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Body and Health
Heal yourself!

“Faith and miracles are similar subjects. It is important to mention these subjects. We are going to try to have you understand the process of miracles and of faith.

You know religious faith. The example that we are going to give you does not correspond at all to religious faith.

The first example is the faith that you have in yourself and in the capacities of your mind (mental creation and creation of the spirit on yourself), the faith that is yours regarding your capacity to heal yourself of anything.

For you to put this process in place, you must absolutely shut down your mind, which is very difficult for human beings, because the mind is a crazy machine that bolts away like a wild horse that you have difficulty in slowing down and stopping.

Your mind lies to you of course! If you are aware that you could accomplish a miracle on yourself, then your mind – that emanates from your ego – tells you, “no, this is not possible, it is not as simple as that!”.

In fact, from the moment that you do calm your mind, it is always very simple to accomplish a miracle.”

I am seeing an image of a man in a crowd.

“This man has studied the capacities of the spirit. He feels strong pain in his lower back that has persisted for some time and it has begun to perturb him.

This man is therefore in the middle of a crowd. He is walking. Suddenly, this comes to his mind: “heal yourself”.  He stops a little way from the crowd and leans up against the wall of a building. He concentrates; he sees no one, he only sees his body, but through other eyes than that of a human. At that moment, he has no doubt, no thought, if only that of putting healing and harmony where there is disharmony. He concentrates, his mind still free of all thought, and with absolute confidence in his capacity to heal himself.

He sends therefore, by thought, a very strong energy belonging to his own multidimensionalities, to his lower back; he does not use the energy belonging to what he is as a being of the third dimension. He asks help from his multidimensionalities that, with their total purity, will help him to heal himself.

This is what it is “to heal oneself”! It is not easy, it is much more difficult than to heal oneself from outside help!

You are going to discover within the capacity to heal yourself. To obtain this self-healing, you need no exterior support or any particular faith, except faith in yourself.

Current human beings completely lack faith in their own capacities. They always prefer to call on outside help! When we speak of outside help, we are speaking about Mary, Jesus, and all Beings who may have lived on this planet, your guides, the Beings of Light, etc. Current human beings have much more confidence and faith in the result if they call on outside help; it is much easier for them.”

I am still seeing this person who is still leaning against a wall. For several moments, he is totally immobile. It is as if nothing functioned in him, as if he was in a deep sleep. That state only lasts a little while, not even a minute, because he has called on something within and that is not a part of the third dimension; he begins to shake and awakens with a big smile on his face: he has no more problem because he has regenerated himself, and he goes off in complete harmony, liberated from his back problem.

“To arrive at this result, you must obviously have confidence; once again, you must not let your mind reason in your place and say: “you must do it this way, you must not do it that way”! The mind is the enemy of all healing! Once again, the mind emanates from your ego.

What our channel has just described to you is not done instantaneously. The person that she has described to you has already worked on his capacity of profound thought associated with thought belonging to other planes, to other realities of itself, in order to heal himself totally of this little disharmony.

Each of you can accomplish this! Do it at first on small disharmonies, a small suffering here or there.

Know, Children of the Earth, that nothing, but truly nothing, is impossible to heal! Even if you have great suffering, broken bones, fractures, etc., nothing can prevent total healing and harmony in your body!

You just run up against your mind and your lack of confidence; it is for this that you do not obtain the results that you would like.

Some psychological problems are a part of this inability to heal oneself, because these little disharmonies – and this may shock you – can be a source of comfort to some people. However, we will not speak about this subject that, in the end, has no importance and no value in our eyes!

Concentrate on what we have just taught you concerning miracles and faith. A miracle is something that you accomplish! Faith, is your own faith in yourself: it has nothing to do with a religious faith or an exterior faith.

Some beings have total faith in religion or in another person. Without any thought, they completely abandon themselves to this faith in another or to a religious faith. They can have faith in Jesus, in a sacred place like Lourdes, Fatima or another place. At that moment, everything comes from the outside! The being abandons himself totally to the outside and has complete confidence in the healing that this exterior can bring him.

The two cases of which we have just spoken generate faith and miracles, but in two completely different ways.

To arrive at being completely passive and to abandon oneself to an exterior possibility (this does not happen everyday of course), beings must be in complete confidence in God or in a sacred place such as Lourdes for example. It is also necessary that the being who abandons himself to this confidence and this faith not have a shadow of doubt, even for several seconds.

We have spoken to you about two ways to conceive of a miracle.

We hope that you will be able to put the first way into practice to accomplish a miracle on yourself and to obtain healing.”

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