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Body and Health
Miracles exist!

When we feel a very intense physical pain, is it possible to elevate our vibratory level and in which way?

“Yes, in effect it is more difficult to elevate your vibratory frequency when your physical body is in great suffering.

When it is in great suffering, it gives you a message that you must decode. You must understand the reason.

Even if there are deep disharmonies, miracles exist, that is to say that you can shift into a more or less perfect health by the force of your spirit and total confidence in your healing.

Of course this is not easy for human beings because when they suffer in their body they have many more difficulties connecting themselves to their guides who can help them, to connect themselves to their own reality, that is to say to their soul and to their Divine Part because their mind is permanently occupied by this suffering.

When you are suffering, try simply to send much golden Light, that is to say Love to your body and tell it: “I understand your suffering.” You must consider that your body has its own consciousness, that of matter. Speak to your body constantly and tell it: “I understand your suffering, and I send you what I can send you, that is to say Love.”

Love is the greatest power that can exist!

Of course, you must not do it only once! You will probably not have a result the first time except if you do it without any doubt and in total confidence. In this case, miracles can occur.

You must be determined and begin again constantly, to send much Love to your body and to ask it the reason for this suffering. Of course, it can be a part of the law of cause and effect that you must purify but as we have already said, former karma, which which you had before your birth, no longer has a reason for being. It has been “cleansed” by the immense vibrations that you receive.

You must experience the law of cause and effect that you have created in this existence.

The goal of the suffering of the body is to cleanse you totally of the inferior energies that you may integrate, even without wanting to; at that moment these are only temporary sufferings, not sufferings coming from a great disharmony in your physical body.

Try to have confidence, to make yourself confident, to refuse this disequilibrium, this disharmony, while blessing and loving all parts of your body. Speak to your organs, to the parts of your body that are suffering. Try to understand and to transform the vibration of fear into a vibration of Love because fear is always tied to suffering and suffering is always tied to fear.

We cannot give you “the solution” because the suffering of each person is different and his level of tolerance in relation to the physical suffering is also different.

The Beings of Light can help you very much! Have confidence and ask for help from the Hierarchies of Light and from your guides; they are there for that reason but you do not call upon them enough.”

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