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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Messages from the Hierarchies
Presence of Mary


I see the presence of the one we call Mary even though she no longer goes by this name. She is telling me:

“For you, Children of the Earth, I will always be Mary! You can call on me; I will guide and I will protect you!

I manifested myself in your world during different periods and I used the language that human beings of the era could understand.

I said this: convert yourselves! Pray over and over and your world will transform itself! Through prayer, you will change the face of the world!

Today, I am not giving you the exact same discourse, I am simply saying this: awaken in Love, awaken in relation to what you really are! Be aware that there are extraordinary Beings around you who not only watch over your evolution but who also help you to evolve through their Love.

I am a part of these Beings and I live on the vessels; I live near Sananda who was my son during a very short period of my life on Earth. However, I was not really a “terrestrial”.

I lived on Earth to accomplish a very specific mission, just like my son who you call Sananda, but who, like me, no longer has a human name. However, if it is easier for you to give him a name, if it is an important reference for you, continue to call him that.

Through Love, I act for the Earth because I knew humans and I loved them profoundly, just as my son who was Jesus loved them. On Earth, we knew and loved human beings and we still have a profound Love for them!

My Galactic Brothers, Sananda (who is no longer my son of course) and I have decided to do the maximum to help the planet Earth and all of its inhabitants.

At the time of my life on Earth, there were so few inhabitants in comparison to today! Now, there is a considerable quantity of souls who have come to live through this end of cycle and for some, the new cycle.

It is much more difficult to manage billions of individuals than hundreds of millions or even a million. It is therefore necessary that from our vessels we project very high frequencies onto planet Earth coming from the Love that emanates from our hearts. We can do this much more easily than you think. Our psychic capacities and the immense Love that is in us allow us to send waves, vibrations of Love.

The aid that we give is very important because the Earth is undergoing great changes just like the beings that live on it.

I will add this: if you sometimes feel pains in your body think of them as coming from a great cleansing that allows you to integrate new energies and a new consciousness. The integration of new energies cannot take place in a body that is still polluted, in a body that is still too much in the vibrations of fear.

Your Galactic Brothers and the Great Beings, some of whom traveled on this planet that is so small and yet so large, are helping you.

Can you imagine what seven billion hearts that beat, seven billion beings that love can represent? Even if a being does not really have awareness of the Love that is in him, he is capable of loving, at least in his own way! Therefore, imagine seven billion human beings that love and the half of them truly wishing for a total change of life! Imagine the immense power emanating from the conscience, the Love and the thought of human beings! For the moment, certainly, there are not yet three billion who have opened up their spiritual consciousness and who have opened their heart to Love!

From our vessels, we try to help you as much as possible by projecting our vibratory frequency and our energies of Love upon you in order to help you remove the veils that obscure your consciousness, in order to help you to love yourself and also to really understand what it means to love.

To love is at the same time very simple and very complicated; very simple when you love in a human way, even if sometimes this Love makes you suffer. It is more complicated when you wish to climb up to a higher level of Love (I am not speaking of Unconditional Love, I am speaking of the Love Vibration, of the Love Light).

However, it is relatively easy to attain this Love Vibration, this Love Light when you are aware of what you really are and of what we are! The only difference is that we are a little more advanced than you; you will become what we are and you will probably become even more than what we are!

We, your brothers and sisters living in the vessels or in your world are there to help this humanity that is awakening, this humanity that is going to change, this humanity that has such importance for us and for the Hierarchies of Light. We are counting on you to help us!

I have manifested myself so many times! I manifested myself at Lourdes, at Medjugorge, at Fatima and in various different places but in a different way each time.

Now you will understand much better the manifestations of Fatima! You will understand that the sun did not move in the sky and that I simply gave telepathic messages to some children who are pure channels that could transmit what I told them. Now, you could understand that the sun did not move in the sky and that men have perceived our immense vessels of Light! This was necessary in order to strike the imagination of some human beings so that they understand and that they advance.

Now, we are not striking your imagination in the same way; we use other ways to help today's human beings, we simply use a vibratory way because they are capable of feeling the diverse frequencies and to elevate themselves. As much as they can be ignorant, as much as they can be cruel, they can also have an immense Love in their heart!

