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The world is moving!


“You are going to be able to notice that a certain violence will release itself in human beings because they are not able to hold back certain energies that will exacerbate what they are.

The world is moving towards a new destiny, and each of you is also moving towards your own destiny. You will feel these energies, these vibrations, but what you will not feel or only partially has no importance because it is a question of sensibility; some people have a stronger sensitivity.

You sometimes have the sensation of not advancing, of being immobile, and this is very disagreeable because on the path that is yours, the one that you have chosen, you are a little impatient to understand, to see and to feel; however not all is being given to you because you are not yet sufficiently ready and this could destabilize you.

You must go slowly with the human consciousness because humans are much more fragile than they think. If they were given too many things to integrate, to see or to comprehend, they could be profoundly destabilized.

Of course, we know and this for a long time now, that you have a great desire to see your galactic brothers, to perceive their light, to perceive your guides, but once again the moment has not come because you have not attained a certain vibratory frequency.

You are still torn between the third and the fifth dimension; besides, we no longer consider the word ‘dimension' to be really appropriate but we use it anyway because many human beings use it; we would prefer to speak of different realities and of different levels of consciousness because instead of navigating in some dimensions, you navigate in different realities that are more and more fluctuating; you even navigate in other levels of consciousness but you are not yet completely aware of it.

Everything is constantly moving around you and you who think you are stable are constantly moving. Some of you have been able to feel an interior sensation of irritation or the impossibility of managing what you are, as if all was escaping you.

You will have many signs, signs on the human level, signs at the level of the sky, signs at the level of the Earth, and these signs will allow you to understand that you are approaching a great passage.

We are not going to say yet that it will be soon, that it is for tomorrow or the day after because that serves nothing. We would especially like to tell you: listen to yourself and try, with all the force, the willpower and the courage that is in you to advance step after step.

Try also, and this is very important, to rid yourself as much as possible of all that is no longer useful in your life. You are still carrying a ‘backpack', so try to lighten it up as much as possible in order to fill it up with what is most beautiful in your life, that is to say Love, joy, wisdom, the gift of yourself, with compassion, etc…You will feel much lighter, and in vibration you will also effectively be lighter. You will perhaps feel a certain sensation of lightness at the level of your physical body.

As we have said, your world is moving towards great changes, perceptible or not. They are there but we repeat once again that a change does not take place without passing through some moments that are more or less difficult; you are constantly experiencing a rebirth of what you are in order to always go towards something better.

Each day you live the ‘small death', that is to say the death of what you have been, in order to resuscitate to what you are becoming, to what you will be. Every day you change. Every day your vibration elevates itself, even if this is imperceptible. Every day your conscience awakens, and little by little, the veils will be removed.”

We ask you to let the Love Vibration emanate freely from the most elevated parts of your being and to do this in awareness, so that this Love can go to help all of your human brothers and can also help the beings who are still totally in obscurity or have no more awareness so that the vibration emitted by planetary conjunctions will not be too difficult for them to integrate.

If you can send some Love and Light towards all of these beings who are totally stuck in obscurity (don't forget that Love and Light always pierce through the obscurity), you will perhaps help their soul to retake some control so that they do not commit any exactions.

Your world is no longer coherent at all, whether it be in your daily life, in politics, in medicine or in all that comprises your civilization. Coherence will be restored in this world because it must be so.

We are really getting closer to our brothers on Earth, we are helping them without them even knowing it. We are making sure that the folly of certain human beings does not degrade too much this magnificent little planet because we feel a little sadness for them.

You would not have to submit to so many sufferings, so many illnesses. Often, what you call “illness” comes from your surrounding environment, from all that you absorb (food, air, water, etc.) and from your sufferings; they come from a total lack of vibratory equilibrium and lack of harmony.

It would require very little to replace the harmony on this planet, but there is a time for everything. It is you who live in this world, it is you who have destroyed its cohesion, therefore it is up to you to rebuild that cohesion, and we are here to help you. We do it in our way without most humans knowing about it.

If human beings, instead of destroying, could simply live in fraternity! If human beings, instead of running after the impossible whether it is money, power, or pleasures, could simply connect themselves to what is most beautiful within and really live Love more profoundly!

If human beings were aware that not only do they belong to the All but that they are also responsible for the chaos that they provoke, visible and invisible!

If human beings could understand all of the power of Love that is in them, your world could change in the blink of an eye.

However, your world is beginning to change and many human beings are beginning to awaken.

We said one day that the countries will become ungovernable and that all will crumble like a deck of cards; it will be so, but this could be very short-lived if you have done the necessary work in order for us to be able to intervene to help you.

At that moment, you will have shifted into another reality, (you could call it another dimension). We prefer to speak of ‘another reality' because that is more exact, and it is easier to understand that you could live in this third dimension which is a reality, just as you could live in parallel realities that correspond to what you are as a human and to your multiple dimensionalities.

Through the Love that emanates from you, try to make it so that the greatest possible number of humans find themselves projected into the reality of fraternity, into the reality of the new consciousness where respect, fraternity and Love reign as masters, where harmony is at the heart of men and where joy manifests itself constantly.

All of this will come, all of this is planned for the Earth, and it will be like a resurrection. You have heard this word that is essentially employed in your churches, but the resurrection that we are talking about is not the resurrection of the body, it is the resurrection, the total resurrection of what you know.

Of course, this resurrection will have an influence on your body because you will totally change its vibratory frequency and you will elevate yourself at the level of your consciousness.

The resurrection also participates in an alchemy that is creating itself in you thanks to all of the vibratory frequencies, to all of the energies that you are constantly receiving.

Children of the Earth, our brothers, you cannot be aware of it but we who see you, we see the changes in you! We can understand that you are impatient because those who have really begun this path of Light only aspire to beauty, harmony, respect, Wisdom, and Love which, for the moment is not a part of your society.

Once again, in your society all is beginning to move. When all will be different there will no longer be power, there will no longer be the power of money, there will no longer be power at all; there will no longer be stupid competitions. Your competitive sports are stupid competitions that, very often, generate much power and money.

Your world will become coherent and it will be good to live here. When your world will become coherent we will show ourselves, we will be with you and among you; at least you will perceive those who live in another reality or in another dimension since you yourself will rejoin that new reality, that new dimension.

If we would show ourselves to you in the current era, it would be necessary for us to densify our vibratory frequency much more, our matter, in order for us to be visible to your eyes. What is being asked of you is that you come towards us, that you accelerate your vibratory climb to join us because this is a part of the laws of evolution.

You have much help; we help you because we love you. As we have already said a long time ago, the quarantine of this world is ending and soon you will be a part of the Children of the Stars; those who have really dreamed about this, those who have really attracted their galactic brothers, will have the immense joy of seeing us, of finding us again, and coming onto our vessels to travel the solar systems and the galaxy; this is promised to you!

Of course, a little more time will need to pass before this is accessible to you but you have the time because life is eternal! Even if you must leave this world with your material body, you will keep the consciousness of what you have been, and you will easily be able to create a new vehicle; you will come with that new vehicle onto our vessels, while being aware of all that you have been on Earth, of all of your wishes, of all of your desires that will be realized.

It is necessary for human beings to have hope because they are often in despair and no longer have confidence. You must always give hope, whether it is at the level of disharmonies, at the level of disturbances in your civilization, or at all levels. Hope is necessary because it can give confidence, and when a being has confidence, this acts not only upon his body but also upon his general behavior. Confidence is being optimistic, hope is being optimistic.”

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