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Body and Health
It is not being a vegetarian that makes you evolve!

“You have a body of matter and of course you must listen to what it tells you.

To be a vegetarian is very good if you are in agreement with the conception that you have of being vegetarian but if you are and your body asks for meat, you are not in agreement with it.

We are going to tell you this:

There is a belief, which in our opinion is not correct, that consists of affirming that from the moment a being is vegetarian he evolves much faster!

It is not the food that makes a being evolve spiritually! Of course, to smoke or drink too much or eat food that disturbs the body slows down its evolution.

Listen to your body and act depending on what you feel! You must not be a vegetarian in order to be “on the right path” or to go in the right direction!

You absorb food but you are not aware that current food (vegetables, fruit, fish or meat) is extremely polluted, if nothing else from the fallout of pollution from the atmosphere and from all that is spread in the sky.

You have the ability to transcend all!

If beings who lived a hundred years ago ate the current food, they would be very ill, sometimes poisoned, because it contains so many chemical products such as fertilizer, pesticides, etc. However, your body has the considerable power of being able to transcend all that is noxious for it, except of course if you do not allow it the time to do so.

Let each person act according to his conscience! We insist on telling you this: it is not because you are vegetarian or only eat vegetables or deprive yourself of sugar or other things that you will be more evolved! Evolution passes simply through Love and the consciousness of what you are.

Be moderate at the alimentary level, this is what is important! Allow time for your body not only to digest what you give it but to transform it and to eliminate what is not correct and valuable for it. If you give it too much food, it does not have the time or capacity to eliminate what is noxious to it! Eat with moderation and try to absorb the healthiest food possible if you have the possibility.

Above all, do not frustrate your body just because you think it is good for you and for it!"

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