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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Prepare for the transition within
Evolutionary ground swells
An inaudible sound
The new code
Happy are those who have chosen this path!
What is hidden will be revealed!
The most beautiful gift from the Universe
You will grow!
When is it going to be?
Have no doubts about your future!
Life is transforming itself
The advancement
A very important change
Have confidence in your future!
The Light is acting!
The moment has arrived!
Keep going forward!
Are you ready?
The end of the obscure cycle
Some necessary changes
To awaken consciences
The accomplishment of the Plan
The Divine Breath
All is going to change!
Influencing our destiny
The time of revelations
The reality of time
The Light is going to manifest itself in this world
The earth and men are cleansing themselves
An immense hope
The world is moving!
Show vigilance!
The great transformation has begun
To change the world
The eclipse of March 20  (3 March 2016)
The world is going to evolve very rapidly
Be very attentive to the signs
No human being will be abandoned  (6 February 2016)
The immense hope of the change that is approaching
Everything takes place in its own time
Do not become weary!
Something bad for something good
False information  (2 May 2016)
Everything is being transformed!
The energies of the month of May  (2 February 2015)
Keep confidence and courage!
It's for tomorrow or for soon?
This year will be a great year!
The year 2014
The planet Nibiru and the comet Ison
December 21, 2013, important solstice!  (11 July 2014)
Fears concerning the twelfth hour
All will be transformed and sublimated
We are living in a very important year
Have much compassion
Weariness, discouragement, and spiritual laziness
The time of darkness is over !
The Light Will Absorb the Darkness
The Choice Belongs To Us
The Time of Revival
The Acceleration of Inner Transformations
From One Shore to the Other  (3 January 2013)
A Time of Adaptation  (3 January 2013)
The Change of Cycle Has Really Taken Place
Message from the Various Kingdoms
Whatever you Do, Do Not Be Impatient!
A Call from the Stars
Messages from the Galactic Confederation  (5 July 2012)
Energies of Evolution
The Man of the Sixth Race
Reactivation of the Pyramids
Signs in the Sky
The End of the Cycle
The Celebration of the Great Transition
Everything is Transforming Itself
The Transition of Mother Earth
The Transformation is Approaching
The Evacuation Plan and the Intra-terrestrials  (8 April 2011)
The Transition  (8 March 2011)
Our Mission is Soon to Really Begin
Welcome to the Galactic Confederation  (6 January 2011)
Dead Birds Falling  (14 January 2011)
A Wonderful Program for 2011 and 2012  (14 January 2011)
2011, An Important Year for Evolution  (15 October 2010)
This Is a Time of Great Revelations  (2 December 2010)
Maya Calendar
A Little More Patience!  (1 July 2010)
An Energetic and Vibratory Shock
Humanity Has a Choice
The Earth Cleanses Itself  (5 August 2010)
Great Things are in Preparation  (1 July 2010)
Be Vigilant Concerning Certain Manifestations
2012, Unmovable Point on the Timeline
The Aftermath of 2012  (8 September 2007)
The Steps of Transition
Arrival of Nibiru in our Solar System
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