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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.


“At this time, human beings are a little tormented. They are asking themselves: “what will tomorrow be like?” We are going to speak about the current time because it is an important subject for human beings.

Despite all that is happening around you, you are very lucky to have been incarnated in this privileged era. You might say to us: “privileged? With all of this misery? With all of these beings who are suffering?” And we would answer: privileged because the book of Knowledge is open to everyone! All those who know how to read in the book of Knowledge can have access to it there.

However, if we open the book of Knowledge and if we put it in the hands of beings who are not yet sufficiently open, they would not be able to read it.

So, what will tomorrow be like? It will depend on the elevation of the consciousness of all human beings! However, as we have often said, you cannot build something sound on shifting sands. So, Man of the Earth, obviously you are experiencing some troubles! We are however going to add this: all can be minimized provided that there are more and more openings of consciousness that lead you towards Fraternity and Love! It is not easy to live in Fraternity when you perceive, when you see, when you feel the violence and the suffering, but from the moment that you really want to transform what you are and your society, you have considerable help from the planes of Light and even from your Galactic Brothers.

Of course, your Galactic Brothers will not come and manifest themselves to you saying: “we come from such and such a world, from such and such galaxy, believe what we say.” This is not the way it happens! Your Galactic Brothers, those who really help you, help you “incognito”.

They are mixed in with your population, they act within your enterprises, in what you call “scientific research” and they prevent you from making mistakes, sometimes considerable ones. They act not only in all human activities but also in spiritual activities. Humanity, in a certain way, has the choice of awakening or of falling.

You are going to tell us: “we cannot choose the worst; we can only choose the best.” We would answer this: we hope that the best installs itself first of all within each of you.”

They are showing me some magnificent images and are telling me:

“We prefer to show images of a society that has restructured itself, that has understood the message that we have been trying to offer it for a long time now through our teachings.

I am seeing cities that do not resemble our current cities.

“Your cities are so inhuman!”

Those cities are smaller. They are not inhuman like our current cities. There are no polluting vehicles. They are showing me some sort of small bubbles that circulate on rails in all the streets. There are also some large vehicles that stay away from these little cities.

The beings live in fraternity; they have no egoism, they constantly work for the common good, for common Love.

“Human beings are not necessarily aware that they are egotistical, that they are often self-centered; they do not think of others.

When they understand that not only do they live with others but for each other, everything will go very fast! Be certain that when your personal vibratory frequency and the vibratory frequency of the totality of humanity will have climbed up two notches, all of your Galactic Brothers will present themselves and will help you to reconstruct society. The energy will not be the same; it will not be solar, electric or fossil.”

They are showing me some small boxes that are constantly being recharged in all the little pyramidal structures; they aliment all the vehicles. Public lighting is alimented in the same way.

“This energy is inexhaustible; it is found for the moment in storms, it is found well above your atmosphere and with the help of your galactic brothers and those from the pyramidal structures that will be installed in all “urban” centers, there will be energy largely sufficient for the cities and the vehicles. There will be no more pollution of the Earth or the air; there will be no psychic pollution that for the moment is the most important. At that moment, life will be one of sharing and not of profit. Everyone will work for the good of others!

So, instead of telling yourself that tomorrow there will be immense catastrophes (it is not necessarily useful to say it), think that tomorrow those that are still in this world will truly live a life well beyond their hopes.

You are going to ask us this question again: “When? When will this happen?” And we will answer you as we do all the time: “soon!”

What does soon mean? Soon means that it depends on what you become!

We are very happy to see that deep in your heart you really wish for this great change, the change of your societies and inner change.

Who is the being who does not really want to live and to feel the Love Vibration and to live fraternity? Who is the being who wants to live completely centered on himself?

Beings are now starting to go towards each other. This is the first step that each of you must take; to listen to the other, to offer a smile, to offer a kind word.

In the big cities, no one takes care of anyone; this is totally inhuman! Therefore, try to be much closer to all that surrounds you and close to the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms because everything forms the All and nothing is separated; it is the human consciousness that sees this separation but in Love all is united!

Men of the Earth, have a little bit more patience because tomorrow will be a marvelous day after, it will be another world and there will be another vibratory frequency and totally different relations between human beings and their environment.

After the great tribulations, the Light will inundate this world and the heart of men. Therefore, you must work towards this goal and you must have confidence in the destiny of humanity; you must create the world that you wish for; the more positive creations there are, the more the world of tomorrow will manifest itself.

We also wanted to repeat this to you: the thoughts emitted by human beings have considerable importance! The more that thoughts of Love, of joy, of serenity, of peace, of fraternity and of confidence emanate from them, the more they will create a magnificent egregore that will associate itself with all similar egregores because thought forms do form egregores; these beautiful thoughts will have a considerable impact on your Mother Earth, on the revolt of the elements and also upon each of you.

It is not easy for you, human beings, to master your thoughts because they are energies that you give birth to continually; you are not aware of the millions of thoughts that you emit every day! We are talking about millions of thoughts because there are conscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts.

So, you are going to tell us: “if we have unconscious thoughts, we cannot block them; we cannot prevent these thoughts from acting.” The more you transform yourselves, the more positive thoughts will emanate from you that will nourish the immense egregore of Love and of Light that will install itself on the Earth and when this egregore of Love and of Light will be sufficiently powerful, all the inferior forces of the somber light will be transcended, and totally enlightened by this magnificent Light, by this immense Love emanating from all the hearts of men.

