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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Work on Oneself
To be out of reach


“You have really changed and evolved since we have been guiding you, since we have taken you by the hand to open the path for you. Of course, certain people have chosen another path because they are completely free to make their choices; they have chosen an easier path and it is for this that they have wandered away from the school of Wisdom that is yours.

The true spiritual path requires a very important personal investment and some people are not yet ready to follow it; they prefer paths that are a little sinuous rather than to take a straight line that would lead them much faster to the goal; this sinuous path will perhaps contain many more experiences (not difficulties but many experiences).

You have globally evolved and understood greatly and you have also elevated your vibratory frequency by several notches even if this does not signify anything for humans.

The fact of elevating your vibratory frequency is very important because this shelters you from all the manipulations and many of the poisons that you breathe and ingest without being aware of it.

We are going to give you an example:

On Earth, there are venomous mushrooms that could cause the death of those who eat them. From the moment that you are in total confidence and therefore in a much more elevated vibratory frequency, you can eat these mushrooms; they will absolutely not harm you because the entry of poison into your body will be totally annihilated by a vibratory frequency that is much more elevated that will therefore no longer be in accord with the vibratory frequency of the food ingested.

All food, all fruit has a very specific vibratory frequency and obviously it is the same with the meat you eat.

Depending on what you eat, you can lower or elevate your vibratory frequency.

The choice of your food is not necessary for elevating your vibratory frequency; it is your conscience that allows you essentially to elevate your vibratory frequency because even when you ingest products that could be harmful to you, if you are in a vibratory frequency and a state of Love that is sufficient, all that you might eat will have no negative or inferior effect on your health or on you.

We will come back to the importance of the spiritual path, the true one, well lived, even if it contains some experiences that are a little difficult; this spiritual path truly places you out of reach of all manipulation, of all problems, even those emanating from the current pollution that is really terrible (we insist on the word terrible).

Do not forget that you are receiving tremendous aid, even in relation to the voluntary pollution of some beings, some beings that have absolutely no awareness of what they are doing and that they will be obligated to understand in another life, in another world. To understand well what they are subjecting current humans to they must be subjected to themselves.

Power is what is most destructive in your world; the power of man over man is really what destroys.

Concerning the person who wants to have power over another, we will say that at a certain moment it could also be destroyed by someone who has even more power over him. The chain of power, of domination and of manipulation also takes place at several levels.

It is for this that we have always told you: be your own master, listen to what happens around you but pass the information through discernment!

There will be more and more information, counter-information and manipulations of which you are not aware and they will have as a goal the slowing down of all beings that are awakening to a level of consciousness and at the level of their heart.

However, stable beings that have really begun their awakening of consciousness and the opening of their heart will not be destabilized; they will continue on their path and will propagate a marvelous vibration that will place them out of reach.

We insist: the true spirituality, that of the consciousness and of the heart, places you out of reach of all earthly manipulation! This is important to know and to keep deep within yourself!”

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