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Nous suggérons aux lecteurs qui découvrent les messages de lire d'abord les fondements.

Messages from the Hierarchies
Message from the Great Tibetan

“For you, humans, meditation is not very easy because your mind is always in activity. You must know however that it is not because you meditate that you become better.

Silent meditation is of course important because it can allow you, if you have the ability, to communicate more easily with your guides and your Brothers in the Light.

For silent meditation to really be effective, it must be practiced every day, beginning by centering yourself; it is important for you to connect and to speak with your guides.

To connect yourself, you can visualize the sun, the Light or even your guides and this will allow you to center yourself better and in this way to have less parasitical thoughts.

It is very difficult for a human being not to think; all of the great meditators have had difficulties with emptying the mind.

I am in contact with he who is called the Great Tibetan.

“I am present with you because, in the Hindu philosophy, there is great emphasis on meditation and the empty mind. I would like to say to the children of this cycle, to the children of this world, that all peoples have their specific qualities and their special capabilities.

The people of Asia do not function exactly as the people of Europe or those of the American continent; their culture is different, their way of functioning is sometimes different, their religion can be different and their philosophy can also be different.

I would like to add this: fundamentally, there are not several religions, several philosophies. The only true religion, the only true philosophy is that of Wisdom and of Love. All of the schools of Wisdom (whether they were developed in Tibet, in India, in China or in any other Asian country) had their reason for being, but they were adapted to the functioning of the beings who lived at those times.

The Tibetans and some Hindus – from ancient time and even now – succeed easily at emptying the mind because they began to practice it very young with techniques that are not adapted to western peoples.

I who am speaking to you, I understand that you have certain difficulties in getting beyond your mind and keeping it silent. Once again, all of the philosophies or religions, even if they have been greatly falsified over the course of time, are all adapted to the different countries depending on their philosophical and spiritual orientation.

I, the Great Tibetan, I am telling you this: try to adapt meditation to what you are! To empty your mind is not important! Even the Tibetans or the Hindus, unless they learned to do it when they were very young (but this is not taught in the schools) also have difficulties in practicing silent meditation. Only those who are recluse in temples succeed in easily practicing this meditation.

What are the benefits of silent meditation and active meditation?

Silent meditation, in addition to calming the mind and allowing contact with other planes, with your guides and your Brothers in the Light – contacts in which you must be very vigilant – allows you to acquire serenity and calms your personal agitation (Westerners are sometimes very agitated).

To those of you who live in the western world I would like to say: try to integrate serenity! In the time in which you are living, serenity is just as important as silent meditation! It is in serenity, in the peace of the heart and the soul, that you will obtain the same results as in deep meditation because, when you are in serenity, your mind calms down right away.

Therefore, by taking another path, you arrive at that meditation that is somewhat silent; I say “somewhat silent” because the true silent meditation, the one where no thought is present, can only be accomplished by the great initiates! I have accomplished it, just as some channels like this one who is obliged to totally abstract herself from her mind in order to be able to transmit what we transmit to her, and in this case I am transmitting to her.

For her the process is yet again totally different! During her contacts, your galactic brothers, the Beings of Light and those who speak to you, like me at this moment, help her to empty her mind, to be totally available to receive our messages and the information that is given her.

What is important is that you adapt your spiritual aspirations to what your life is. Imagine the difference between an Easterner, a Hindu or a Tibetan living in remote mountains, far from civilization! Of course, it is easier to be in serenity, in the peace of the heart and the soul and in the silence of the mind when you are surrounded by mountains; when you find yourself in a temple immersed in a vibration that elevates you, it is easier to attain that level.

Your Brothers in the Light have told you several times that an active meditation often has much more power and helps you more to spiritually elevate you than a passive meditation.

In passive meditation you can easily fall asleep and at that moment that meditation brings you nothing.

Before doing active meditation, it is advised that you connect yourself to your guides and to the Beings of Light, that is to say to dialog; this dialog can be silent or formulated in a low voice.

From the moment that you have decided to begin this dialog, you begin to be in serenity. You have thus taken the first step.

You cannot begin to dialog with your Brothers in the Light or with anyone if your mind is disturbed, if you are agitated or even if you are psychically disturbed.

Sit yourself tranquilly on a chair, settle down and try not to think about the problems of life or of the day, or about the sometimes difficult relations with others; just simply make the request and allow your heart to speak.

When the dialog begins (it is of course only one way) and no matter the duration, the more you open up the dialog, the more the words come from your heart, it will be easier and easier for you to enter into contact with your guides, at least with their vibrations.

If you do not obtain a response, this is not very important. What is important is the door that you have opened between you and the Beings of the planes that are much more elevated than yours.

If you begin this work of serenity and of dialog, if you remain silent for several seconds, you can have some responses or maybe some short messages from those you have solicited. Of course this will not happen the first, second or third day because it requires much perseverance.

It is important to enter into contact every day, or almost, at the same hour. It is like an appointment that you give to those with whom you wish to communicate.

In religions, why are there services at a precise hour? You will say it is so that people arrive on time, which is true, but it is also, in another consciousness, the means of giving a rendezvous to the very luminous Beings who come to those who pray sincerely with their heart.

What this does in the context of a religion or a philosophy has no importance; it is the way of receiving and the way of offering that is important! If your prayers are made from the heart, receive, with confidence and faith, what is given you by those you have solicited. It is sometimes beings whom you have not solicited that, by Love, respond and offer you a vibration that fills your heart with joy and serenity.

Meditation is to be associated with yoga. Yoga was essentially given to beings who lived in India, in Himalaya, but not only to them. Later, yoga arrived in the West but it was not exactly the same because it was adapted to Westerners.

