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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Keep going forward!

“It is not necessary to remind you to what point your society is in the process of evolving, of changing, and how much everything is moving around you and in you.

This is going to go faster and faster, therefore we would like to say this to you:

No matter what you may hear around you and in all the countries of the world, no matter what you may experience in relation to your planet Earth, have no fear! The Divine Plan for planet Earth is beginning its accomplishment and you are a part of this Divine Plan.

From the moment that you will accept your destiny and when you really accept being a part of this Plan, all will be much easier for you. The more you generate fears due to incomprehension and to all that is happening in the world, the more difficulties you will have in integrating the Vibration and the Consciousness that leads you inexorably towards a totally different destiny.

You may have noticed that nothing is going as it should in your world. Nature itself is being jolted, just simply as if it no longer understood the cycles of life; therefore, nature itself evolves and is transforming itself.

You may have also noticed that all those who have for a mission to lead your little States that, finally, have no importance, are in incoherence; they are looking for themselves! It is not necessarily their fault, because they are caught up in a vicious circle that does not allow them to find their own path.

We are helping them considerably; some accept it, others do not accept it because they wish to serve other energies, other vibrations.

Why are some government leaders beginning to wish to change the way of being, the way of living, and in general the politics of their country? Because they have understood, with the help of their galactic brothers, the marvelous destiny of planet Earth; they have understood that they must really align themselves and serve the Light. We are helping them and we will continue to help them in a considerable way.

On planet Earth, there is another category of beings that are, in a certain way, subjugated by entities that are not friendly. They entities are giving them more and more power.

As long as the human being has not gotten beyond a certain stage, he needs to have power, notably power over others. He needs the energy of money and of all the pleasures that matter offers him, pleasures that are brief, pleasures that are at the limit inexistent.

The only pleasure, the only happiness that can be offered to a human being, is to really discover who he is, to discover the marvelous path that he calls the “path of Light”, the path of true spirituality.

At this time there is like a separation of waters: more and more beings are awakening and perceive the Light within; of course, they do not perceive it in reality but they feel with an interior force what their path truly is.

Of course, humanity must awaken a little bit more before a great step can be made and that the great cycle of life can transform itself.

You will lose all of your existential points of reference, whether it is at the level of your relations with your family, at the level of yourself or your relations in the work world. You will end up no longer understanding yourself well and this can generate a little disquiet. You will lose your points of reference at all levels but this is necessary to go towards the renewal, towards another consciousness, towards another way of being, of living, of thinking and of loving.

We are saying “tomorrow” without giving a date because time does not exist where we are, at least it does not have the reality it has in your world of the third dimension. Therefore tomorrow the human being will be different; he will have discovered the most important thing: Love! He will have first of all discovered Love within and from the moment that he will have discovered this Love Vibration within, he will discover it little by little in all the beings that cross his path.

In the new world beings must be much more in Fraternity and Love.

Therefore keep going forward and do not let yourself be slowed down by all that you may hear! Try as much as possible to be positive in order to radiate. In the spheres where we live like in our immense vessels, Joy dwells. Do not forget that Joy is the little sister of Love; if you are not in Joy you cannot really be in Love; it could be that you are too timid to manifest this Joy and Love.

Therefore, by in Joy! The world needs beings that are in Joy, it needs beings that radiate Joy and the Love Vibration, as Serenity.

Look at how sad beings are in your cities, how they suffer! There is not the reflection of the Light on their faces! You can do something for them: when you pass them in the street, either smile at them as you look at them or simply send them all of your Love and your Light.

Your world is sad, your world is suffering and we are doing all that we can to help so that the sadness and the suffering fades away more and more from this planet, that is to say that they are no longer generated by human beings.

However, it is not only humanity that is suffering; nature is suffering, animals are suffering; how many animals are destroyed by the cupidity of humans? Men have not understood that the animal kingdom and the other kingdoms are precious for the equilibrium of human beings.

