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Body and Health
To be in perfect health


“You must always visualize yourself in perfect health and never doubt this perfect health! From the moment that you doubt you emit thoughts that are the opposite of what you want.

What you call ill health in fact is not a part of human nature. It is simply your thoughts concerning disharmonies that impregnate unceasingly these thoughts and therefore your body because you always have fear of something. As soon as you have the impression that there is a malfunctioning in your body you emit a thought of fear or of ‘illness'.

This is human but avoid doing it! Oppose that thought immediately by saying ‘no, my body functions perfectly and I am in perfect health'! It is a way of constantly programming it. If you say, ‘I am sick, I hurt here or I hurt there' you program dysfunction in yourself! If you affirm ‘I am in perfect health', you program that in you.

You must understand the way that you function at that level. Before you can be in perfect health, it is of course evident that there are certain battles within due to certain energies that are well installed, energies that need to be transformed into energies of Light. Worries and fears are impregnated in your cells and you must de-program them and you can only do this by putting the Light in you constantly to change this programming.

Those who you call ‘masters' or ‘great initiates' who have really understood the process of thought with all that it contains had no need for medications, they knew how to heal themselves. Besides, they did not even need to heal themselves because they always visualized themselves in perfect health, as much on the level of their physical body as at the level of their subtle bodies.

You cannot program perfect health as long as any suffering is impregnated in the soul! You must program perfect health at all levels, including the three subtle bodies that are the most important: the physical body, the emotional body and the mental body; you must also work on constant peace within and feel it.

If you program good health when you are tormented or fearful, you do not accomplish a sufficient cleansing within and you will not succeed in programming it.

There is, therefore, a work of letting go and of understanding to do. This work can accomplish miracles well beyond anything you could imagine.

We repeat, to succeed in removing a suffering or any kind of wound, you must listen to yourself and watch yourself as you live.”


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