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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Work on Oneself
Consequences of not forgiving

“We have very often spoken of forgiving because it has immense importance, much more importance than you imagine because not forgiving sometimes generates great problems in your physical body; you make the energy of not forgiving grow that is associated with the energy of fear and with the energy of guilt, which often forms a very destructive cocktail.

It is therefore necessary that you succeed in deprogramming these energies.

Not forgiving is the non-acceptance of a situation, of a relationship or simply of what you are and the actions that you may have committed. Once again, you must understand that you are in an apprenticeship through a thousand and one experiences.

You are in a school of life, just like students who on Earth go to school to study. However, in the school of life there are moments when you are very gifted and moments when you do not succeed in accomplishing the homework that is presented to you. Therefore you have to repeat the lesson and you are presented with it again, and so on…But this is not grave, what is important is to succeed, that is to say to get through the experiments that the Universe or what you are have chosen to live in your incarnation.

But what really is forgiving? How do you forgive?

To be able to effectively liberate yourself from forgiveness you must study yourself beginning with trying to understand your personal functioning and not to bare a grudge towards the other.

Why bare a grudge towards the other since you know that the other, in this instance, your professor, is there to make you understand that sometimes what you sometimes do not succeed in understanding?

So, instead of thanking him, you condemn him (even in thoughts) because you find him to be unjust, he makes you suffer, etc.

Have you thought about the fact that you are sometimes the master and sometimes the student of a person who is dear to you or simply of a colleague or of a relative, no matter what he is?

Have you thought to what point the other is useful in your evolution, even if there is suffering and incomprehension? From the moment where you have this reaction, there is automatically evolution!

When you understand the “why” there is evolution. If you refuse it, there is stagnation! There is not regression because a being never regresses. If you do not understand your own functioning, there can be somatization of these energies that you do not succeed in evacuating.

We are not asking you to love your torturers, not at all! Think of the entire positive that any person may have brought you that you have encountered and who was very disagreeable or even worse and try to think of all that you may have brought him that was positive.

If you have a difficult relation, the two people will be losers because there will be incomprehension, therefore there will not be an evacuation of these energies and there will not be forgiveness obviously. This energy will automatically stagnate in the two people who will have experienced duality or incomprehension.

To arrive at understanding your functioning well, the first thing is to be able to understand that everything that you do in your life; even if you think you have made a mistake, you must above all not consider it as such! We repeat all experiences that you make in your life help you evolve!

You could ask us: “those who commit terrible acts are they going to be able to evolve through these terrible acts?”

We will answer with this: maybe not in this life but in the following because they will be obligated to understand their mistakes and at that moment they will evolve. In addition, you ignore what the plan of life is for a person, what the experiences are that they have chosen to live! You cannot, therefore, judge the behavior of anyone!

Behind a completely irrational behavior, of violence or even murder (since the word can be said) you cannot know what the other person can be living and what his programming is.

If you really have a profound grudge for this person, you do not help him because you reinforce his problem and you nourish his noxious energies with your thoughts and your behaviors.

Sometimes, however, people who have totally inacceptable behaviors for the majority of human beings are not responsible for their own actions because there are invisible manipulations desired for a specific goal. We will not enter into the details but we wish to say that sometimes human beings who no longer have their freewill no longer have the capacity to function normally.

These persons, do they create karma for themselves? The answer is no! From the moment that a being is no longer free within, or not free to act in consciousness because he is manipulated by such and such a force, visible or invisible, the karmic law does not apply.

Sometimes people who do not succeed in forgiving can generate in themselves some troubles and great disharmonies! May this be understood and may this be said also! We repeat once again: forgiveness must first take place within!

As we have already said, we have often spoken about forgiveness and we will evoke it again because it is very important! We will speak about it again and again because the human being must understand that he must not hold a grudge against the other person, nor with himself; he must therefore be in acceptance which automatically generates forgiveness.”

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