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Messages from the Hierarchies
Important message from a Master of Wisdom

Important message from a Master of Wisdom

I see a Being that I often call “the Master of Wisdom”. Today he tells me he has often traveled the roads of the countries of planet Earth.

“I have come often, at very different periods, hundreds and even thousands of years ago. I was the one you called “Saint Francis of Assisi”. I tried to help men with what I was, to awaken them, to make it so that even in the era in which I lived, human beings would go into the deepest part of themselves in order to discover what they had that was most beautiful.

I succeeded with some, not with others because they were too asleep. Now I speak to beings who can receive me, to those you call channels.

Often, I have often presented myself to our transmitter as being a “Master of Wisdom”.

What is a “Master of Wisdom”? It is one who has understood, who has acted, who has loved, and who tries to transmit a little of what he has understood, of what he has been, of what he has loved, essentially in himself, and obviously within others.

Therefore, today, I am addressing myself to you. In my hands the Great Book of Knowledge is open.

Now other pages are going to be written in it. All that has been written in it up to now in these pages no longer have reality.”

He is showing me this book. As he turns the pages, all that was written on them is erased. New pages are opening and I see that there is something else written: the destiny of the Earth and that of men. He is telling me:

“I am not going to speak in detail about the destiny of the Earth but I am going to show you certain pages.

He shows me the word “tomorrow”, written in bold letters that I cannot define in color, on a page of silver white. He is saying:

“May the following words be engraved in you so that you can use them!”

The first words are:

“Love yourself; in all circumstances, love yourself!”

He is turning the page. One sentence fills the page:

Love life, no matter how it is, difficult or agreeable!”

The page turns. Now these words are written in capitals:

“Respect yourself!”

And beneath this:

“Respect life!”

Another page turns and I read:

“Be fraternal with others but (this can seem a little difficult), be fraternal with yourself and do not constantly denounce yourself for false reasons!”

On a new page, written in gold letters is this:

“Every morning, when you get up, radiate Love, radiate Joy, and radiate the Light! If you radiate Joy, if you radiate Love and if you radiate the Light, your entire day will be enlightened! In this way, you can also enlighten the day of those who are sad.”

On another page, in more luminous letters whose color I cannot describe is written this:

“Have confidence! Have confidence in yourself, have confidence in all those whom you help, in your guides and in the Beings of Light! Have confidence in Life! There are no experiences that are impossible to live through; there are only experiences that allow you to grow.”

Another page turns. There is written this:

Do not doubt! Do not doubt Love! Do not doubt your brothers! Do not doubt those that we are! Do not doubt your radiant future!”

On the next page is written:

“Be in the hope that the day after tomorrow will be resplendent, the hope that all will become calmer in you, hope in a marvelous life!”

The page turns and I read:

“Be in serenity! Serenity brings peace, peace of the heart and peace of mind. Never forget this!”

On another page is written:

“Watch over your thoughts! Your thoughts can lead you very far, very high, but they can also bring you down! Be aware of what emanates from you!”

A new page turns. There is written:

“See the world as you would like it to be! At that moment, you will create a world in you, it will manifest itself and little by little you can offer the vibration of this world to others whom you cherish, from this world that you wish for! You can offer it without speaking, simply in what emanates from you!”

Another page turns. I read:

“Never be at war with anyone! Do not forget that duality lowers the vibratory frequency! Do not forget that duality slows down the Love that emanates from you! So always be at peace within, always be at peace with others!”

The page turns and this is written:

“In this world, you are a temporary voyager. All voyages have a beginning and an end, so try to make it so that your voyage is as agreeable as possible while knowing that after this voyage of studies you will rediscover the world you came from!”

On the last page that he is showing me, is written at the bottom of the page:

“Love! Love! Love!

And everything lights up as if each word “Love” was lit up from an extraordinary light.

He is also telling me:

“It is desirable that you be able to re-read this book often! This would help you! This would allow you perhaps to understand yourself better, to advance faster, to awaken more rapidly and to radiate more this Love that is only asking to express itself, that dwells in you and that you must liberate.

Now, Children of the Earth, cross over the last meters that remain for you to cover with your head held high, with joy in your heart, with total confidence in Life! Put what seems difficult for you to experience in the proper perspective because behind what seems difficult to experience there is always a gift! Always look for that hidden gift and you will find it!

I am inundating your heart with my vibration, with the Love that emanates from what I am. Try to open your heart wide so that I can deposit this vibration there that will help you to grow in Wisdom, in confidence and especially in Love!"


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