We, from the vessels, do not wish to see beings who do not have Love in their heart. We give to each human being on Earth the same dose of Love, the same vibratory frequency, the same Light. We are in a way like the sun that distributes its rays, its heat and its light to all human beings and to all life in this world; we do it in a different way and we invest ourselves for all the humans on planet Earth.

Unfortunately, despite all of our efforts and yours, some selections will be made, that is to say that all the human beings who have not sufficiently traveled a path are souls that, very simply do not have the capability or have not chosen to evolve into the future world; they will continue their evolution in worlds that will be adapted to them.

Right now, many human beings have not only the capacity to elevate themselves much more than they think and to integrate the vibrations that we offer them, but they also have the capacity to offer as well the Love Light vibrations that they are integrating more and more in happiness and in ease.

In the same day, you can experience moments of great joy and some moments of sadness. When your consciousness integrates certain vibrations coming from the Higher Hierarchies and from your galactic brothers and sisters, you can be perturbed by the vibrations dwelling in them and all of the vibrations that it receives from the most elevated planes. There is therefore duality between human vibrations and the vibrations that you receive from us; the vibratory frequencies emanating from all of your human brothers can also disturb you. A part of your consciousness connects you with all that is human and with all that is life on planet Earth.

In this connection, there is neither bad nor good, there is no duality, there is only unity! This connection is subtle; it connects all divine parts, whether they are human or not human, or if they belong to the different kingdoms. There is no duality in the Divine Part; there is only Love that connects everything that lives!

If I am telling you this, it is so that you become aware that beyond this world that is going a little backwards, there is unity in Love, but at a level of consciousness that, for the moment, you can neither attain nor understand.

I am saying this to human beings who lack Love and confidence, who suffer in their bodies, who have doubts in relation to what they are and to what we are, to all the human beings who have the profound desire to advance more every day upon their spiritual path, who really wish to grow in Love, in Wisdom and in the inner Light, to all the human beings who wish to contact us by thought, who wish to grow more every day and to feel us, who wish to feel the Love that emanates from us, from themselves and from their divine part, to all the humans who are awakening and whose heart is growing:

I, Mary, who lived in this world, who still comes often into this world to help you, I give you the possibility of growing, of blossoming, of having confidence, of eradicating your fears, of growing in Love, of enlightening with a new Light what you are! I give you this possibility because my Love is so immense that it inundates your world!

We are very numerous in helping you. I am going to explain to you the way we proceed. Imagine that we find ourselves in a place that is totally bathed in a living Light; we concentrate and we cause to rise up and live in the immense Love that is in us and that we have knowledge of and all together we project this Love Light vibration onto planet Earth. We do this very often. We take turns doing it in such a way that the Earth is permanently inundated by these Love Light vibrations.

You cannot know to what point you are helped! Children of the Earth that I have loved so much when I was on Earth, be certain that if you did not have this considerable aid, you would no longer be there to listen to or read my message. Humans would be dead because the Earth would have reacted to what they are! Planet Earth cannot die because its consciousness is eternal! All that is on it could effectively disappear; however, there will not be a disappearance but a transformation!

For you, children of this humanity, for you who have the courage, despite the storms and the suffering, to continue along the path, we will be there more than ever! We are telling all of you: have confidence, above all do not generate any fear because we will always be there to help you and to protect you!

You are not alone, children of this humanity! All those who have a sufficient vibratory frequency will pass through the turbulences. It matters little what will happen in your world, it does not matter if there are earthquakes, flooding, or fire; it does not matter if there are manipulations or poisons, we are and we will be there!

Have confidence! We are there to help you, to protect you! You are precious to us! You have shown your courage because in the storm of life, you continue to advance bravely with the profound desire to love.

You have the profound desire to attain your goal, to cross through the magnificent door of Light that awaits you at the end of the road, the door of Light that will open before you, that will see the realization of your Divinity and the realization of what you really are! You will see all of the work accomplished from life to life and from cycle to cycle since you mother soul decided to descend into the worlds of matter.

Children of this humanity, men of the Earth, you have the benediction and the protection of the one you have called Jesus or Sananda, that of Mary and of all the great Beings who have traveled this Earth in very different periods and that, sometimes, have sacrificed themselves through Love to make this world change.

The one who was my son and I will return to this world when you will be different! You will recognize us because you will have put your cloak of Light back on and that you will no longer be what you are right now; you will recognize us and we will be infinitely happy with these reunions in Love, in the Light and in the new universal consciousness!”

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