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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Messages from the Hierarchies
Presence of a Great One from Atlantis


I see before me the presence and the energy of a very beautiful Being, very tall and very luminous. He is telling me:

“I am the Great One from Atlantis: this is what humans called me at the time when I lived among them and when I had great importance. At that moment, I was a part of what you could call a College of Wise Men composed of very great initiates. I was in a way the guardian of the Eternal Flame.

I see a round room, covered by a dome. In the middle of it is a well from which a dazzling Light rises up and traverses the dome; I do not know where it directs itself afterwards. The people of Atlantis called this Light the Eternal Flame.

When I was on your Earth I worked enormously for the opening of consciences of men of that epoch. That epoch corresponded with the second period of Atlantis. During the first period, many islands were connected and touched each other to form a great continent. A part of that one was very close to what you now call the United States but also South America.

Besides, during the great catastrophes, many of our brothers (who had been warned long before) left Atlantis; some went to South America, others towards the great continent that you call the European continent but that went well beyond todays Europe.

I therefore taught, having at my sides some beings that you could call “extraterrestrial”.

He is smiling with much indulgence like a parent addressing himself to children who are sometimes a little gullible and sometimes filled with wonder. He is telling me:

We have worked in concert with our brothers from the Pleaides, from Sirius, from Orion, from Vega and from many other planetary systems and galaxies, not only for the evolution of this world and the search for Love, but also to approach ourselves to the Source that is still very far away; even for me who is speaking to you and who lives elsewhere, the Source is still very far away.

At that time, there was a great civilization in which beings from several places in your galaxy lived. All of these beings really worked in Unconditional Love and in great fraternity.

They and we knew the future and the present time because we had the possibility of traveling in time.

What we have discovered, from period to period, was not very heartening but we knew it and accepted it even for our magnificent civilization, our magnificent island, just as it was for the Mu civilization that had been contemporary with one of the periods of the Atlantis civilization.

At that time, it was decided, for the future of planet Earth, to implant immense pyramids there. They were in fact beacons that allowed correspondence with other worlds and other galaxies.

For thousands of years, these pyramids have been hidden or made dormant because it had to be that way since men have little by little fallen into the obscurity of the consciousness; we, the Great Beings, the Great Atlanteans of whom I was a part, knew that this had to be accepted because that was a part of the evolution of souls and of their apprenticeship in matter.

We could have prevented many things and many of the torments of the planet Earth and of its inhabitants but we did not do it because we knew that all that would happen on Earth was just.

I come back to the civilization of the pyramids. In almost all of the pyramids, we have put timeless doors that allow access to other worlds and to other galaxies. Only those beings who have acquired a vibratory frequency and a sufficient awakening of consciousness could discover these doors and have access to other worlds. It is simply the vibratory frequency and the spiritual elevation that will give access to what is hidden for the moment.

The governments of all countries do all that they can to prevent for as long as possible what could in a way unlock these doors giving access to certain treasures that could help you enormously in your current life. It does not mean treasures as humans know them, that is to say there are not great quantities of gold or precious stones or diamonds, which are ephemeral treasures.

The treasures that we have hidden in the pyramids on all the Earth are treasures that will help the new humanity, with the aid of the great galactic brothers and of the Great Atlanteans who will come back into this world to reconstruct the true civilization of the Golden Age, the true civilization of fraternity and Love, a civilization in which there will be no duality, where all brothers whether they are terrestrial, extraterrestrial or intra-terrestrial will live in Unconditional Love and will work hand in hand.

Therefore, I and my brothers have known well in advance what will happen on Earth; it is for this that we have in a way, hidden, everywhere on your planet and in the oceans – since many things have been swallowed up by the oceans – some treasures that will serve you in the future to reconstruct your civilization.

Be certain that when the time comes everything will resurface.”

He is showing me a very strange image: I see a very large pyramid covered with earth. Above it I see a very luminous oval machine whose rays absorb and annihilate in a way the earth that covers this pyramid.

I see it now; it is resplendent under the sun. I have the impression that it is very recent and clean. He is telling me:

“It will be the same inside. Thanks to these machines that you cannot know, all that is inaccessible to humans right now will be cleaned, restructured and renovated; this will take place when humans have gone through some more things that are a little difficult, but especially when humans will have changed consciousness.

As long as humans are still into power, as long as this planet is governed by men of power, nothing will be revealed! Once men will really begin to awaken, when they no longer accept to be governed by men of power and would rather be governed by wise men having a totally awakened consciousness, we will step in; you will be very astonished to notice that this humanity is awakening with unbelievable rapidity.

