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Body and Health
To regulate the temperature of the body

In the years to come there will be climate changes and probably some great heat waves. How can we help our bodies to support these great heat waves and these climate variations?

“The first thing is to try to rest; try to speak to your body, because it has the capacity to ventilate and to regulate its temperature.

For the moment, some of you have machines that lower the temperature like fans and air-conditioners. There will come a time when you will no longer use these machines.

Try little by little (this will not be possible from one day to the next) to speak to your body, to call upon it. It has the capacity to overcome great heat and great cold. It has an extraordinary capacity of adaptation, however, your mind, your education and your human conditioning incite you to control everything; you do not allow your body the capacity of using all of its possibilities of regulation, whether is it about heat or cold.

Of course, water is an asset for refreshing yourself. To drink is an important means of regulating heat. To drink allows you not only to evacuate toxins but also, during great heat waves, to evacuate some little knots, corners of shadow that hide themselves and of which you are not even aware.

Great heat waves also allow you to consume some little things that, associated with other little things, make it so that humans are sometimes get tangled up in their evolution and in their behaviors.

You also have at your disposal conscious respiration. Learn to sit yourself down, to empty your mind and to speak to your body; take some deep inhalations and expirations, and when you inhale, think that you are breathing in fresh air and that this air is invigorating your body; then exhale all the heat that is stored by your body.

Deep breathing is also a tool that allows you to regulate the temperature of your body.”

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