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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Happy are those who have chosen this path!

“If it is not open, you will have the impression more and more that your heart is in the process of opening to Love for others and for yourself. By acceding to another dimension of yourself, you will be afflicted by your family and friends who, in your opinion, will not be in the same vibration; you could also be afflicted by what you perceive in relation to all of the information that your medias feed you (it is unfortunately not good nourishment: certainly you must be informed but you must not nourish yourself with this information).

Love yourself! It is the most important thing for humans living in the third, fourth or fifth dimension (these are not levels of consciousness). We are now including these three dimensions in the same dimension, in the same reality.

For you, this will be more difficult because you will juggle, you will constantly be like a yo-yo between one reality and another, and this until you can bring the level of consciousness of the fifth dimension into the small level of consciousness of the third dimension.

You will succeed in doing this through Love, Love for yourself, Love for others, Love for Life, acceptance of what others are, acceptance of your weaknesses, acceptance of life as it presents itself to you (which you will experience more and more easily).

The fact that you love yourself gives the possibility of building with greater ease, the bridge that connects your third dimension to the fifth dimension, between these two levels of consciousness.

Therefore, when you become a yo-yo between one and the other level of consciousness, you will not be affected, whether at the human level, at the level of your life, of your personality or of your character.

We repeat (this is not easy for you humans, we understand it) look for the best in others! You must understand that sometimes, despite the ignorance of some beings, all humans do the best they can depending on what they are.

Even the beings who are in the darkness are always attracted to the Light and, in one way or another, they try, depending on their means, to always do the best possible, because Love always manifests itself in them, even if they are not aware of it. So always try to see the best in the other and do not condemn him when he does not manifest it.

Humanity right now is experiencing some difficult moments because, as we have said a long time ago, there is currently on Earth hundreds, even thousands of different levels of consciousness.

In this very particular period, some souls at the beginning of evolution and coming from other solar systems have been authorized to make a passage – so important for the evolution of the soul – on this little planet that is in great evolution, in great transformation, that is constantly receiving some very important vibrations that help with awakening of consciences and with evolution, essentially in Love.

We have already said, all the planets of the solar systems that, like Earth, can shelter humanoid life, are actually in great transformation; it is the case for all lives, even for those that are inferior, from planets where certain races such as the Reptilians or the Grays have lived (or are living still).

All these planets are lit by a new light, but it is not the Light that, in your solar system emanates notably from Jupiter; neither is it extraordinary influences coming from Alcyone (the central sun of the Universe) from which the vibrations of Love and Light emanate.

Some extraordinary lights are inundating the solar systems, the planets and all life, just as sound does (however we will not speak about the sound, this is not the moment).

We repeat once again: judge no one and especially do not judge yourselves! Humans do what they can depending on their knowledge, their belonging to a religion, a philosophy, political leaning, or just simply their atheism. Humans do what they can with the tools that are theirs, but also with the education that they may be subjected to.

Therefore, happy – we do say “happy” – are those who can, despite the education and some manipulations, if only through the medias, those who can walk straight, go towards this path of Light to meet themselves, and take an inner path that is much more important than an exterior path.

Happy are you who have chosen this path to grow and to allow yourself – and this is what we wish for you – to make a great leap towards the future, towards something else, towards the transition! You are beginning to do it. Of course, there is still a great step to make, but tell yourself that several small steps will make it possible to accomplish this great leap.

As we have told you many times, we need you, because only you can accelerate the process. We can help you, but you, inhabitants of the Earth who are still close to the terrestrial consciousness have, through your Love and your thought forms, the capacity to accelerate the process of transformation.”

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