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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

The advancement

“Many human beings who are on the spiritual path, who advance sometimes with difficulty, have the impression not only that they are not advancing but that they are stagnating, on their path as well as in their transformation.

They also have the impression that the forces of non-enlightened light are all powerful in the world and that our work, the work of the Light, is not manifesting itself.

We would like to clarify this a little.

First of all, many human beings having chosen this path of Light and of Love advance, even if they are not aware of it.

Even if he is sometimes lazy (excuse us this word) the characteristic of the human is to always wish to go faster or to always know more, just in order to avoid remaining static. We are speaking of human beings who have a relatively open consciousness, not about those who are contented with their lives without posing the least question.

Therefore, human beings who are engaged on this path advance much faster than they think because they advance at the level of their vibratory frequency. What is really interesting to tell you is that your vibratory frequency is augmenting and that when it lowers it does so much less so than in the past.

Therefore, you will succeed in stabilizing yourself much more when you augment your vibratory frequency! It is by elevating it that you can accede to the faculties of the soul, to the vision of the soul, to all of the faculties that are not yet completely developed or operational within you but which will be more and more, be certain of it.

These faculties will open up in you in a certain way from the moment that you will have worked more on your ego, letting go, acceptance, and especially Love for yourself and Love for life.

Many of you have faculties that are more important than you think. They are waiting for a little leap forward, also waiting for a greater confidence in relation to the capacities that are yours; they are also waiting because there are still many doubts. Some of you could say “I have no possibility, no faculty”.

In your era, at this end of a cycle and at the beginning of a new cycle, the character of the human being is to recuperate little by little all that dwells within, all of his true faculties.

There are faculties inherent to matter, that is to say the five senses, that you use more or less correctly. But you forget that, behind this, you have considerable faculties that are only waiting to be explored and experimented.

You must not wish to go too fast, because if you are not well seated on the first step you could fall; at that moment, this could be very destabilizing and disturbing.

We are speaking to you about this also to encourage you. Try to perceive your current world with the vision that is not influenced by manipulations, by all that could happen in your world. Try to have the vision of beauty, of fraternity, try to have the vision of action that we have on your world and that, of course, is imperceptible and absolutely invisible to you.

You cannot perceive our action, but you can sometimes feel it in relation to the behavior of a friend or even of a person that you do not know and who simply has a behavior of totally disinterested Love.

Therefore, we are working, in a very important way for the real arrival of peace and fraternity at the levels of the people of Earth; we are also working so that wars, which have existed for thousands of years on your planet Earth do not take place, so that human beings cease to destroy themselves for stupid questions, cease to destroy themselves because of ignorance of what life and the spiritual world represent, and ignorance of what they really are.

Globally, the human being is not violent or “evil” in essence. He is conditioned, poorly conditioned; he is manipulated to his detriment and he is not aware of it. When he is no longer manipulated and conditioned, the human being will wish to really live in peace, in serenity and in happiness!

In all that you call “television shows” do you see pretty things, do you see what human beings can accomplish in Love, in beauty, in harmony, in fraternity? Certainly, you can see some programs where some beings are capable of giving of themselves freely. But, unfortunately, you are conditioned by some very bad programs and this can impregnate the consciousness of human beings. When you see too many films of violence, you are impregnated by this vibration of violence. When you see too many police films, you are impregnated by the most difficult energy, that of the non-respect of the other.

So, you must also understand that behind the absurdity of your world (because for the moment your world is rather absurd) there is truly the beginning of change, a change that is going to manifest itself through other values.

The human being will have other values; he will perceive his reality in another way. The human being will begin to understand that beyond what he is, beyond what he is experiencing, there is something else within!

Obviously, he is still a little bit asleep, weakened by a totally dehumanized society, weakened by the lack of contact of humans to each other. There are too many belligerent contacts, very “revolutionary”, during some demonstrations.

We are not saying that you must not affirm what you wish but that you have not found the best solution. It is not us who will give it to you; it is the awareness of what you are that will guide you to the best solution.

We would like to give you great hope. Your world seems very somber and that saddens you, because deep within you feel that there are many unjust things in your world. You wish for another world, a world in which you can live in harmony, in peace and in fraternity. But, at this time, this seems illusory to you, practically impossible to realize.

Learn to see better, to better feel all that you are. But above all, and we insist upon this, avoid creating, imagining constantly what probably must never be! Do not imagine all that is inferior! Put all of your energy into all that could bring you much happiness, joy, serenity and Love! The imagination is creative!

Right now, Children of the Earth, many possibilities are given to human beings, again without them being aware of it, many faculties are awakening because these faculties with be useful in the dimension to which they are heading.”

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