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Work on Oneself
Anger and crises of the ego

“Anger does not begin in the same way for each of you: it can be sudden, it can last for a long time, and it can also pass away as easily as it began.

Anger is the misunderstanding of a relationship with another or with oneself. Anger is the non-acceptance of the reaction or of the relationship, we repeat, with the other or with another – sometimes through a third party – and with yourself.

Anger is therefore obviously connected to the non-acceptance of the other, of what he is, in relation to what you are yourself.

Sometimes anger is like a flash in the pan and it goes out quickly. This is not really anger, this is a reaction of the ego, of incomprehension. We do not consider this as anger.

When you have a moment of reactivity, you must understand the reason that a certain person aggravated you, why they have generated this bad feeling in you, a bad feeling sometimes expressed by anger or a reaction.

You wish to master this anger or lack of letting go but to wish to master it comes back to suppressing this bad feeling in you; you do not allow it the possibility of expressing itself with wisdom and with understanding.

If you constantly master your anger, it will suffocate you because anger is an energy that is associated with fear!

We have already said, fear is inscribed in all that lives in matter and in the diverse kingdoms because it is a part of the energies of the third dimension; you cannot escape from it! You can curb it and not allow it to express itself; you can let it lie dormant within during your entire life without constantly feeding it with your fears and even with your anger, with your tenseness and with all that is inferior energy.

You cannot know the associations that there can be in your various behaviors. There is joy, confidence, serenity; all of that and many more things that are a part of Love and also all that is inferior and that is a part of fear. We place the two opposites in front of each other: fear and Love. However these two opposites are complimentary as long as Love is not sufficiently strong for curbing the fear.

To really be able to succeed in going beyond this, in letting go, in being in comprehension of the other, it is first necessary to be in comprehension of the self! Displeasure in relation to a situation is a crisis of the ego! When you have a reaction that is a little excessive, try to understand yourself and to tell yourself: “I am having a crisis of the ego, it is not my spiritual part that is expressing itself it is my human part!” Because…you are human!

Fear also hides itself in the ego. Do not forget that the ego does not want to be in second place! You must work on it to understand and help it but you do need it. If you did not have an ego and a personality, you would be almost nonexistent! The ego is something that is very important for the human being but you must understand it and only allow it to express itself for reasons of evolution; you must understand it and transform it with the Love that emanates in your heart.

You are constantly on several levels of consciousness, in several realities, and it can be difficult to be constant, except if you make Love the priority of your life, if you always see the positive side of life, if you do not have the least reaction, the least judgement or the least opinion in relation to one situation or another.

You can meet beings who seem wise to you but you do not know their interior storms or what agitates them; sometimes you do not know their discomfort because they do not express it because they always want to show their better side, to give the best aspect of themselves. By what is this generated? By the ego, by the personality, because they just simply wish to be loved and appreciated! Therefore they cheat often, and by doing this they cheat themselves! Even if they appear to be full of Love and Light, they can cheat themselves!

In matter, perfection does not exist!"


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