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The new code

“Since the year 2012, that so many humans thought was the last in the third dimension, there have been immense changes, imperceptible for the human consciousness and perhaps for you.

We are going to speak about the new code.

You have changed code, or codification. Up until 2012, you had inherited, for several thousands of years, a completely new vibratory frequency and a programming perpetuated from generation to generation, from civilization to civilization.

Now, you are arriving at the end of all your history, lived and impregnated in you up until 2012, and a new code is installing itself in each of you little by little.

What does this “new code” mean? We are first going to tell you what the old code was. The old code concerned all that humans had acquired during many, many lives. Each of you has come into this world a hundred or two hundred times, (it matters little how many), and acquired at each passage many experiences that have allowed you to evolve. However, each of you has been subjected to the impregnation of his era, of his culture, and in addition to that, has also integrated the impregnation of a certain codification, of certain codes inscribed in his DNA.

Now, all of that is somewhat obsolete. It is for this that we are telling you that you have passed an important hurdle; all that you have learned will no longer serve in the new world in which you have begun to walk and to live and that you are also beginning to integrate.

A new code of existence is being offered to humanity through the elevation of consciences, through totally different civilizations from those that existed during thousands of years. You are preparing yourselves to integrate a new code that is going to lead you towards fraternity.

Each of you could say: “I am in fraternity, I am in Love!”

But no! If you have not completely ridden yourself of your old codes of functioning, of your old habits, of all that has been inculcated in you from generation to generation and which you have inherited (genetically speaking), you are still impregnated with the old code from which you must liberate yourself. (Do not confuse the old code with the old codes of functioning that we have created for ourselves over the course of our different lives).

This is rather painful, because the human cannot function except through habits, certainties, even false ones, through customs, etc.

Now, to go towards the new world, towards the new code of existence, you must get rid of as much as possible of all that you have learned, of all that you have been and, well beyond what you are in this life, you must liberate yourself of all that is inscribed in you.

You are going to say: But how can we do this?

We will respond with this: we have just told you that, since 2012, many things have changed within you. You have prepared the terrain day after day, with more or less difficulty, more or less conscience and also more or less patience, and above all impatience. You have prepared this terrain by obviously working on the conscience of Love and of fraternity.

But fraternity, Love, serenity, wisdom, etc., are not yet totally integrated in your functioning. This remains a little intellectual, without all the new parameters having been applied and that allow you to transform yourself.

Humans have received and continue to receive considerable help. You know pertinently – and your scientists are beginning to understand this – that you are essentially vibratory beings. You perceive of yourself as dense matter, solid matter, but this is an optical illusion.

If you had the possibility of seeing beyond your human vision, you would see a completely different life in your body. You would see all the particles that dance and form a body ten times larger (but not compact) than the body as you perceive it now.

There is a lot of space between the particles that your body is composed of. This space is necessary, it is a desired space, that fills up in a certain way (this is yet another point that will we not get into right now). From the moment that you will consider – you must integrate it more and more – that you are automatically vibratory beings and not physical beings, you will understand how to proceed for the new encoding to be much easier to realize.

It is all your particles and all of you physical DNA that then transmits everything to the DNA of the soul; therefore, it is your particles and your DNA that, with these new energies, transform themselves to welcome a new programming, a new encoding.

This will be done much more easily if you accept the fact that everything is changing around you and in you. If you cling to what you know, to the old world, to your old way of functioning, to your old habits, there will automatically be resistance. When there is resistance, not only is there suffering but there is no advancement. This new encoding corresponds in fact to some parameters of existence that are completely different.

We are going to come back to what we were saying: at the level of feeling and of desire (we are going to employ this word), all humans want, which is certainly good, to live in fraternity, in non-duality (which is difficult is a dual world, but you will succeed), in Love, in serenity, in joy, etc. We are going to say that very often – and this is not necessarily your fault – you do not give yourself the means. In a certain way, it is not yet anchored in you. There is this desire but, as you do not give yourself the means, you are still at the brink of this transformation. You do not dare to step into it with your both feet.”

They are showing me an immense door.

“You are as if in front of an immense door, but you do not yet have the possibility of crossing the threshold. This possibility is beginning to be given to humanity.

Beyond matter, you are energy, you are vibration. This is what you must understand to be able to integrate these new codes; they are inscribing themselves little by little (we do mean “little by little”) in each of you. You will become aware of these codes beginning to place themselves in you when you will be in disharmony with this current life.

You are going to tell us: “but we are all in disharmony with this current life!”

We are going to answer you: are you really doing something to improve your way of being in this life of the third dimension? The answer lies with you!

You are going to feel more and more a discrepancy and discordance with all that surrounds you. You will feel more and more some blasts of Love, you will feel more and more as if you are being pulled upward, you will have more and more a different awareness of your own life and of the life that surrounds you. This is all very good!

