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The Light is acting!

“At this time, people are tearing themselves apart. At this time, everything is going wrong, and you see it! At this time, you do not perceive the action of the dark light because you do not have a sufficiently awakened conscience to see the miracles of the true Light.

Be certain, Children of the Earth, it is acting! A few years ago, we told you that there was great duality, well beyond your atmosphere, between the forces of the Light and those of the dark light and that, little by little, it would manifest itself in your world of matter. This duality is experienced between the peoples of the Earth.

We would like to tell you this: as such, evil does not exist! You often give it force and power! Often you aliment it constantly with your thoughts, by your behavior, by your choices and by your ignorance! It would be very easy to transform and eradicate what you call “evil” simply by loving yourself more and always having confidence in your future and that of the Earth.

At this moment, it is certain that your Mother Earth is suffering. Her suffering is not quantifiable. She has a totally different reality from the life on her and in her. The suffering of Mother Earth is essentially a vibratory suffering, just like your own suffering and you ignore it! It is a vibratory suffering and above all a suffering provoked by a lack of Love. Every being that lives in this world, just as on all of the spheres, has the same motor that directs their life and this motor is called “Love”. If you stop this motor, not only do you stop evolution but you cause beings to be truly unhappy.

When a certain level of vibration will be attained on your Mother Earth, the planetary consciousness will act. Could you think for one second that by soiling her at the level of matter, by soiling her with your thoughts that the planetary consciousness would not react? This would really be ignorant!

Just like you, the Earth will cleanse itself! You, Children of the Earth, are at this time in a great cleansing of all that you have accumulated; you also need to clean would does not belong to you.

We will explain ourselves: all human beings are connected to their brothers. In one way or another, they form one entity, that of the great human mass living on planet Earth. Unconsciously, those who have much more Love than others (we are saying “unconsciously”), help others greatly to evolve and to grow in Love.

When this is done in full awareness, the work that consists of helping all of your brothers to evolve and to grow in Love has importance and a much greater impact.

We are going to say this again: it matters little if, for the moment, the world is walking on its head! It is only momentary! It matters little if, in any given country, a government leader does not apply the spiritual laws and, on the contrary, applies laws that are totally material. This will only last a very short time!

You who, as Light Workers, have chosen this path, you have a responsibility: do not feed into all that is not Light! Your responsibility is to offer as often as possible Love and Light, not only to all the government leaders of planet Earth, but to all your human brothers. This may seem a little difficult to you but it only takes a few seconds of your day to do it!

When your thoughts have a tendency to be too inferior, try to tell yourself: “I am going to apply what I came into this world to do and therefore I am aware of, that is to say to anchor Love and Light in matter and to offer them to my human brothers and to all lives.

When the point of rupture will have arrived, all could change in the blink of an eye! You speak in years but for us years have no significance. Often, we speak of this so that you will have some points of reference, so that you can better understand and not be impatient.

Now, you are in a place; maybe tomorrow you could all be reunited in an immense vessel, with your body, with the consciousness of who you are, at least of who you have been on Earth. When we tell you this, we do not exactly mean to say that it will be thus tomorrow! This is a part of all the possibilities, of all the possible things that exist in your life! This also is a part of the consciousness that you have of what you could accomplish.

As we have often said, you are the artisans of your future. Depending on what you do, depending on your capacity to love, depending on your choices, all can happen very quickly!

You must know that even a human being whose behavior seems terrible to you is a part of the Source! He is just simply imprisoned in a cocoon of obscurity and he does not perceive the exterior light. However, just like you, he is a part of the Source! You, as Light Workers living on Earth, you have the mission of lighting up a little this cocoon of obscurity in order that the greatest possible number of human beings can perceive the Light and Love.

You will live through some special moments, whether it is in your dreams, in your meditations, in your encounters or in the place where you find yourself; even if you are still a little in complaint and suffering, know that each of you is evolving considerably. For the moment, it is wise that you not have total awareness. If you had total awareness of your own evolution, your ego could slow it down!

To grow in wisdom, to accede to your own knowledge, you must work hard on humility! It is in humility that you can encounter yourself! It is in humility that you can encounter what is most beautiful in you! It is in humility that you can really act, just simply by offering, without expecting anything in return.”

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