Men of the Earth, you are much more precious than you think. There is within you enormous quantities of Love non-expressed; you do not see yourself as you are. If you had the consciousness to see yourself as you are sometimes you would even be astonished. We see you, our channel sees you, even if she has her eyes closed, of course, she sees you in what is the most beautiful in you and you human beings always have the bad habit of underestimating yourself, and also the bad habit of not loving yourself enough, so change your way of perceiving yourself, change your way of perceiving those around you and of perceiving life.”

I am in a small city that is truly magnificent. I do not know if this will be tomorrow or in several months but on the other hand they are telling me that there will be a great acceleration of the transformation of human societies and of the awakening of consciences.

I am going to describe a little this city that they are showing me and in which I find myself right now.

I have already told you that there are rails there upon which there are small bubbles.

What are the houses like? They are not very tall; many are round; some still have a rectangular shape but the whole forms a certain vibratory equilibrium. The vegetable element is very present! Everywhere there is grass, flowers and trees because they are a part of the environment of the small cities.

They are showing me now a great dome under which is found a spherical room. In fact, it is a great spherical monument. In this monument is a room that is called “the common room”, a room where all of the beings living in this city have the possibility not only of emitting their ideas for participating in the good of all but also to exchange among themselves. There is no longer any duality between beings; there is greater comprehension, great friendship and greater Love.

There are beings coming here from all sides and there are no longer any differences between skin colors or the way of being or of loving because all the beings have a profound respect for themselves and for others.

I am entering this immense and magnificent room to describe it to you a little; on the seating tiers there are seats that are also round. In the center is a platform on which a being can stand who wishes to express some new ideas so that the whole society may profit, or simply to say that he has much Love for the participants and that he hopes that this Love between everyone will grow.

This room is of a very soft color; it is not made of any material that I am familiar with. The walls emanate a soft light and under the peak of the dome all is light. This dome is not made of glass but of a much more solid material that allows the solar light to penetrate without it indisposing in any way the persons who find themselves in this immense room.

I am hearing a sort of song, or music. They are telling me:

“Human beings of this era, that we hope is near for you, also come to this place to meditate, to clear their mind and to communicate with sound and light.”

In the walls there are small spheres from which very different lights emanate but very soft and that inundate this place.

This is truly a place of communication, an excellent spiritual place, the place where not only do the beings exchange, but also offer. The music they are having me hear is soft, penetrating music that causes the souls and the hearts of the beings to vibrate.

This is an absolutely magnificent society.

They are telling me:

“This is what can be offered to you tomorrow if you want it.”

Now they are taking me to another place, still in this small agglomeration. There is a great marketplace. This place is also round and it also emanates light. There are stalls all around and a staircase that goes up from floor to floor.

The people nourish themselves with an enormous quantity of fruits and vegetables; and this is one of the principal foods. There is also a very special food: at the highest point of this place, an energy food is found, (I do not know how to describe it differently).

I am seeing some beings who are putting a sort of transparent globe on their head. What I am going to say is perhaps not exact but I am explaining what I think and that I feel with my words; I think they are nourishing themselves with a prana (life force) that is much more important than what is found in our air. This prana energy is brought in through pyramidal forms. They first come through the top of the pyramid and then pass through circuits that I do not perceive and that are going to aliment the spheres that the people have put on their heads.

“This is a society that could seem totally extraterrestrial to you. In a way it will be because men will have much help from galactic beings. They will also have the help of all that will be placed at their disposal when humanity will have become much wiser, aid that awaits them in places that are for the moment secret, essentially in immense pyramids; however it is not only in immense pyramids, there are also underground cities alimented constantly by your galactic brothers who could give you not only the technology that we are describing to you but that could also give you the knowledge you want so much and that will lead you, obviously towards an immense Wisdom.

There will be no schools. The schools of the future will essentially be schools of life.”

I am going into another round building; there are seats and beings who also have globes that are a light blue color on their heads and who integrate directly the necessary knowledge.

“True knowledge cannot be integrated in this way! True Knowledge is learned “on the spot” that is to say that children and adolescents will be coming into contact with the different kingdoms. They will learn to enter into communication with the different kingdoms.

When beings will live in this world, a large part of the telepathy that slumbers in each of you will be restored. Your thoughts will be able to be perceived. At the beginning however there will be a sort of blockage, that is to say that no one will be able to read your thoughts if you do not authorize it because at that moment it would be intrusive; therefore this would not be allowed but there will come a time where there will be no more secrets.

What really is a secret? It is limitation, it can be a lie and this is what creates duality! How many secrets have destroyed lives? How many secrets destroy societies? So, in this new period, in this new world, secrets will no longer exist for the greatest good of all beings.

There will also be what we could call schools of Love. What a vast subject! Love is cultivated, Love is learned, it is in each of you with the same power but since birth, often so as not to suffer or by wishing to forget, you sometimes place some veils over it! Love will be liberated in the hearts of men! This will no longer be sentimental Love it will be true Love, the Love that connects all beings, who totally open their hearts, who make life vibrate, who make others happy, and who render things “rich” but not rich in treasures! The most beautiful treasure that you can possess is that of Love. Love is learned! You can already begin to learn it, to discover it more every day.

We would like to give you much hope. Right now, for you the world is closed, your societies are drifting; those who govern your countries don't know what to do, but it is necessary, as we have said, that what is on shifting sands or that is no longer solid must crumble. Nothing can be built on shifting sands but on Love, Fraternity and the desire to live together in a totally different way, all can be built!”

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