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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

The Celebration of the Great Transition

“An immense celebration is being prepared in the Universe, you can call it the celebration of the great transition, the celebration of the great joy, one where the Creator remodels his creation and gives it even more Love.

On Earth, you live some privileged moments, some moments where you celebrate the New Year, anniversaries, and marriages. You have many customs. In the Universe, there also exists some marvelous moments where beings coming from all regions of the Universe rejoice when the Source, magnificent God, remodels his Creation because all of life profits from it, even us, your brothers who you consider to be much more evolved than you.

You are strong humans, with many more possibilities and capacities than you suppose. In your incarnation, to experience problems, dualities, sufferings and joys as best you can, it is effectively necessary that you be strong beings and you are. Sometimes, we admire you very much and we ask ourselves: what would we do in their place? Would we have as much courage as they do? Would we be able to make good decisions? Would we be capable of resisting the dark light? We do not have the response and yet we are beings from dimensions that are much more elevated than yours.

You have deliberately chosen to incarnate during this extraordinary key period. You have chosen this precious moment to help others in multiple ways, each according to his program and knowledge that sometimes lies dormant deep inside and that will wake up at the desired moment.

You are precious beings and we love you infinitely. We are eager to invite you to this immense celebration, the celebration of a renewal, of the new Light, the celebration of a greater Love. We are waiting for you, for this blessed day that is approaching. It is like an immense sun, a new light, a new clarity, a new energy, a new joy, a new peace, a new Love that will light up this world. You are very close to this renewal so long waited for, so hoped for. We will experience it with you but in a different way, we in our dimension, and you in yours.

Soon your cycle of the third dimension will end and many of you are prepared in order to experience this new cycle. You notice it everyday by new ways of being, of thinking, and behaving, by new ways that you will have of perceiving during a state of being awake or in a dream. You will have more and more the impression that you love differently, that all seems different to you; you will have the impression that up until now you passed beside life, beside all that surrounds you, and you will have a better impression of the different kingdoms and the different planes.

It is for this that we have been preparing you for such a long time. It is for this that we are preparing humans as much as possible. Of course, we do not have much to teach you since some of you are beings of great evolution. We are simply there to remind you constantly who you are, to awaken you and to prevent you from falling back asleep. We know that the vibrational frequency of your Earth, due to beings coming from different parts of the universe and who inhabit this world right now, is very difficult to support, but it is also very evolutionary.

You must expect to see many of your brothers who have a different aspect, but are so full of Love. You will not attach yourself to the exterior aspect, but to the shining and the deep feeling of your soul. In that, we can assure you that you will refine yourselves more each day on the level of feeling. Elevating your vibrational frequency, it will be much easier for you to recognize with your heart, to love and to feel Love in the beings who will be presented to you. You can perceive them through dreams, through flashes, or during your meditations. They will be getting closer and closer.

Always think of letting go in your professional, social, and emotional lives, and in your relationships. You are obligated to live in this system, it is your survival, but it is living its last moments. Therefore, as much as you can, prepare yourself to conceive of life differently, prepare yourself for this immense transformation, for this extraordinary passage. We know that for you it is not easy because you are caught up in the chain of events, at least that is what you think, but we are asking you to make some efforts and we will help you considerably.

During the months and years to come, you will be more and more aware of being out of synch in relation to your existence in the third dimension. You will be more and more attracted upwards, you will feel the immense surges of Love, you will discover everything that surrounds you with different eyes, eyes of tolerance, of comprehension, and of compassion.

Everything outside of you such as violence and destruction, all the terrible things, will no longer affect you in the same way; you will have compassion but not pity or an excessive sadness. You will feel and you will send out your Love, you will ask the Source for help for these people. Your emotional center will not be disturbed. You must not be insensitive, but it is necessary that you place yourself above the events. It is not insensitivity; it is another consciousness that you can have about those who surround you.

It is not easy to accept for some of you but it must be so. If you do not succeed in living in this way during the months and the few years that you have left, you are unable to raise your vibrational frequency, you will always be pulled downward because your world will experience an immense suffering; if you enter into this suffering you will be of no help to yourself, nor for those who surround you, nor for you own elevation.

Our love for you is immense but we do not have the same conception of life and death that you do; however, our respect for life is total because we fully respect the Divine Laws. Learn to respect yourself, to respect all life and you will be in accord with the Divine Laws.

We wish to confirm to you that we exist despite all that some channels may have said or have supposedly received from our command; as the Great Intergalactic Confederation, we truly exist and the aim of our existence around the planet Earth and in your solar system is not only to help humans but also to help your planet during this immense transition.

Each of you will help in a different world with great works, as we are helping with this great work that is the transition. Know that you will also help with this great work, with this transition, thanks to what you are, to your Love, to your consciousness, even if it is still limited, to your goodwill and your sincerity.

We ask you to be vigilant about what you will receive during your meditations. Sometimes you can have some interferences, but when these will really be some messages from the commander Ashtar or from other brothers of the Light, you will feel it in your heart. We do not all belong to the Ashtar command, but a number of beings who have been contacting you for so many years belong. For us, it is much easier to contact you because we do it by telepathy with our channel and we can also manifest our presence near you. It is a technique of projection that is very easy for us.

Exercise your discernment more and more because at this end of cycle, you are going to receive much misinformation, and be subjected to manipulations. Beings from the dark light will be particularly active during these difficult moments for them. Even if, for you, these periods are difficult, they are even more so for them because they will disappear from this world to go elsewhere.

The universe is immense and life can still blossom on billions of planets. Immense worlds exist that are not inhabited and that, however, could receive life like yours. These are very simply worlds that are waiting to be sown.

We, the Pleiades, as well as our brothers from Sirius and Orion, have already sown many worlds. We have with us now some brothers from Vega, from Proxima of the Centaur, from the constellation of the Swan, and many other constellations as well; they make up all of those who have for mission to help worlds in evolution, in transformation, but also to go and re-implant life on these immense spheres that are only waiting for that.

There are planets a hundred times bigger than your little planet Earth and humans will be responsible for recreating life in these worlds. These are of an immense purity because no thought forms have polluted them. These are paradises, but we can only send pure beings there because these places are fragile and must not be polluted; they must be protected.

We are asking you once again to create unity within yourself, to remain aligned as much as possible during the months and years to come that will see important energies penetrate your world, energies coming from all the planets of your solar system and especially from your sun. The sun is going to emit a radiation almost insupportable for you, a radiation that will kill many beings because they will not be ready to exist at the higher vibrational frequency.

It is not that the sun is not good or wants to destroy humanity, but it gives its force to the Earth so that it can ascend, and those who will not be ready to receive these powerful energies in order to ascend with the All will momentarily lose their life. When we say momentarily, we wish to say that life is not lost, it is simply transformed.

We ask you then to send much Love to your Sun, to send much Love to the Moon, to Mars, to Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and all of the planets of your solar system. Learn to feel the energies coming from all of these spheres. Saturn will also have great importance in your life.”

They are showing me Saturn as a great schoolmaster with a ruler in his hand and they are telling me:

“Try to bring up your fears in order to understand them, know them, tame them, and nourish them with your Love and with your Light.

Work on confidence in what you are. If we repeat all this to you non-stop, it is because these are your arms; these are the lights that will light up your path; these are the guides for the passage.

If you have not worked upon all that slows you down in your ascension, all that limits your great awakening, your ascension will be much harder and much slower and will, therefore, generate much more suffering. Understand well that all of this is very important.”

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