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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Have confidence in your future!

“What can we tell you about your leaders?

We will first say that at the first level, the leaders are chosen by those who voted for them; despite this, there are many manipulations that human beings are not aware of, but people evolve through their leaders just as the leaders evolve through the people.

Many leaders have the impression that they have all the power, but the people, even if the leaders do not often remember it have their word to say and also immense power. (Of course we do not like the word “power” but we are using it anyway).

We have often asked you to send much Love to all government leaders, so that they awaken to another consciousness, so that they work for their people and not against their people.

We will however tell you this: sometimes the leaders do not do exactly as they wish because above them there are those who you could call “puppeteers” and above these puppeteers there are others who, despite the fact that most of them have left your planet, can still live close to it and have a difficult impact on terrestrial life.

Know however that the governments of all the countries of your planet are very closely watched over by those whose mission is to protect the Earth and to make it evolve in the sense that was predetermined for the destiny of planet Earth and for that of humanity. There must however be a large shock for all of the humans on Earth to awaken; this shock will not necessarily be the consequence of the actions led by government leaders.

Do you find it normal that, on such a small planet, there are such a large number of countries, sometimes governed by irresponsible beings?

This is not the future destiny of planet Earth! Several Colleges of the Wise will govern the world. It will certainly not be the “new world order” that some human beings think they will establish! These Colleges of the Wise will be aided by Beings coming from other worlds, by your Galactic Brothers, this for the happiness of each human being, because the Earth will shelter some magnificent humanities.

Before this can be, there will be a need to pass through the eye of a needle, that is to say some more or less difficult moments; this will happen depending on how human beings wish for it to be done!

Some great countries who dominate your planet (we will not name them because this is not important) are guided by certain beings not belonging to the Earth. We are not saying that they are the ones directing the world but they guide, they instruct certain beings in order for peace to be installed on Earth, so that the shifting can be accomplished without too many difficulties.

You will recognize these beings by their works, these beings guided by certain Galactic Brothers and by their profound desire for peace between people, these totally positive beings, when they will do everything they can to avoid conflicts.

Some countries are there to try to put states against each other for the material profit of some, notably those who manufacture destructive weapons, no matter what they are.

Tomorrow, if it was the moment and if we wished it (but the human being must go just to the end and really understand their mistakes), we could, in the space of a second, remove all weapons found on planet Earth, we could instantly dematerialize them because we have immense possibilities. However, that would serve nothing because human beings would not have understood their mistakes and they would not have grown through their mistakes.

We could perhaps do this when the critical mass will have been attained, when many human beings no longer want wars, when they really want peace and fraternity. At that moment we could not only annihilate all weapons of this world, no matter what they are, but we could also do many other things.

Human beings cannot know everything! They have the impression that they have all powers over nature, over other human beings but in the end they only have limited power. Your Galactic Brothers have possibilities that are a thousand times superior to those of human beings.

Of course, humans have discovered the fission of the atom, they have invented nuclear arms, built nuclear plants but if we were not constantly there, life on Earth could no longer exist! We depollute constantly, often during the night while you sleep peacefully.

Those who do not sleep may have been able to perceive, in the sky, some bluish spheres; these are spheres of depollution. There are also, like there are above Fukushima and above other nuclear plants, some types of large vessels of an ovoid shape who constantly cleanse the surplus of radioactivity so that it is not too destructive to human life and for life in its great generality.

We return to the government leaders. Some of them (we will not say which ones; it is for you to discover because we must not tell you everything) have the will to maintain peace. Those who still arouse duality and war will be, in a certain way, removed from the ability to harm, thanks to the will of those who watch over planet Earth, therefore over all of you. In what way? What counts the most for them: power, money, maybe even life, will be taken away from them. Obviously, it is not up to us to take their life.

If, from certain people who direct the world in the shadow, you would remove what counts the most to them, that is to say power and money, in a certain way they would already be destroyed. We can take these away from them. When the time comes, money as you know it will no longer exist – we have already said this – and those who will suffer the most will be those who have based their life uniquely on the power of money, whether it is fictitious or real, whether it be gold or other material goods; if you remove this power from those who live only through it, in a certain way, you remove their life from them.

Human beings, in the great majority are much wiser and do not ask for much more than what is useful for a comfortable life; those, in a certain way, will be recompensed, be certain!

So, have confidence in your future! The little country that is France has just had its elections and then it will be the turn of other countries. Do what your heart tells you to do but know that beyond what you will do, there is a plan that you ignore and that could go in one sense or another if beings who momentarily govern your country have sufficient intuition and some perceptions that allow them to be guided by what we are.

The human being is not fundamentally “evil” (this word does not suit us). Evil does not exist, it is simply suffering that makes people evil sometimes.

We can tell you this: what is not just, what is not in equilibrium, what is not in the respect of the being, will not last!

So hope! Hope that the government leaders of your world awaken and that they liberate themselves from ill-fated powers that sometimes prevent them from accomplishing what they would have liked to accomplish.

Concerning politics, what may appear as bad today will perhaps be good tomorrow, what may appear to be catastrophic today may prove to be necessary for the future of humanity tomorrow. So try, despite everything, to do what is imparted to you, that is to say to be in Love, in confidence, in respect and fraternity!”

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