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When is it going to be?

We have traveled together for very many years now. We are getting to a point where all that we have announced to you is going to put itself into place little by little.

Even if we know that the Earth is going to experience some great transformations and that human beings are going to begin to live these great transformations, we are obligated to veil this information.

We have already said it and we repeat it to you: if we tell you that, in a month or six months such and such an event is going to happen, this would slow you down and keep you from living the experiences that you must make, up until the end of your life; you would block yourself within and, very often besides, in fear.

We can tell you that this year, as you are all of course waiting for it, an enormous number of things are going to happen! An enormous number of things will happen within you if you have sufficiently prepared the terrain. You still have at your disposal a little time to finish preparing and for avoiding being too shaken up.

Anyway, you who have chosen this spiritual path, will be, depending on your choice, obligated to go on this path and to live what this spiritual journey entails.

Obviously, we watch you live and we understand what causes you anguish, your suffering and your impatience; we understand how much you would like to know what tomorrow may bring! If we had a physical body and if we lived in a world as difficult as yours, maybe we would have the same impatience…

Some of us have never lived on the Earth, others have lived there or have come punctually to accomplish a mission that is invisible to you but that has great importance in relation to your personal destiny, to the global destiny of planet Earth and to all that lives there.

We would also like to tell you this:

You sometimes have the impression that you are not advancing; you have the impression that the teaching that you share among all of you and with us does not bring you what it must bring you. Because of this, you have the impression that you do not advance, and this can distress you.

So, try to see what behavior you had, if only several months ago, in relation to a situation; how did you experience it? What was your reaction, and what would your reaction be today?

It is in putting your life into perspective, by regarding what you have been and what you are now that you can be aware of your advancement.

We can assure you that, despite your suffering, despite your doubts, each of you has advanced.

We will add this: it is only the beginning!

Why is this only the beginning when some of you have traveled with us for many years already? For our channel it has been even longer, but for her as for all of you, it is only the beginning!

Some great veils are going to be lifted and will dilute themselves in a vibration that will emanate from you. You will liberate yourselves from your own veils.

You are waiting for everything to come from the exterior when you are yourselves beings who have all possibilities! You even have the possibility of better understanding all that corresponds to the path that you are on, the why and the how.

You have the possibility, and we say this firmly, to transform yourself physically, to totally heal your body and to annihilate your suffering, no matter what they are! We insist upon this!

Even if you have real problems in matter, you can transform them! You have all power and will have it more and more within! It will grow depending on what you become and depending on the energies of an absolute power that you will receive (we are truly saying “absolute”). These energies will transform life, your life and Life in general.

You ask yourself questions in relation to your great fatigue and your lack of energy. We hear your questions.

We will respond with this: you are being reborn, in a state where, little by little, the shell of protection that you have for living in the third dimension is getting smaller to take you towards another reality of yourself and to prepare you for the great leap, we can even say “a quantum leap”, a leap to another universe, an interior universe!

Your fatigue corresponds to a rebirth; we will add that it corresponds also to what you will generate through your thoughts and your emotions.

You constantly say that your body makes you suffer, that you have had enough of this life, that you would like another life, etc. But, this other life is here! Once again, this other life is a function of the consciousness that you have of life.

Tomorrow, soon or right now, as if by a magic wand, we could offer you the life that you want, a life without suffering where all is luminous, but if a part of you is still in the obscurity of the consciousness, if you have not sufficiently cleansed, that life would be too dazzling and would make you suffer even more than what you are suffering right now.

Therefore, to merit the life that all of you will have if you wish it, you must liberate yourself, liberate yourself from yourself, liberate yourself from inferior thoughts, liberate yourself from your suffering. When your body speaks to you through itself, try to understand what it wishes to tell you; try to understand if it is not you who constantly creates it in your body.

You think: “But we are more and more positive, we try to understand better and better.” We are not saying that this is not exact, but we will simply add: you are in the process of having positive creative thoughts; you are in the process of gaining total confidence in your capacities for total transformation of your own life.

You always ask us: “When is this going to happen? How? Will it be a long time from now?

We are saying to you with firmness: From the moment that a sufficient number of human beings become conscious of what they are, when a sufficient number of human beings oppose violence and fear with Love, when a sufficient number of human beings will constantly create a new world with their thoughts, all will change! At that moment, life will effectively not be the same!

If a sufficient number of human beings are conscious, we will actively participate in this transformation!”

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