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Body and Health
Help by your shining!

What you often do not succeed in understanding is that every “illness”, no matter what it is – we would prefer to use the word “disharmony” – is often generated by emotional shocks, by the refusal of certain experiences, and also by a life choice because a disharmony can not only make the person who is experiencing it evolve but also make his friends and family evolve.

Every time that you have an emotional shock that is too great, you make it descend into matter. There comes a time when repeated shocks completely destabilize your metabolism, and the effect is that the most fragile parts of yourself generate a disharmony.

To avoid this, be aware of the power of your thoughts, try to have positive thoughts (even when you are in difficulty), try to send to your body many thoughts of Love (that are vibrations of Love), speak to it, try to understand why you have arrived at this, what you have refused in your life and the reason for this somatization in your body.

Often, it is great affective difficulties that generate traumatisms and disharmonies. Sometimes it is a refusal to let go of such and such a situation, the incomprehension in a relationship with people near or far, or even with yourself.

How can you help or heal yourself of a disharmony? By trying as much as possible to work on the positive within, by having confidence as to your healing, as to the total reparation of your body.

Your cells speak to you, but you do not hear them!

If the cells constantly re-construct themselves, there are also cells that constantly destroy themselves. Therefore send Love to the deficient parts or to those that are suffering in your body and ask the cells to repair them. Know that your subconscious can repair the deficient parts of yourself.

Imagine that within you is an “army” of cells that watch over your good health; imagine for the reasons we have cited (there are others obviously) that at a certain spot in your body the cells are anarchic or defective and no longer respond to what they should respond to; What can you do? You must call upon other cells to reduce this deficiency or ask your subconscious to create new cells; in addition, you are constantly creating new cells destined to offset the deficient cells and even the very dangerous cells (we will not say which ones). This request from your subconscious requires an important effort of confidence and faith.

Certainly, you can ask for help from the Beings of Light and from your guides to repair your body! You can also ask for help from very dear persons whom you have loved and who no longer belong to this world, who have gone to the worlds of Light.

If you ask with confidence and faith, and if, in your own thoughts, you also put confidence and faith, you can accomplish miracles in your body!

Love your body! Your body has its own consciousness, just as you have a superior consciousness (the consciousness of your spirit); your material body has its own consciousness and you must love your body.

If your body makes you suffer, you do not love it! If your body does not correspond to your ethic, to what you would like it to be, you do not love it! If your body gets tired too often, you do not love it! Therefore, change your way of having a relationship with yourself and with your body.

Your body calls out to you when there is a disharmony in your cells or in your organs, and it tells you: “love me, love my liver, love my stomach, love my muscles, etc.… love what I am!”

It asks for your Love and if you do not listen it will be missing Love and will deteriorate more and more.

Try to love yourself more and to help others, simply try, with simple words, to make them understand their own possibilities. Of course, you will have this response: “I have already tried and this did not work” or “this is pure invention, pure fantasy”.

It is not easy, for humans, to change their way of understanding life and their way of functioning because they are stuck in habits and they do not like to change them. They do not understand that they possess an immense power over themselves, that of healing, as well as the power of a profound spiritual transformation.

Try to have those around you understand that repetitive anger and constant tensions generate energy blockages and traumatisms in their material body. Try to ask them to calm down, to practice relaxation or yoga, etc., and at that moment their body will relax, will be less tense, and the healing will be simpler, easier and more rapid.

Food must also be taken into account; human beings no longer nourish themselves as they should! However your physical body has all possibilities of transforming what it ingests, even if that might be poison for itself, if you give it sufficient Love and if you listen to it. Your body has an immense possibility of transforming everything.

Your body is a one of the most perfect “machines” that exist and you do not know it! Imagine in front of you a screen and a multitude of buttons; these buttons correspond to the multiple parts of yourself, known or unknown; you do not know how to use them, you do not know which ones to push to obtain what you want. Therefore? As you do not know how to use your own programming, your own personal computer, have energy intervene, have Love intervene, have notions of letting go and accepting intervene and at that moment, as if by miracle, the buttons on your screen will function and you will be aware that what was almost impossible to realize becomes not only possible but becomes a little miracle in your life.

Once again, you do not know yourself well at all; or course you have doctors, etc., but even doctors have their own existential problems. Do you believe that those who have a mission of caring for others or helping them do not also have their own suffering to manage, to know and to eradicate?

Therefore what we are saying is valuable for those who have a mission of helping others, no matter what they are, no matter what therapy they use, just as for you who are not in that environment. Everyone, doctor or person needing help, must become aware of their immense potential!

You must go inside, go towards your own knowledge and at that moment you will have access little by little to the parts that we call multi-dimensionalities, that will bring you towards a consciousness that is more elevated and the disharmonies will no longer exist. They have an existence in your life, in your body, depending on what such and such a suffering can teach you.

You do not necessarily have to suffer to evolve because it is not necessary to humans. However it is sometimes necessary so that human beings do not fall asleep and understand not only why they came into this world but also what their mission is. That mission is to experiment life, to give Love and to accept the Love that is given them.

Some beings will say: “it is easier to give Love and to love than to receive Love from others”! This is a serious mistake! There must be an exchange between what you receive and what you give.

Reflect on what has just been said, this is important!

From the moment that a being is capable of understanding, this “method” can be applied to all cases, whether it is an “illness” of the physical body, being out of touch psychologically or profound psychological problems.

From your own shining, by the vibrations that you generate, you can help, even in a silent way, without saying anything!”

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