In the multiple places where they are found – there are tens even hundreds spread over the Earth – these pyramids will emit a specific and very particular ray that will awaken humanity little by little (not all at once because it would be too difficult to experience).

Atlantis, our marvelous land, will rise up from the waters in some places. You will make some extraordinary discoveries because certain pyramids, protected by the waves, will not have been altered by the water; their beauty and their splendor will astonish you. All of their contents will also be intact.

I am not seeking to tell you some marvelous story; I simply wish to tell you that thousands of years ago the beings of whom I was a part knew what would happen to planet Earth through the different stages that have brought you to this day.

If I am among you it is to tell you that in a faraway period each of you has worked with other Great Atlanteans. You have served the Light and Love!

All of this is in you in the deepest part of your heart. If today each of you has invested yourself, it is because in your deepest part there is a resonance with the ancestral memory that will be revealed to you little by little.

This will happen depending on your determination upon your spiritual path and on the courage you will have to face and accept your transformation. I think that many of you are ready to climb up a step to pass to the next higher level. You must however acquire more mastery of yourself, to let go and integrate a little more wisdom.”

I am once again facing the Great One from Atlantis. I find myself in a room where there are crystals of different colors; some are magnificent. I cannot remain close to them for very long because their energy is extremely powerful. He is telling me:

At the time that I was living in Atlantis, we had the capacity to grow crystals; we grew some immense ones that we placed in certain places in your world while waiting for the current period.

Even if they are buried under ground – and thanks to the same machines as those that remove the earth from the pyramids or that raise some pyramids that are still beneath the seas – some crystals will rise up from the depths of Earth and will once again be in the open air to emit all that they have to emit, in energy and in vibration, for a greater transformation of this world.

Crystals have always been in relation with the consciousness of the Earth; some giant crystals are found at the center of the Earth but you are not aware of it.

In our time, before growing crystals, we asked for permission from the consciousness of Mother Earth because we could and can still communicate with her and she also gave us the means for growing the crystals. I will not tell you how to proceed as this would be totally useless since you do not have the awareness, or the places, or the possibility; in addition, we, the Great Atlanteans who are still in a way the guardians of this world would not authorize you to do it. We are not the only ones to guard this world; we are a part of the guardians of this planet.

I would like to tell you that, for me, time does not exist. Today I am here in projection near to you but it is as if it were yesterday on our magnificent island that was a continent that you have called Atlantis.

I now see men dressed in purple. There is a crowd! I do not know where I am; I am beneath a dome, in a place that resembles a rotunda. It is very light in there but I see no windows or openings.

In the center is a small Eternal Flame; it is not the great Eternal Flame, it is smaller. There are also guardians of this place dressed in purple. The back of their skull is stretched out and they have no hair. They do not resemble us; their large eyes are intensely brilliant and luminous and are of a strange color that I cannot define, with occasionally a flash of gold. These beings are looking at me as if I do not exist, however they see me as I see them but my presence has no importance to them. They continue to go about their business.

The Great One of Atlantis is smiling at my description. He is telling me:

“They do not belong to the world of the Earth; they are precious beings who also put into place what will be necessary for the future.

Now I see some beings arriving in this immense dome; their clothing is saffron or orange. On the contrary, they have a totally round head and very white face. I believe that they do not belong to our world either.

The Great One from Atlantis is in front of me and is still smiling. He is telling me:

“These beings are a part of the College of Psychics; they have the very particular capacity of communicating by thought, even with beings living on other planets. For those who are equipped with such capacities of thought, distance has no limit.

They are not very numerous; they walk very slowly. Now they are forming a circle and have their hands joined at the level of the center of cardiac force; emanating from them is a great Light without color which nevertheless contains several colors; it is indescribable! This Light corresponds without a doubt to their thought forms.

“You have chosen to live in this very particular period in order to help thanks to all that is in you and that will re-emerge more and more, to help and to accomplish the final mission of the transformation of this little world that has such importance and that I and my brothers, the Great Atlanteans love very much.

Each of you has a particular mission because you are all different. Even if you have all worked together in Atlantis in a faraway period, you all have different missions because you are different and that you work depending on your talents, your knowledge and your capacity to love and to understand.

What is important is that you remain unified and that you have sufficient Love for each other to accept your respective imperfections. This is very important!

Love each other! Love yourself! Thus the memory will resurface little by little from the depths and at that moment, you will understand the reason for which you came into this world and the great usefulness that you have in this important transition that has begun and of which you are a part.

Now I am leaving you. I have been happy to come for a few moments among you.”

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