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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Life is transforming itself

We have been accompanying you for many terrestrial years. We are close to you, but you are not aware of it. Sometimes we take your hand to guide you, sometimes towards paths that you do not think about (you could call this “intuition” or “channeling”). Therefore, near each of you, there is always a guide, a very luminous being who takes care of you.

However, we cannot make experiences in your place, we cannot carry you, you must walk on your own; we are at your side in this great march that is leading you towards a realization of yourself, at least the realization that corresponds to the lessons of life in this world of the third dimension.

Therefore, we have very often accompanied you and we will continue to do so, but in a much more important way, much more felt by you; sometimes you will have the impression that some thoughts or intuitions come to you; they will come from your Brothers in the Light or from your Guides.

Why will we be much closer to you than during the years where we have accompanied you? Because you are now arriving at a very particular period.

We have often spoken to you about transition, of radical change in the way of being and of living, but all of this is being prepared. We have also told you that there could be a very rapid shift, but you have been living this shift and this preparation for very many years without being aware of it.

We are close to you when you are awake, we are close when you are asleep, and when your body is resting. At that moment, we can communicate with you through certain dreams that can be initiating or symbolic.

All of this to tell you that you are never alone, even if sometimes you feel solitude; it is only a solitude that is generated by your mind, sometimes by not feeling well, however we accompany you and we are very happy to do it because we can see your evolution; you have the impression that you are not advancing (especially at this time), that you are just stuck in one place, that you are not up to it, etc., and we who have been following you for years know that this is not the case.

Life is a thousand times more important than the little piece of life that you perceive. You do not perceive much; your vision is almost insignificant in relation to the reality of life. Your vision is adapted to the world of the third dimension, it allows you to see all that surrounds you in the third dimension because this vision corresponds to your vibration; your vision does not allow you to see us (at least for the moment), it does not allow you to see the little people, to perceive the energy bodies of the vegetable kingdom and of the mineral kingdom and the animal kingdom. All the kingdoms are surrounded by an energy, a vibration very particular depending on the kingdoms and the species.

You know this perhaps intellectually, but you do not perceive it. In the same way, you perceive sounds, but an enormous amount of sounds is inaudible to your terrestrial ears and however all is filled with sounds and harmonies around you; this sound sometimes inspire musicians.

Therefore, you are deaf and blind in the world where you are living for the moment, but the more you advance, the more you will hear and perceive what you have not been able to hear or to perceive up until now.

We are not saying that this will happen tomorrow, this would be incorrect on our part, we are saying that little by little you will be able to perceive and to feel some things that you could neither perceive or feel a few months or a few years ago.

Therefore, life is in the process of transforming itself. All life in this world, in your solar system and well beyond is in the process of transforming itself, however it transforms itself at very different rhythms depending on the planets, the solar systems and the Galaxies.

What may seem slow to you may be rapid and what may seem rapid to you can be slow depending on the worlds in which you find yourself.

Time is a very specific notion in the third dimension; you have references for understanding time, calculating your hours, but time has no reality! It has a reality in the world that is yours, but if you went to Mars, the Moon or whatever other planet in your solar system, your time would no longer have the same reality at all.

All is relative: time and space are relative. All is a function of your possibility of conceiving time, the relativity of time and space.

Of course, right now, you have the possibility of measuring time with some “tools”. Your computers, as perfect as they are, are for us tools that correspond to the world of the third dimension.

If you had the possibility of going to planets like Venus (that does not have the same vibratory frequency as the Earth and that is currently living in the reality of the fifth or sixth dimension totally other), life for you would be a paradise because there is no more duality, it is no longer necessary, at least in the way that you perceive it in your world of the third dimension; the inhabitants of Venus have a vibratory frequency that is much more elevated than yours, their form is more etheric. They must also evolve constantly, to create and to understand the differences to infinity of the Love Light Vibration.

If we are giving you this example, it is to tell you that even in your solar system there are enormous differences from one planet to another, even at the level of your Father Sun. This is completely normal because you must consider that each planet is a place of evolution at the level of the vibratory frequency of Love, a place of evolution at the level of consciousness because consciousness is immaterial, (it inhabits your body, but it is immaterial).

The true Superior Conscience (the Supra Conscience) inhabits your Mother Soul, but there are small parts of the Superior Conscience in what you are as a human being. Your human consciousness allows you to experiment, to understand and to evolve, but it is not one, it is multiple, that is to say that it corresponds with your multi-dimensionalities.

We are telling you this for you to better understand that in this world you learn certain things, you evolve in a certain way, and that you could not learn or evolve thus on other spheres of your solar system. Everything has great usefulness! There are multiple schools that allow the little “spheres” to which your Mother Soul has given birth to grow more and more, to integrate more and more knowledge and to grow in Love.

Life on planet Earth, as difficult as it is, especially in this period of change in cycle, of change in era, is precious through all its experimentations, because, as we have already said, the human being cannot evolve except through them; it is still in a dual world, a world of matter, a world of the third dimension.

We wish that you could integrate more and more, in your world of the third dimension, some facts and knowledge that belong to a higher dimension, in order to prepare yourself to your future in a more elevated dimension. You can only acquire this through a spiritual teaching, from the knowledge of what you are, through the Love and respect that you can have for yourself and for life.

Currently, in its globality, humanity is “walking on its head”. Humans beings have lost the notion of the sacred, (we are speaking of humans in general); they have become totally engulfed in excessive materialism. Your God is no longer a spiritual God, now your god is the god of money, and this is a drama for humanity.

Your civilization is also walking crossways (or backwards). You are creative, certainly! A human being, no matter where he is, at no matter what era he may have lived in, is and always has been creative, but right now there are parameters that do not belong to you, and your creativity is in a way deformed because it is too accelerated; it is an artificial creativity which was for you, in a certain way, offered by some beings who do not necessarily wish for the happiness of humanity.

In the Universe there are millions, even billions of human beings or non-humans who are very different from each other. They are very different, but nevertheless they all search, consciously or unconsciously, the return to the Source.

Some human beings, or certain entities, are still into power, no matter what that is, as on Earth the power of money, or simply the power of domination. Some even wish to colonize some worlds. Right now, the Earth is a little an example, but we will not expound further on this subject.

The very Great Entities of Light and the God Creators wish for all of this to end, because this Universe (because there are others), must become an example of beauty, of harmony and of Love.

What must you do to transform the immense Universe? The Source, God the Father/Mother, has only one solution: to augment the vibratory frequency of the Creation in a very important way, to emit another sound.

The Universe was created by sound and Light, and it must be able to emit another sound which re-structures everything, even matter, and to create another Light which gives back life to this matter. In this new sound, in this new Light, the God Father/Mother has put a very great quantity of Love, a great quantity or Love Light Vibrations, because it is not possible to disassociate sound and Light from Love. These are the three “ingredients”, (the word is completely incorrect, but we are using it for your comprehension) that creates Life, that creates worlds.

So, does God the Father/Mother evolve also, just like everything that He has created over billions of years? Of course! He evolves through His Creation, and it is for this reason that He creates more and more Beauty, Harmony, and Love in order for this creation to be more and more beautiful, almost irreproachable in its Beauty, its Harmony and its Love.

On the scale of the Universe, it may take billions of years for this to be realized in all worlds, in all the solar systems and in all the Galaxies.

We have already said, time at this level does not exist; it can be very compressed or dilated, and it can also be annulled, but concerning life in the third dimension, in the fourth and fifth dimension, time, even if it is different from what you experience on Earth, still has a reality, another reality.”

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