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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

An inaudible sound

“There are many lights that you do not perceive and yet that exist; there are many sounds that you do not perceive and that exist; there are vibrations that you have the impression of not feeling but that exist and that, automatically, have an impact upon you.

An inaudible sound propagates itself at a very fast speed in your solar system; it comes from even farther away than Alcyone. The sound is not the same depending on the world that it touches. It is an “intelligent” sound, that is adapted in a certain way to the world to which it directs itself and propagates itself.

On the plane of matter of the third dimension, this sound will be more important, more resounding due to matter.

When it goes through other solar systems or other galaxies, it can be lighter because it does not need to penetrate matter as that of this world or other worlds.

You are going to feel this sound more and more, but not necessarily in the way that you would like. Its function is also to cleanse beings, to bring to the surface all that has been experienced in this incarnation (we are not speaking about other incarnations, we are speaking about the one that concerns you right now).

The mission of this sound is to bring sufferings to the surface that are forgotten but impregnated in your being, therefore to cleanse you little by little of these sufferings. This can cause some small depressive problems or some pains in your body.

It will attain humans in waves. The first will perhaps be the most powerful. Then, as there will have been a cleansing of all that is matter, this inaudible sound will become subtler in order to increase the vibratory frequency of beings.

This sound is beginning to propagate itself and you are beginning to feel it because it is penetrating you; it can disturb you a little. Accept all that happens to you without emitting a refusal or becoming tense. Know right now, even suffering can be a plus for your transformation.

We clarify that you are infirm, that you do not see, that you do not hear, that you only perceive what your five senses were created for in your body, that you only see through the human tool that your body is, and that your perception is very limited.

Little by little, you will perceive, not necessarily with the tools of your body, but with what we have spoken about and which we will speak of later: telepathy; it will be the first faculty of the mind that will develop itself in more and more humans. It will also develop itself depending on the cleansing that you may have done, even thanks to this inaudible sound, when you will be relieved as much as possible of all your fears, all your sufferings, even some fears and sufferings that are unknown to you since they have been covered up so that you would not return to them.

Therefore, when you will be rid of all that by elevating your vibratory frequency, at that moment, we repeat, some faculties will really develop in you.

We will add this: we know humans better than they can know themselves! There is a vibration that they must eradicate as much as possible, that of doubt. Doubt is a considerable brake upon evolution.

There are two kinds of doubt. There is personal doubt in relation to your own evolution and there is global doubt in relation to life, which is a little different.

This is what we wanted to tell you in relation to this sound.”

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