I wish to point out that yoga is not – even if some think it is – a discipline that allows spiritual evolution. Yoga can help you to raise your vibratory frequency if, along with it you apply daily all that your Brothers in the Light and many others have taught you at the spiritual level and the level of conducting life; without that you will have simply passed a good time in a vibration that will have pleased you and you will have perhaps been in a moment of serenity but the yoga will not serve you in anything.

Meditation and yoga are tools offered to men to allow them to see much clearer on their spiritual path. In fact everyone must find their own tools of communication, his own tools of evolution, those that are adapted to what he is.

Yoga can help a person to advance faster on his spiritual path because it teaches him a certain discipline of life; for another person, yoga will not have the same impact, it will probably be a pleasant moment passed with similar beings with whom he can exchange, even commune with, but outside of the practice of yoga, that person will go back to his life without changing anything because that life suits him the way it is.

It is the same with meditation; there are real and false silent meditators; I wish to tell you again that there are not as many real silent meditators as you think.

The false silent meditators are beings who, in the beginning, succeed a little bit in emptying their mind, in calming their inner turbulence, and they empty it so much that they fall asleep. They are not always aware that they have fallen asleep and they wake up simply being aware of having meditated in a silent way for a very long moment. This is the illusion of silent meditation!

When you do an active meditation, obviously you cannot fall asleep because you are in action. In active meditations, I am of course including all of the affirmations that have been given in the schools of Wisdom and that have been learned in Buddhist temples; these are the keys for evolution!

In the affirmation, positive of course, you place something of yourself; you make the deep wish that this thing happens and you program your subconscious. If you do it one or two times, the programming of course may not happen but if you do it once a day, even for several minutes, this repeated affirmation will have a positive action on your life. This could end up in greater confidence within but also in small miracles, those of kindness, of serenity, of confidence, of joy and obviously Love.

To each his tools! If in this place that even I, the Tibetan considers as a school of Wisdom, as a very important place, you have been taught affirmations, prayers from the heart, projections of Love and of energy, it is because this corresponds with the era in which you live. In each era, spirituality is a function of beings.

When I was on Earth, everything was much more complicated, all of that was essentially directed to the intellect. Now, so that many human beings advance, it is necessary to speak to their heart rather than to their intellect, which gives much more results.

In my era, those who occupied themselves with the spiritual path were, as you could call them now, “the intellectuals of spirituality”. Spirituality has evolved much in relation to my era, in relation to the era of the Mother, of Alice Bailey, etc.

Now, the true spirituality must be adapted to the greatest number so that it can change the world that is in great transformation.”

I see him now. He is tall. He is not really dressed like the Tibetan monks. He is however wearing a robe a little saffron in color, a little brick in color even. He is very handsome. He has brown hair and a small beard and large dark eyes. He is telling me:

The way in which you describe me is amusing! I did look like that and I also looked different; you also, humans, at different eras you were different and have not kept the same looks, the same face.

I also am in contact with my brothers and I act essentially in India, in Tibet and a little bit in China but that is not the place where I must be most active.

India is a country that suffers; many people have lost the path of wisdom and also the path of respect and of honesty. That country has certainly kept a few remnants of what it was taught for hundreds of years, even many more, but the people of India have become lost in false religions, as with many beings on Earth, especially now.

Therefore, I am helping this era, I help the Tibetan people who have suffered enormously but who are counseled by some great masters who still live in those magnificent mountains. To prevent this wisdom and this philosophy from disappearing, it was asked that they scatter themselves around the world.

The Buddhist philosophy has been much more preserved than your current religions have been, even if some imperfections have been added by non-initiated men, unfortunately having a certain power upon men and who have also been very attracted to money.

In your world, everything has been perverted, especially in your era, and it is for that that you cannot make a reference to any particular religion or philosophy, that you cannot guarantee completely all that is said because many things have been added by beings who lack wisdom acting through a taste for power.

There will come a time when all religions, all philosophies of this world will dissolve into one religion: the universal religion.

Your Brothers of the Light have often spoken to you about the universal religion: this will be the one that each of you has created in your heart, the religion of fraternity, of Love in all of its forms in the total respect for the other.

Religion will be universal because it will unite all men who will have passed through some great tribulations. When the time comes, it will also unite all of the beings of this world with their Galactic Brothers, therefore with the universe. We, Great Beings, are in constant relation with our Galactic Brothers who are also ours.

Right now, in this world, there are those that I could call “false brothers”, destructive brothers, men who do not wish good for others but who only wish to possess and to dominate their fellow men and to keep them from evolving.

The time of the false brothers is passing away faster and faster, but there are still some narrow passages to cross through before they are all transformed.

Then, the Universal Fraternity will connect true brothers, human beings and galactic beings. This moment is approaching, be certain of it! That is why it is necessary, without lassitude but with force, willpower and courage, that you continue on your spiritual path. If you abandon when you are pure of heart and when you have already opened wide your consciousness, who can help your world in this immense transition? Who are those who can serve as passers, that is to say showing the path that passes to the other side, if it is not the beings like you who have chosen this marvelous path, even if sometimes it seems a little painful for you?

Therefore, you have a magnificent mission that also gives you a certain responsibility. I am however going to tell you this: those who have not gone to the end of their spiritual mission, who have not had sufficient force or faith, who have allowed themselves to be somewhat turned away from their path by egos that are too large, by sterile and often useless gossip, by inferior sentiments, have however stored some very important things within. They will pass over the bridge but may not always help their brothers to pass over. What is important is that they also be able to cross the bridge to the other shore. Some of you will run across this bridge to get to the other shore faster.

Be sure that, when you will be on the other shore, there will be open arms and magnificent smiles awaiting you; the Beings who have helped you all throughyour life will be there to welcome you, to sing, to laugh, to love and to congratulate you. It will be a great feast of finding one another again in true Fraternity and in true Love!"

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