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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Are you ready?


“We know that you, human beings, are by essence very impatient. You would love to already be in the fourth or even the fifth dimension.

You cannot accede to a higher plane as long as your vibratory frequency is not harmonized with it, that is to say the fourth dimension that is an intermediary dimension that will truly lead you to the fifth dimension.

We ask you to make a little more effort, of willpower, of patience and of courage. They are necessary to allow you to grow a little more so that you can elevate your vibratory frequency to a certain level; when this level will be sufficiently elevated, some marvelous things will happen in your world.

We, your galactic brothers, are only waiting for one thing, that is for the level of consciousness and the level of vibratory frequency of all our human brothers to climb up a notch. We are not asking you to become saints or to be in an extremely evolved consciousness! We know, taking into account the fact that you live in the third dimension, that you are subjected to the laws of matter, that you can only do a work that is slowed down by matter. We are simply asking you to have a little patience and to do the maximum you can with your body of matter.

We are waiting and the time to show ourselves physically to you is so near! We repeat to you: in order for us to show ourselves physically it is necessary for the level of consciousness and the vibratory frequency of our human brothers to globally climb up a notch.

How can the vibratory level of those who do not have your spiritual knowledge climb up, how can that consciousness in those beings who nevertheless have a pure heart and much Love in them change? Simply thanks to their daily behavior!

It is absolutely not necessary to be part of a group or to come and listen to us to have a sufficient degree of evolution and a sufficient vibratory frequency to pass into the next higher dimension (we are speaking of the fifth dimension)! It simply suffices for beings to act with their heart, to have great generosity, to be in the Love for themselves and for those around them, to have much compassion; in fact it suffices for human beings to act based on spiritual laws without any religious connotation, no matter what religion, in fact they may have no “spiritual” knowledge.

We are speaking of this to make you understand that even if your family and your friends are not in the same movement as you, they can as well very easily pass into the fifth dimension, on condition that their daily behavior is in harmony with the vibratory frequency of the fifth dimension.

The world, as we have said several times, is really moving and nothing can stop it; however certain forces would absolutely like to stop this evolution; they would like to stop human beings who are awakening to different consciousness because at that moment they escape from their power (very often humans are unconsciously subjected to the power of forces that they do not perceive). The governments of this world are often under the control of beings that they are not aware of.

However, being given that the global vibratory frequency of humans and of all that lives is going to augment considerably, the beings who will not be harmonized with this new vibratory frequency will no longer be in the same place.

All is going to change in your body. Some of you can complain of pains that they did not have before, of passing pains or others that install themselves; they will not understand the reason. At this time, taking into account the great vibratory and energy change of humans, a great cleansing is taking place. It can happen in several ways but not necessarily through the little sufferings in their physical body. It can however be that way if they have not yet sufficiently become aware of what they need to cleanse or if they constantly generate thoughts that slow the evolution and the vibratory increase that prepare them for the world of the fifth dimension.

We have told you many times that we help you, whether for tomorrow or sometime soon and this has often tired you because you do not see the end of the road. We are putting ourselves in your place and we understand you very well. However we are going to ask you this:

Are you really ready to see the end of the road?

Are you really ready to live in a totally different way, to no longer have your old ways of functioning and your habits, to live much more in Fraternity, in Love, in aid, in Love for yourself, to no longer judge anyone, whether yourself, a situation or a person?

Are you really ready to accept all human beings, no matter where they are and in their difference?

Are you really ready to accept your Galactic Brothers? You imagine us as similar to you; some of us are but there are others who are completely different!

Are you ready to no longer feel the vibration of fear?

Are you ready to control your emotions, to apply mastery in all that happens in your life?

Are you really ready to let go to really go towards this world that is opening its arms to you?

We are not absolutely sure that the response is “yes”, however we hear a cry that is a little desperate emanating from your soul and from what you are and of which you are not aware, a cry that wants to say: “we want no more violence, we want no more manipulation, we want no more suffering, we really want a just world, a world where we will find our place, a world where we can look upon our brothers without fear, a world where we are listened to, a world where we will be more than a number, where we will be recognized as a brother and or a sister.”

Each of you, consciously or unconsciously, is thinking this deep in his heart!

From the moment that you wish constantly for the coming of this world, you will create it and you will give it the possibility of manifesting itself much more on your planet.”

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