We know that many of you have felt this. Many of you feel these moments of Love that can arrive at any moment, when you expect it the least; many of you have sometimes a deep feeling of living in fraternity, of making all taboos fall, of making this false existence in matter fall away.

But there is a time, there is a passage. You are therefore on the threshold of this door; all you must do is place one foot on the other side and your whole body will pass; you could therefore go towards this new life, towards this new encoding, towards this new consciousness and towards the recuperation of all the faculties of your spirit.

Before this can happen, an important work of cleansing must be done in you. There must be not only a work of cleansing of all that you may have experienced in this incarnation, but also a cleansing of all that you may have experienced as traumatizing (or not traumatizing) in your former lives.

It is as if all was shifting itself in you; you must absolutely get rid of all of this, of all these experiences to liberate yourself and to integrate this new encoding and this new reality of yourself.

As you cleanse much, as you cleanse your body through suffering or disagreements, many of you think, justifiably, that this cleansing has as a goal to make place for other energies and for another consciousness in you. There, you are perfectly right!

However, this must not prevent you from going inside, to see how you function, to try to function with a little more wisdom, with above all much more Love for yourself and with another regard on what surrounds you (and on yourself of course).

This regard on what surrounds you is very important. You must try – and this is sometimes very difficult – to try to see only what is best in the other, even if you have someone in front of you who is not only disagreeable but who has committed or does commit reprehensible acts.

You must succeed in seeing only what is best in the other. If we are asking you to do this, it is because this is very important! By seeing only the best in the other, you help him to see only the best in himself; you then offer him a vibration that allows him to change, to improve himself and to only wish for the best for himself.

All of this is a part of this new existence, of this new world in which you have entered and of which you were not aware, all of this is a part of these immense transformations that humanity is living right now.

Of course, those who are on this spiritual path are favored by their opening of consciousness, their opening of spirit. It is good to begin, with a deep willpower, by improving oneself, then to work on Love for oneself and finally to work on Love itself!

Those who are still in the ignorance of these spiritual laws (we are going to employ this term of “spiritual laws”) feel these vibrations in a much more disturbing way, which generates many interior conflicts and many exterior conflicts, and that also generate the somewhat backwards world that you are living in right now.

Whether it is the human being living in the deepest jungle or the human being situated at the summit of the State, all humans will live, differently depending on their evolution, this profound transformation, to acquire this new encoding and this new reality of themselves. Some will succeed in doing so.

Once again you, Light Workers, (and this is all to your honor) have made an effort to try to understand what you are, to transform yourself as much as possible, to work a little on fears, to work essentially on Love and to become aware of this Love.

Others have not made this effort because they have not had the capacity and because they are satisfied totally in the old world and its false codes but, one day or another, they will be obligated to adopt these new codes. This is going to generate, and already generates, many difficulties, even for government leaders. Do not believe that they are sheltered from these immense transformations. Be certain that, even if they are still in power, into money, etc., they are sometimes more disturbed than you could ever be; they no longer know where they are. They do not always know the deep nature of the disturbances that they are experiencing.

How do you put a little order into this apparent chaos, how do you help your brothers so that everyone can better integrate these new vibratory frequencies, this new inaudible sound, to be able to put into place these new codes of existence, these new codes of life, that correspond to other universal laws?

Certain Universal Laws are given for those who live in the third dimension. However, the universal laws are always going towards Love, but we cannot ask of a semi-conscious being to understand, to live and to give Love, like we could ask it of a being who has opened his consciousness.

Spiritual laws are a little different from one cycle to another. We are speaking about the cycles that were so important (before 2012) that succeeded one another for several thousands of years, but also the new cycle and the new code that you are beginning to integrate.

You are given depending on what you are becoming. Be certain, and this makes us enormously happy, that humans are going to open themselves to another consciousness more and more. We are counting on you!

The new code is applying itself to the life of humans. There is however another code, a little different, that is applying itself to the various kingdoms, because everything that lives is energy beyond matter and everything must evolve in the same sense; there is not a part of what lives on Earth that must remain static (we are speaking about the various kingdoms), while another part evolves with a change of consciousness, a change of codification or a change in reality.

All that lives on the planet is being pulled upward and everything is evolving at the same time. It is exactly the same for your solar system, for your galaxy and for the whole Universe.

If some parts of creation were static, there would be no evolution; this would be a brake, and this would put very great disorder in the evolution of the Universe.

Many things are moving within you and around you. You are evolving much more than you think. You are beings beyond matter, beings of energy, vibratory beings. You are going to be subjected to more and more profound transformations in consciousness and in your body. You are also very important beings for us because it is thanks to you, inhabitants of the Earth, that the great changes can be accomplished. We know that an immense Love dwells in you and that you can manifest it more and more.

You have therefore gone beyond the crossroads. You reached it in 2012. Now, you have taken “the royal road” even if, on this royal road, there are some shortcuts taken by some beings who have not yet understood, who do not have the force or the energy to come back to the royal road.”

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