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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.
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What is hidden will be revealed!

“Many of your human brothers do not believe in the reality of their Galactic brothers. For them, it is science fiction, and often they say: “I will believe that our Galactic Brothers exist if I could see them.” However, it is not always possible to see them because of a difference of vibratory frequency.

Those that you could perceive are either one of us who lowers their vibratory frequency to make them visible to your eyes because they have a message to give you, or it is certain galactic beings who are unfriendly towards humans living on Earth who have a vibratory frequency similar to yours.

Therefore, many human beings do not believe in the reality of their Galactic Brothers, any more than in the plurality of inhabited worlds. This comes from a great ignorance!

Simply raise your eyes to the night sky where millions of stars shine! How could you imagine that you, little earthlings, are alone and abandoned in this immensity? This comes from a refusal to accept what you cannot see with you eyes and what you cannot hear with your ears! It is a partition, a shutting away and a negation!

More and more, human beings will open up because they will receive some considerable waves of energy that, little by little, will dissolve the veils that prevent them from acquiring a superior knowledge of themselves, but also about the multiplicity of life.

This will be offered to your planet, this will be offered to your solar system, to all of the galaxies and to the Universe in a different way, because the Universe is in great mutation, in great transformation.

It is necessary that humans now be capable of accepting all of this, that they be able to accept that life is everywhere in the Universe as on all the planets of their solar system. Life exists even on your Moon! Life is everywhere!

Your “great scientists” say: “yes life exists, but a microbial life, a life that has nothing to do with human life”, because they cannot really perceive Life: they do not have the intellectual capacity of accepting it, nor the necessary technology, despite their instruments that they think are so sophisticated!

Soon what has been hidden from you will be revealed! It is up to you to accept that what is hidden from you will be revealed and to accept what, for some, corresponds to the inacceptable!

Many beings accept spirituality because, in a certain way, they have been lulled by religions. Therefore, they can accept a spiritual path; however, they often refuse all that is tied to the Universe, to the planets and to life in other worlds.

It is spoken about in your science fiction films that show destructive beings. What are they showing? Destruction, wars between worlds, between people who come from the Stars and who wish to conquer your poor little planet! But there is beauty and Love in other people, and rarely do the producers but that in their scenes!

It is up to you, once again, to accept the unacceptable! It is up to you to go towards a future that will be different and to accept it. You will however not have too many difficulties because at a given moment (but not right away) the existence of your Galactic Brothers will be unveiled to humanity.

Certainly, this will cause a shock! Certainly, this will greatly inconvenience those who manipulate and govern the world, because their power will diminish! Certainly, this will very deeply inconvenience the religions, (but not religious philosophies).

It is for this that the knowledge of other beings living in other solar systems or in other galaxies, beings sometimes similar to you, has been hidden. There will come a time when you will once again be completely reintegrated into the world of your Galactic Brothers.

Your quarantine will be removed, because the moment will have come to reintegrate the Universe and the worlds, and at that moment, you could navigate from world to world, from planet to planet, from galaxy to galaxy. You will have the right to be a part of the immense galactic family, and this is a right!

You, like all human beings who open themselves to a superior consciousness, have the capacity to change your world by your vibratory frequency that is going to elevate itself more and more, by the Love that is also going to grow more and more in everyone's hearts, by the Love that you will have for yourself, by the acceptance of life and of what you do with it. Therefore, even unconsciously, you are working for the future of your new world.

The more you are positive, the more that you are in Love, the less you are concentrated on yourself and on your past, the more you go forward in joy, in confidence, in serenity and in Love, the more you will be co-creator (since you are very numerous) of your future.

The future is defined without being so, it is a part of somewhat abstract notions because the future builds itself or can also be destroyed depending on the level of consciousness of beings. (We are of course speaking of the future of your planet and of humanity). Therefore, be more in the consciousness of Love, of your own constructive power, and at that moment, you will really be in the mission that you have chosen when you came into this world.

You have two missions: that of experimenting life in the third dimension, that of anchoring Light and Love in matter and of vibrating this Light and this Love. Therefore, even if you are not aware of it, you are accomplishing these missions.”

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