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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Messages from the Hierarchies
Open your heart to Love!

“You have recognized who I am. I am happy to be here! I am happy to be able to elevate your consciousness! I am happy to be able to fill your heart with Love!

During the two thousand years that separate the current period from that when I lived on Earth, humans have incarnated over and over and have grown. If I came today, millions of humans would follow me because the human consciousness has grown in Love.

You only see what is difficult in your civilization, you do not see around you, the people who would give their life for others; you do not see the pure in heart, the generous beings, because your medias do not show them to you!

I have come today to tell you that your world is changing and that I am infinitely happy about it! The changes in this world are going to accelerate.

On the contrary, for humans to be able to become aware of Life, of the respect for Life, of what they are and of what their brothers are, unfortunately there is need for some difficult events to take place. Humans are so engulfed in matter and in the first consciousness (that which is directed by the ego) that, to make them advance, so that they realize how much they love, how much the Love that is in their heart is important, how much their human brothers are important, no matter who they are and even if they do not know them, there must be suffering; there must be what you call “catastrophes”. At that moment, humans gather together; they see each other, and they love each other.

This world is going towards some extraordinary things, but also towards some difficult things (I do not wish to hide it from you, it is the truth). This truth can change if enough humans open more and more.

You can open yourself to another consciousness in multiple ways: thanks to multiple philosophies, or religions, even those that seem stripped of Love but that can create a shock in you that makes you advance even more. You can also open yourself to another consciousness without belonging to a religion, just simply by being aware of the immense Love that is in your heart.

You must remain free. We are saying it and I am saying it tonight: every human must remain free! It is in liberty that you evolve!

When I preached with an immense Love for those who surrounded me, when I tried to guide them, I always told them to remain free! I never created a religion! I told them: “If you wish to, follow me! See what I am capable of accomplishing! You can accomplish what I accomplish, and even more.”

Again today, I tell you: You can be and accomplish much more than what you are and that you accomplish! It is your imprisonment within that prevents you sometimes from going much farther and therefore to feel me, to feel us and above all to feel the immense Love that is in your heart.

I loved the world, I loved the beings, I also learned from this world. I acquired a human love that always remains in the little part of what I am. However, you have no idea what I am! There is always within me an immense Love for humanity! I continue to help it, but in a different way, for example by expressing myself through this little channel.

Love can be offered in a thousand and one ways. Today, I am offering you my Love in that way, through the intermediary of this little channel.

It is important to offer it by the intermediary of a human being. You can therefore feel it better and perceive it better because your vibrations adapt themselves in a different way to its vibratory frequency, in a way that is much more human.

I do not confine myself to the planet Earth or to the solar system: I go very far, much farther than you imagine. My mission has always been and will always be Love.

Love is incomprehensible for you, so I am going to speak to you instead of the “Love vibration”; I am going to speak about the Love that builds everything; I am going to speak about the Love that embellishes Love constantly; I am going to speak about the Love that regenerates life, no matter where you are!

Children of the Earth, if you accept this immense Love that is in you, if you accept to offer it beginning by offering it to yourself, you will have astonishing results on your body, your health and your spiritual evolution.

 Liberating this Love opens the spiritual path. At the time that I was on Earth, I spoke with totally different words that those who listened to me could understand; I often spoke about Love; I spoke about the power that dwells in each of the beings who listened to me.

However, the era was what it was! Your era is totally different from what it was when I came into this world.

I am still active, but in a totally different way, in the countries that are still a little too much in obscurity. I act with many beings who are a part of the Blue Star, the immense vessel where I often find myself; I act at the vibratory level on certain countries so that they can liberate themselves from the considerable weight of black and obscure clouds.

Inferior vortexes have opened; we try hard to close them thanks to the Love vibration and to the Light that we direct towards these vortexes.

When all the vortexes will be closed, a great miracle for humans will be accomplished, that of the miracle of the new life, the miracle of great fraternity; there will no longer be any differences between men, because at that moment, no matter who they are, men will understand. Not only will they perceive their own Love, but they will perceive the Love of others, of those who surround them. They will no longer be differences between men, no matter their race, white or black. There will then be a great opening of spirit, a great opening of the heart.

Before this is completely realized, we are working – and you are also working but without being aware of it – on the closing of these vortexes of inferior energies that are still penetrating this world and that is disturbing humans.

You must also act in the world where you are, to allow these vortexes to close as rapidly as possible.

Right now, great vortexes of Light are opening, in each of the large countries. These are like immense whirlwinds of Light that are putting the new vibration into place, the new energy that will allow the new consciousness to develop in every human being.

These great vortexes of Light have immense importance; they are constantly fed by very superior vibratory frequencies from the great Hierarchies of Light, from your brothers in space and well beyond.

