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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

You will grow!

“Be certain that you will grow! Be certain that your consciousness will expand! For the moment, it is still a little restrained at the spiritual level and even at the human level and at the level of the relations that you have with others.

In your relationships, you block yourself often due to fear of suffering. You also block yourself in relation to yourself, in relation to your reactions or in relation to what you fail in evacuating from yourself.

All of this is going to change! You are arriving at a point of no return, the point where humanity, whether it wishes it or not, will really shift into something else.

We would also like to tell you this: instead of vilifying (excuse us from using this word), instead of criticizing those whom you call “the rich”, “the very rich”, or “those who possess”, have immense compassion for them!

You have opened the doors that allow you to accede with much less difficulty to the new reality. Those who have not opened any door, except by miracle (if they have a sudden and great opening of spirit in relation to certain events of their life) will be much more to be pitied than you, because they will experience an immense suffering and they will disappear from this world without really understanding why.

Therefore, and this is not in itself dramatic, they will continue their life experiences in other worlds, whereas, they could have ended this terrestrial life differently to really pass into another reality, a reality a thousand times more comfortable that the one you are living in right now.

Always send thoughts of Light and Love to those who govern you! They are often ignorant of the realities of life because they are prisoners of power and of money, and often prisoners of their ego.

Do not enter into their obscure energy! Send them Light as much as you can!

They are also telling me:

“We will have more and more contacts with the leaders of your planet, because the moment has also come. During our contacts, some of them will really be afraid. Others, who are chiefs of government or who are a part of those who have a certain power upon others, will change their way of seeing life and things, and the direction that they give to their role.

They will not be as numerous as we would like, but those who will have really understood will have an important impact on the profound transformation of your world. You, Light Workers, must help those who will also have as mission to transform the world by their behavior.

What we are saying can be in contradiction with some things that we have said, but the sound and the Light that we have already spoken about will touch beings, in the same way that we, your brothers in space, can touch them during our contacts.

However, the human being is such a prisoner of himself and has so much doubt and ego that there will need to be much willpower and Love to accompany the shift when this will be necessary.

If too many beings are in suffering during the shift, we will be obligated to absorb and eradicate that energy, which will represent a much more complicated and difficult task for us. So, if you help us, we will have less work to do and the shifting will take place much more gently.

What we have expressed will perhaps make its path in you, but maybe not; it is your choice!”

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