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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Messages from the Hierarchies
Mary's current mission

I see a marvelous presence that is telling me:

“I have told you that I would come back often to help you in your deep journeying, to speak about Love to you and to offer you my Love.

I am the one you have called “Mary” as a human being; I am no longer “Mary” at all and yet I am still so close to you!

I come to share my Love with you and to tell you to what point it is important to generate a certain gentleness, to eradicate all violence within you. I have also come to tell you that you are infinitely loved by the planes of Light.

When I was on Earth, I was a little like you, even if I had a more elevated level of knowledge at the level of my ancestral memory (this is not the word that suits but I will use it anyway). I found on Earth what I had brought from all my former lives. Let us say that I had some advantages that you do not have.

My mission was totally different from yours. Now, the mission of the Children of the Earth, that I truly love in an immense way, is just as important as the one I had. It is certainly different, but the times are different. However, Love dwells in all times, in all civilizations; in all eras Love was there! Nothing and no one can prevent Love from being there or prevent beings who have opened their hearts to manifest it and to offer it constantly!

With my brothers and sisters, I am very active right now. It amuses me to say “my sisters and brothers” because, on certain planes, the sex does not exist, it is completely different; in fact, there is feminine energy and masculine energy that, in a given moment, dissolve into one balanced energy.

Consider me as the feminine part of energy, even if the balance between my masculine energy and my feminine energy is perfect. I have retained a great gentleness, a gentleness that I would like to see you manifest and to allow to express itself.

With my sisters, I act in the world in a considerable way. I go to places that have greater need of my energy of gentleness and Love. I go to places where there is more suffering, where the beings are lost. I would like to tell you that each of you can do the work that I do through thought.

I do this through thought (not human thought of course), because I am at a vibratory level and at a level of Love. I manifest it by the power of my spirit that has nothing to do with the human spirit.

I am very active, and I have immense pleasure in manifesting myself among you because I know that I can count on you. I know that, despite your sufferings and your revolts, you have the capacity to work with what I am. You have the capacities of devotion, of Love, of gentleness and of attention, and therefore you are capable of helping others to awaken.

My brothers and my sisters and myself work with galactic beings who have never lived in this world. Right now, we are working enormously to rebalance the world, because there is still too much power on the part of certain beings who do not always belong to your planet. I am not speaking about any government leaders, no matter who they are, because they have no importance. I wish to make you understand that we are acting in a totally positive sense.

We act with the energy of reconstruction. It is as if we put bandages of Love on the sufferings of all beings who need them. To you, dear Children of the Earth, I would like to say that you have the same possibility as me.

Do this by thought. A thought of Love has immense power. Think correctly and, at that moment, you will work with us, you in matter and us in the Invisible. Your world, this world in which I lived not so long ago, is the one in which you are living right now.

You have the marvelous mission of helping your Earth to awaken and, through the Love that emanates from you, you help it to recover its equilibrium, to rediscover the real sense of fraternity and of respect, and of course of Love.

On Earth, I was a part of the Essenes. I taught Essene teachings in the great temples that were inaccessible to those who did not have the capacity to study there. Often these great centers were located in the mountains, out of sight of neophytes, out of sight of those who were not apt to understand this teaching.

In this teaching, at least in the beginning, there was essentially the notion of Love, to love others and to love oneself. There was also the very important notion of respect.

Before the knowledge, that was not an intellectual knowledge like yours right now, there was a true Knowledge, that of true values. The values have disappeared under multiple veils. We taught the students to look at themselves in the mirror and to love themselves; we taught them to understand themselves and to respect themselves, no matter what they had to do.

After that, when they attained a certain level of Love, of comprehension of themselves, of acceptance and respect, we gave them little by little access to all the capacities of the spirit.

It will be the same for you: the more you will be in Love for yourself, the more you will be in respect, and when you will have acquired the necessary bases, you will discover the extraordinary faculties of the power of the spirit. Each of you possesses these faculties, but you will not be able to use them until you are ready and when you would not cause any harm to anyone.

I am going to repeat what has already been said to you: the first capacities of the spirit that will develop in you will be telepathy; it is the universal means of communication.

Many you will have the capacity to radiate much more Love when you will be ready; those beings in particular, are undergoing a cleansing right now in order to have the capacity to radiate much more Love.

Others are much readier to radiate this Love; they are not undergoing this cleansing because they have already experienced it during other moments of their terrestrial existence (and sometimes recently).

I am doing all that I can to regenerate you, to give you the power, to give you the energy, to give you the force. This is important for me and for you, because I count on you, because I love you, because you are important in my eyes.

Now I am going to leave you. This means nothing because myself and those who teach you never leave you and, next to our channel, there are always Beings who are there, as we have said, to respond to your questions. You and she are never alone. You must know that you are always accompanied, and that the more you elevate yourself the more you will be accompanied by the entities of Light.

Never forget that the Light absorbs the darkness; the Light absorbs your own darkness, that generated by your worries, by your suffering, by your tensions and sometimes your feelings.

Love and Light erase, efface and absorb all of that. This is the reality of life.

I bless you! I will return often because I must do so, because now you are ready to go much farther and much higher.

I bless you, Children of the Earth! I inundate you  with my Love, I inundate you with my Serenity, I inundate you with my Joy and I also inundate you with my Force!”

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