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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

A very important change

“We are going to speak to you about a very important change that each of you, in a different way of course, could experience in your body, and also in your consciousness and your emotions.”

They are showing me some large quantities of particles that inundate the Earth and all of the solar system. These are not photons; these are other particles coming from the Sun. They are more orange than gold. There are billions and all of our space is invaded by these particles.

“They have the specificity of helping beings to prepare themselves for their physical and above all vibratory transformation that will lead them to another level of consciousness.

You must understand that the density of your body slows down sometimes the awakening of your consciousness, awakening that is desirable for your spiritual path and for your future.

The vibrations of your material body are a great block. This is why all lives are given a little push, in this world and in the solar system so that all accelerates because now everything must take on a new acceleration in view of these transformations.

Planet Earth is in the third dimension and also in matter. There are several vibratory frequencies in matter: your Mother Earth does not have the same vibratory frequency as human beings; animals do not have the same vibratory frequency as human beings.

Everything that lives on the planet, including the planet itself, will be transformed little by little. This will not be done by snapping the fingers as you say on Earth, or from one day to the next. This considerable supply of particles is going to accelerate the process of the opening of consciences and that of the preparation of your body so that you can little by little integrate what you are going to become as crystalline beings.

You are going to transform little by little what you are as a carbon being to accede to a crystalline being which you will become in the next cycle (when we speak of “cycles” we are not speaking about the little human cycles but of the solar cycles and planetary cycles.).

This very large supply of “new particles” (it is the term they use) is shaking up everything that you are as a body of matter and also acts upon your consciousness.

You will progressively have a different way of nourishing your body, having much less desire to eat living animals, therefore the animal kingdom.

You will also have the desire to consume food that is much lighter with much more vegetables.

All of this will stabilize itself little by little in your body and in your consciousness; you can then access other parts of yourself that have been locked.

These powerful energies that are going to inundate all lives on Earth are going to transform many things at the level of your consciousness, of your emotions, of your behavior, at the level of your capacity to love and of what you could offer to yourself and to others.

These new particles will also allow (this will be more difficult for you) to bring up to the maximum, accelerated for some (for example due to vibratory energies from Lilith, the black Moon) all that has not been evacuated during your personal work, not only in this incarnation but also other incarnations.

This is the great cleansing (“cleansing the stables of Augias” as you say on Earth) that you will be submitted to little by little. Everyone will experience this cleansing in a personal and specific way because you do not each have the same work to do, you do not all have the same achievements. For the moment you are not all equal in feeling, in emotions, in your way of loving and of loving yourself, of accepting all the experiences of life.

Everyone will therefore integrate more or less easily these new energies and also these new particles.”

Right now I am seeing these particles that fall like rain; the “drops are three to four centimeters long.

“You breathe in these particles; they penetrate your pores in all of your material body. They will be more and more present in this world and in your solar system.

At this time, your Sun is very active. It is accomplishing its mission: make all of the solar system evolve in preparation for the immense change to come.

We have said that the Moon and other planets of the solar system have already experienced the transition. But what transition? You transit constantly since your level of consciousness evolves constantly. You no longer see things as you have seen them, even if it was only six months or a year ago.

You are experiencing some “mini deaths” and some “mini resurrections”, therefore you are transiting towards some superior consciousness (when you transit, it is always in a higher sense, never in an inferior sense). Therefore, there are constant mini transitions, there are collective transitions and there are great planetary transitions. There also exist cosmic transitions but this is something else.

We will return to this subject when we address some other questions.”

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