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The most beautiful gift from the Universe

“The year 2012 was really the beginning of a bridge that is leading you inescapably towards another shore where human beings will live with a totally different consciousness than what they had at the end of 2012.

We do not like very much to give dates like 2012, but that year was inscribed in very ancient texts to mark this inescapable passage towards an elsewhere, an elsewhere that you are beginning to live even if you are not aware of it, and even if you sometimes ask for the improvements to accelerate; you will integrate a new life constantly, a new energy and a new vibration.

Human beings can only see life and feel it through their five senses. They can only see what surrounds them through their eyes, they can only hear through their ears, etc. Their senses are very limited.

We are going to speak about an inaudible sound, but a real one, that only certain beings who have developed other faculties than their five senses will be able to perceive, not by hearing it but in perceiving its profound vibration. At that moment, they will integrate another vibratory frequency.

This sound will have the particularity of beginning to modify the carbon state of beings to take it towards a crystallin state, and the capacity of opening the doors of the consciousness much more, that you will no longer be totally in the human consciousness but that you will begin to go towards a spiritual consciousness where all will be different for you.

At that moment, you will no longer perceive in the same way at all what surrounds you. Even the word “tolerance” will no longer be adapted, because your way of being will be totally different due to the change in your perception, that you will no longer need tolerance, letting go of all that we are still asking you to do right now.

Certain beings, after having been touched by this inaudible sound, will feel their own transformation through behaviors that were not their habitual ones, through feelings, and moments of intense joy or moments of Love that they will not be able to explain.

This will happen little by little, because the human being – who still has his body of matter and who has not yet put on his cloak of Light – is very fragile. A human being can very rapidly be psychically destabilized by some vibrations that he does not integrate, and by a very destabilizing life that some human beings live. The destabilizing life can be understood, but it is when there will be no more destabilizations that you will begin to totally integrate other vibrations, other energies that you are not used to but that will transform many things in you.

We are speaking to you about an inaudible sound to make you understand what is going to attain you and transform you. We would prefer to speak of a very powerful vibration more than an inaudible sound.

We are opening a parenthesis to tell you that, by itself, a sound that you may hear with your human ears already has a considerable effect on the human being. A sound heard by your ears can also heal you just as it could destroy you. There are some sounds that are extremely destructive.

This inaudible sound will absolutely not be destructive, because it will give necessary and harmonious notes in order that each note can correspond to a vibratory frequency that you really need. It is like a little miracle that is going to come, but not only on Earth; this inaudible sound is like an immense emanation from the Source that is going to spread throughout your solar system, your galaxy and the Universe.

This sound will have very different effects depending on the worlds, the solar systems and the parts of the Universe that will integrate it.

You, humans, are in a vibratory frequency that corresponds to the actual consciousness of human beings. The human consciousness is very restrained due to the fact that it is imprisoned in matter. It is for this that this sound will liberate you from this restrained consciousness and will allow you to go more and more – but certainly not all at once – towards another spiritual consciousness and to integrate all the effects that are more than positive, marvelous effects. At that moment, you will no longer be in the third dimension.

We are going to tell you this: even if, because of your body, because of your limitations, because of what you could also call your “mistakes”, you still have the impression of being in the third dimension, you are not necessarily still in it!

You will find yourself more and more often in superior vibrations. Once again, we are going to say that dimensions correspond to levels of consciousness and to vibrations that these levels of consciousness allow you to integrate and to restitute.

You integrate certain vibrations that, after having passed through human filters, will totally ameliorate the human being. The human being will restitute all these vibrations, which will allow greater harmony, greater understanding and much more fraternity and Love between humans.

For the moment, you are at the peak, at the summit of something.”

They are showing me the top of a wall.

“This is going to seem strange to you: to be able to integrate what is awaiting you, that immense transformation, you must be able to fall from this wall to go towards something else, towards an unknown which is not really one since we have been preparing you for it for many years now.

At the top of this wall, you find yourself with all that corresponds to the third dimension, all that you have learned; your sentiments, your shortcomings and the Love that, be certain, will grow more and more in your hearts.

You cannot stop this process, and this is best for humans, because the vibratory frequency that is so elevated of this inaudible sound will dissolve the veils that are still in your heart. These veils really hide from you all that you are, hide this immense Love vibration that not only you will give to yourself but that you will be able to radiate and offer.

This inaudible sound is the greatest gift that the Universe gives us. Even we, who are absolutely not in matter, will benefit in a considerable way from this extraordinary sound that the Source and the Universe offers us.

We will perceive this sound in a different way: we will feel it in vibration; it will penetrate us, it will transform us profoundly, but we will be able to associate color with it, because this inaudible sound has a color that we could not describe to you yet. We will experience it, but we do not perceive it yet. You cannot perceive it, any more than we perceive it right now, because you do not have the capacity. We simply feel this color, we open ourselves to it. We open ourselves to this sound because we know that it has a power well beyond the terrestrial imagination.

This is truly a gift that the Universe is offering you for the new cycle! It is not because the little planet Earth is changing cycles (passage from the era of Pisces to the era of Aquarius) that this sound will inundate you, it is because it must be so. Because the Source has decided it – and this since a time that you cannot even conceive of – to improve His creation and you are a part of His creation!”

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