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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Evolutionary ground swells

“You wish to see everything with your human eyes and to feel everything with your physical body.

You have not yet completely understood all that touches the spirit and spirituality and you cannot conceive and apprehend it except with the tools that correspond to the new plane of existence, to the new reality of yourself towards which, little by little, you advance and in which you will be immersed.

You must know that you will never see the other planes with your physical eyes! You will never see us with your physical eyes! You will see us thanks to the opening of the third eye, the opening of a new consciousness, a new reality, the opening of a magnificent curtain that will open so that you can perceive beyond it, beyond your imprisonment.

You are taken up in a sort of interior whirlwind, a great wave that leads you towards an ascensional whirlwind. Sometimes you wish to resist this whirlwind because it tires you, because it perturbs what you are; it perturbs your equilibrium, it perturbs even your way of comprehending life.

You are experiencing considerable vibratory transformations; you know it intellectually, but you experience it often with difficulty in your body because you do not let go, because you do not abandon yourself to life.

However, if you do not abandon yourself, many very strong things take place in you and this afflicts you because a part of you refuses them. You tell yourself constantly: “we would like to be in tomorrow and to see how that is going to be”, however when the transformations take place in you, they cause some difficulties, notably difficulties generated by your thoughts, because you forget too often that you have an immense power over yourself and upon events in your life.

Doubts are there, stuck to you, and they will not leave you alone because you have been functioning with them for generations and generations, for many lives.

Doubt is a part of the human personality. In certain circumstances, doubt can prove to be a great quality, notably for acquiring discernment. However, there is positive doubt and inferior doubt. You are able to go towards positive doubt that will give you mastery, equilibrium and discernment. If you are in inferior doubt, you will go from one crisis to another because you will not have sufficient discernment and you will make mistake after mistake.

All of this is learned! At this time, as you sometimes say, you either have classes to make up or you can take accelerated courses. Right now, you are in an accelerated course, but you are not aware of it, and this disturbs you, and this is what causes impatience in you. You do not see much changing in you and some of you can have the impression of not advancing or even of regressing.

No one is regressing, be certain of it! You have some moments of pause and some moments of digestion. It is as if you were in a big restaurant where they serve delicious food. You eat, and you eat…This food can also be spiritual food. You absorb this spiritual energy, you “taste” all that is offered you and you eat to satiety.

There comes a moment when you are filled with all that you have received, either from us, from your capacities of intuition, of perception, and then you must digest it…These moments of digestion are great moments of doubt because you no longer have confidence in yourself and in your evolution, or even in the path that you have chosen.

At that moment, know that you are in the process of digesting. When the digestion will be over, your spiritual stomach (we are speaking of the stomach since we are speaking about digestion) will be empty again and you can still store away much knowledge (not necessarily intellectual), some vibrations, some spiritual knowledge that will be given to each of you through our channel, but not always by us.

We are speaking about knowledge that will be given you, but it would be better to speak about some veils that will be removed from you so that you can find all this again in you. Therefore, in a certain way, this knowledge will be given to you thanks to your letting go, to the acceptance and the patience that you will have at the spiritual level.

Right now, you are caught up in very high waves, and even a sort of ground swell that knocks you down. These are the most evolutionary at all levels. These ground swells work deep inside you to liberate you from your prison, your psychological, mental and affective prison and from all of the emotions that imprison you.

These ground swells are there to shake up many things in you so that you liberate all that must be liberated. Of course, they shake you up and create some doubts.

You need to go faster while at the same time taking your time; this is perhaps incomprehensible, but this means that it does no good to run if you do not climb one step at a time or if you mistake the path. You must be aware of what you are and go at a pace that does not destabilize you, a pace that is adapted to you.

It is good to wish to go fast! We are pressing you, it is true, because, despite everything, you often tend to fall asleep. Humans wish to go fast but they also do not wish to let go of anything.”

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