Not all is obscure in the current world, the Light is truly beginning to gain ground, to enlighten as much as possible your world and the consciousness of humans. Believe in all of this, believe in my presence, believe in the powers of the very superior Beings of the great Hierarchies of Light. Above all, most of all believe in Love!

Instead of moping about everything that happens to you and that goes against your own convictions concerning Love, the respect for Life, know that all can go very fast right now.

I an asking you and I have always asked you: open your heart to Love, remove the barriers, do not be afraid to love! Really open your heart to Love!

A long time ago, I said that I would come like a thief into your heart, that I would knock on the door of your heart and that you must be able to open to me. That meant to say that the change would be or could be very sudden.

Those that have not opened their heart to this new era and to Love cannot go into the new world. This is not bad because they have an eternity to evolve. However, those who will have understood that they must absolutely grow in Love, in Love for themselves, in Love for Life and of course in Love for others will automatically pass into the new world. They will also know that they will not be alone, that myself and others will be among them.”

He is telling me again:

“I belong to no religion, I insist on repeating this! For me, communion is not the communion of religion! For me, communion is sharing! It is the sharing between what you are and what I am, the sharing in the Love that animates me and the Love that is in you.

Try to imagine me in front of you. I am tall, I am dressed in white, I am holding out my hands to you and much Light emanates from what I am. I put myself in communion, in relation with each of you. I open your heart and I place what is most precious there: my Love.

He is telling me:

“I would like for you to remove my image of being crucified from your churches and that in place of my presence on the cross you place a shining Being of Light, a Being in Joy.”

He is also telling me:

“Instead of singing my praises, sing Love! That is the only thing that is true: to sing Love! Of course, what you call your “masses” reunites many faithful, and this is good if there are enough pure hearts.

I would like for religions to be different. The true religion, the one that I wish for you, that I wish for your Earth and well beyond, is really the religion of Love, the Universal Religion.

In the diverse worlds that I visit and in the worlds of all your galactic brothers (at a higher level than yours of course), only Love reunites beings. There is no duality! Currently, you are capable of reuniting in Love and to pray in Love.

To pray is not to sing praises to what I was! This is not even singing praises to God if, when you have left your place of prayer, you behave the opposite!

For me, to pray is to try to allow the Love that is in your heart to emanate!

For me, to pray is to smile, smile at yourself, smile at Life, smile at your brothers.

For me, to pray is to be joyful, in the joy of Life, to be able to be amazed at all that surrounds you, of the beauty of creation.

For me, to pray is to have respect, respect for yourself and for Life.

For me, to pray is to be happy to look at your brother and to see only what is best in him.

For me, to pray is to elevate your soul towards the highest parts of your being, and to merge into the All.

For me, to pray is simply to ask God to help you to elevate yourself towards Him.

It is these prayers that I would like to hear in the churches, in the temples, in the synagogues, and in the mosques. If I listen, this is not always what I hear.

You will learn to pray in the way that I have indicated because that is a part of what you are and of what you are becoming.

Do not forget to pray this way! At that moment, not only will you feel the superior Beings, the Beings of Light who are close to you, but you will feel me also when I will present myself. The miracle will perhaps be accomplished, and you will see my form; even if it is fluctuating, you could perceive my Light.

This will take place, be certain! This will happen because your sight will be different! Instead of having only human perception, you will begin to have the perception of the soul, even with closed eyes, you will see beyond human sight.

I am going to leave now. Beforehand, I would like to tell you this: many have speculated about what I was, upon my life. I would like to say that my life has no importance, the only importance that I give to my life is what I was able to do in this world at the level of vibration that I emitted and that endures.

It matters little where I have gone and what I have done. What is important is what I am doing now! What is important, for me and for you, is the possibility that I give you to be able to advance, to be able to evolve, to be able to understand and to liberate that immense Love that dwells in you.

What I was can of course respond to a curiosity on your part but cannot make you advance. This is what I wished to say in concluding.

I bless you! You are all loved considerably because you have the steadfastness, the desire to advance, to evolve, to understand and to help. Therefore, all the beings who are in this movement of Love and of aid, this movement of comprehension, are profoundly loved by the planes of Light.

Now I bless you, but not like in the church; I bless you with all my Love; I bless you with that vibration that emanates from my heart and the inundates all of you. I love you! I will always be present in this world when it will be necessary, and I will always be present in groups when I feel that there are enough pure hearts and that I know that my presence will help beings to grow faster, to evolve faster, and especially to grow in Love!

Now I will leave you, but not completely, because I have placed in you a very light vibration of Love, of gentleness and of joy!”

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