When you will have decimated all of the animals of your forests and even of the countries where there are large mammals and large animals, to spread yourselves out and to take more place in their environment, when you will have decimated all the fish living in the sea, when you will have destroyed the forests, you will feel so alone, so impoverished! However, we are helping you so that this does not happen.

We would like to add: if you must live in a world where there are no more animals, where the vegetation is almost totally destroyed, soiled by the unconsciousness of men, soiled by all of your detritus, if there were no more fish in the sea, nature and the planet would be in such a state of sadness that the human being could not survive. For a human being to be able to survive on a sphere there must be equilibrium.

Why, on this planet, have the Creator Gods and the Great Hierarchies of Light planted the various kingdoms? Why is there so much diversity, beauty and harmony on your planet? What human being has not been filled with admiration before a magnificent scenery, before the beauty of a calm sea, before magnificent forests, before flowers of a thousand colors?

If you remove all of this from the sight of men, what will they look upon? Upon nothing! This would be such an immense sadness that the human being could not survive.

We will say this one more time, do not have much fear. We are making sure that you stop the mass destruction of all the kingdoms; we are making sure that a certain point is not passed; we are making sure that human beings begin to understand that planet Earth is, as we have already said, a spatial vessel, because it belongs to the inhabitants of its surface, it also belongs to the inhabitants who live within it.

You must not ignore that life exists is a very strong and spiritual way inside the Earth; so some beings coming from inside the Earth also work in concert with us to protect Life.

As we have already told you, and we wish to repeat it, do you believe that if we had not been there to depollute your world, among others of radioactivity, that there would be as many human beings on planet Earth? An enormous number of human beings would not have been able to live here!

We have depolluted many sites. We can sometimes be found over top of your nuclear plants but you do not perceive us because we essentially work at night. We have done much work on Chernobyl, on Fukushima and on other nuclear plants in other countries, dangerous nuclear plants for human beings.

It must be so and we must help as you must help. It is the chain of Life, it is the chain of Love, and it is the chain of the Universe! We are all constantly connected and it is for this that we need assistance, Love and obviously respect.

Your world will still be jolted and will shake itself; planet Earth will shake itself perhaps more and in a more brutal way to show humans that they are not the kings of the world and to make them understand their grave mistakes.

Not matter what happens, remain centered within and do not be afraid because we are there! We are not the only ones who watch over planet Earth; there are also beings that have the mission of integrating the planet, that is to say to live among men; they help men because they work and live among them without being noticed or understanding who they are really dealing with.

Some of these beings go through birth or simply have the capacity to momentarily create a body to find themselves among humans. However, those who create a body must go and regenerate themselves relatively often on the vessels but this usually takes place at night.

Many things happen at night that you cannot imagine that you cannot see. Even you, children of the Earth, travel at night! Your material body remains in your bed but a large part of yourself, at the level of consciousness, not only travels but learns and in a certain way continues to help. You can travel with your astral body or with a part of your consciousness.

We would like to add the essential: for many earth years we have been close to you. The essential is the teaching that we wished to see you retain and this is simply to love yourself, to love life even if it shakes you up! Love Life! Try with all of your force to love everyone who surrounds you and try to see them beyond the human that they are.

Generally, Children of the Earth, beings that have difficult relations with you are often beings who suffer, so if you go beyond their reactions that are sometimes a little difficult, incomprehensible or reactionary, not only will you help yourself because this will allow you to give even more Love, but his will also allow the being facing you to grow and to calm down.

Therefore every one of you has a mission and the most beautiful mission that can exist in the universe is the mission of Love. The Earth and all the worlds have been created in Love. All real Creation, harmonious and of great beauty can only be created in Love! So, you as well, try to constantly generate this Love that will assuredly grow in each of you.

You are at the doorstep of a great change! Do not let the door close on you! On the contrary, open it wide so that you can go through it in consciousness, with Confidence and Faith, Joy, and Serenity, in the new world that you are all waiting for and that has been promised you.”

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