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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Messages from the Hierarchies
You will recognize me!

I am feeling a magnificent gentle energy that is enveloping me totally. It is the energy of He whom we call Jesus. I am not seeing him in the usual way. I especially feel His Love Vibration. He is telling me:

“I have told you: I will come more and more often to see you and to offer you all the Love that is in my heart (even though I do not have a heart like yours).

It is important for me to come to help those that I have known and loved so well. I will manifest myself more and more to help them in their rising vibrational level and in the opening of their heart.”

I can now perceive His face radiating Light and His body is taking shape. He is all Light, Beauty and Perfection. He is telling me:

“You have been impregnated by religion! This must now stop and you must consider Beings like me who wandered this world at very different epochs as Beings who came to reveal Love to humanity which I was not the only one to do.

I am now very often with the one whom you call Akhenaton. He is a part of what you could call the “fleet”. He is with me on the Celestial Star and with the one who was my mother and who also works very much on the Earth.

I will come more and more often towards you to help you, to prepare you for elevating your vibratory frequency and above all to prepare you for accepting and integrating the immense vibrations that will be sent to you from the universe and the emanation of the Divine Breath.

I would like to tell you this: forget the religions! The only religion is that which connects men, that connects the planes of Light and with what we are, that connects them also to God, the Father of all life.

Religions have divided men; the Universal Religion will reunite them, truly connect them.”

I am now seeing him as the color gold, almost dazzling. All around His body there are like rays of the sun. He is telling me:

“What you perceive, Child of the Earth, is simply Love! I can manifest myself to you and to all of you in a thousand ways. Tonight, I wanted to manifest myself in my radiant Love.

For those who use what you call the Internet, I will say that many of those whom you call “transmitters” or “channels” say that they channel me. Often they are deceived by entities who are not me, of course.

You will recognize me by my vibration! It matters little what is said! Know that only words of wisdom emanate from me. There will never be commandments, there will always be nothing but Love! So many erroneous things have been said that did not emanate from me!

Therefore, when I will be present, it will be to speak to you about Love, about the Light, and about the aid that I will come to give you. When I will be present like I am tonight it will be to help you to prepare for the great moment of the liberation of this world, of the moment of the immense celebration that people on Earth will experience and that we will share with them.

Two thousand years ago, I said “I will come back”. I will return among men to celebrate the coming. Men all over the world will see me, not through their instruments but thanks to what you might call a miracle but will not be one because life will be different. You will no longer need technology as life will be different for you.

To arrive at that moment, there is need for a time of preparation, and this time appears long to you. You who are currently incarnated have already waited for that moment for a very long time now and you have prepared yourselves, incarnation after incarnation, in order to be able to experience a profound transformation in Love.

Now you have arrived at the end of your path! Now you have harvested all that you have sown and you have sown some beautiful things!

You who I love infinitely, you who thirst for Love, you will be satisfied! You who search for Love, you will find it because it lives in you and around you! You will learn more and more to discover it all around you since, once again, Love is Life and Life manifests itself constantly at all levels around you.

You will learn to feel Love from the mineral kingdom, you will learn to feel Love from the vegetable kingdom, you will learn to feel Love from the animal kingdom because you will become more and more sensitive. It is for this reason that you will feel Love from everything that surrounds you.

I will speak to you more and more about Love until that Vibration is totally integrated in you and so that you can manifest it.”

Now, I am seeing Him transform himself. The shining light is disappearing and is leaving a human form, just simply a man. He is telling me:

“I was a man and I love humans. Where I am, I sometimes have a human body though very different from yours on a vibratory level. I can become totally Light by allowing My Divinity to express itself, which each of you can do, of course with less power. If you allow the immense Love of the Source to express itself in you (the Love of your divinity) you can, just like me, radiate that Light and that Love.

Now I am going to leave. I have been happy to share these precious moments with you. I bless you in Joy, I bless you in Serenity, I bless you in Harmony, I bless you in Beauty and I bless you in Love!

Have confidence in what you are, and above all have confidence in what you are becoming! Try as much as possible – I ask you with all my Love – to be, as you say on Earth, “positive”, to have confidence, so that you can elevate yourself faster to be able to integrate what you have been given.”

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