberate these energies that are imprisoned in you and liberate all these emotions if it is not through certain difficulties, through certain pains in your body, through certain small or great disharmonies? In suffering the body purifies itself and it cleanses itself! Of course, it would be much more profitable for each of you to not have to purify or to cleanse!

What must you do to have the least difficulties, to put yourself in harmony with this immense transformation? We have said it but we are pleased to repeat it because it is very important: You must absolutely liberate yourself! Cut with all that is holding you back, with all suffering, non-forgiveness and sentiments of guilt that can still touch you! Get rid of all that you have experienced, being aware that all that has been experienced was a part of life experiences that you had to live through in this current incarnation.
Human beings have trouble cutting with their own suffering and unconsciously they nourish it! They have trouble cutting with their own fears because they are not always aware of them and that they nourish them. They often have trouble cutting with an underestimation of themselves and that they nourish that
We are asking you, with much Love, to learn to love yourself! You are all marvelous beings who often ignore who they are! From the moment that you begin to accept that, to accept that you really are marvelous beings, you change many things in you. You then already change the way that you shine, because automatically you radiate a certain serenity, a certain joy, and a certain wisdom.

It is very important to prepare yourself for next year which will be very important!

You will still have some pain, some small disharmonies that you will have difficulty eradicating. When you are unable to eradicate some small disharmonies, notably that you call “colds” or some “respiratory difficulties”, first imagine a blue violet color flowing over you during your shower at night or in the morning.
Do this shower very slowly. This light should first inundate your head.  Then very slowly have it descend over all of your body being aware that this shower of blue violet light absorbs all that is not Light, all of your tenseness, all of the little disharmonies and all the little sufferings. Therefore, very slowly, make this Light descend all the way to your feet and all of your little disharmonies will leave your body little by little to enter Mother Earth. Mother Earth knows how to transcend. She has so much Love for human beings and for all of the kingdoms that she is able to transcend what they evacuate.

Do this shower in awareness and simply tell your body that you love it instead of constantly telling it: “you make me feel bad, you are not as I would wish you to be, etc.”

Your body is its own entity and it is sensible to your Love; this is not about the ego. When we say: “your body is its own entity” this means that it has its own consciousness, the consciousness of matter; we are speaking about the consciousness of the body.

Your body reacts based on your thoughts. If you generate inferior thoughts all of the time, your body, which already has trouble evacuating all of the past more or less heavy, has trouble integrating a new energy and therefore the inferior thoughts that you have in regard to it will not help it.

A few years ago, we advised you to do this: when you arise in the morning, when you look at yourself in the mirror, simply tell yourself: “you are handsome (or you are beautiful) and I love you!” Say this with sincerity! By repeating to your body that you love it, your body will react consequently.

It is also important to practice the affirmations! Do this with the awareness that your affirmations will automatically generate a result.

From the moment that you begin to know yourself better, to accept yourself better, and no matter what is happening, you begin not only to change your vibratory frequency but to lift and then to remove the veils, which will allow you to elevate your vibratory frequency much more.

Some people say: “My body is tired and it is worn out! Of course the body can be tired and it can be worn out…But it is always the consequence of bad treatments and of the non-awareness of your body.

Your body is a perfect tool! Thanks to the subconscious and to positive thoughts that you emit, your body has the possibility of transforming everything! It can transform all that is disharmony and also annihilate suffering. But instead of sending it Love, you generate – by your suffering obviously – some thoughts that are more and more inferior that, unfortunately nourish these disharmonies.

You must know that it is very important to make a clean sweep to integrate what you must integrate very soon!

The coming months (November and December) will be relatively tranquil. There will not be very important waves of energy like there have been. Therefore you must take advantage of these months to take stock in relation to yourself, in relation to the consciousness that you have of yourself, of your body and of all that it can generate as small or great disturbances.

You have two months to prepare yourself well, to understand well, to cleanse, to cut, and to really make a clean sweep and after these two months, therefore in 2018, there will be very powerful energies. This may cause something like whirlwinds inside you.

You will not be aware that these are whirlwinds but these energies could generate fatigue. You will not know why but suddenly in the day you may be very tired and be obliged to sit down and in an hour all will return to order. This will happen by whirlwinds and by waves.

Therefore, If you do not wish to by affected immoderately by these immense changes, prepare yourself very simply!”
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