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Messages from the Hierarchies
Message from the apostle John


I see a Being who is approaching me. He presents himself to me with the aspect that he had two thousand years ago. He is telling me:

“I am he whom you have called “the apostle John”! I was very close to Jesus, our much loved Brother; he initiated me well beyond what the Scriptures may have written about me. He initiated me in the Love Vibration and he initiated me in a superior consciousness.

Thanks to him, I had future access to your planet, to your future. He therefore allowed me to develop what you call clairvoyance, for the good reason that I needed to leave a trace of what I saw and the vibrations that I felt.

This present time is very difficult at the vibratory level; it is the most difficult period that men have been given to experience since the beginning of time. Why? Because at this time, you are extremely numerous on planet Earth; seven billion individuals, seven billion consciences, seven billion beings who think, who suffer, who revolt and who are in violence. All, of course, are not but from one moment to the next, every being present in this world has experienced moments of suffering, moments of revolt and even moments of violence (sometimes not expressed).

What you, Children of the Earth at this time call an “egregore” is very powerful. If there was not a great protection over the Earth, it could go beyond the limits and would pollute not only your solar system but well beyond!

I would like to tell you that thought has a colossal power. You think without being aware of it; you make statements, you invalidate yourself without being aware of it. You sometimes create marvelous things, sometimes inferior things without being aware of it because you are not aware of what you are, because you are not aware of the power of thought!

Jesus, our companion at the time, our beloved Brother, taught us about the power of thought. All of the apostles were taught this, just like me, but each one integrated this teaching with what he was, with his personal consciousness. Of course some were more apt at receiving than others but all received a teaching that I would dare to call “the foundation”.

I was very, very close to Jesus, our Sacred Brother, and I had access to things to which some of my brother apostles did not.

Your era is marvelous because there is a great spiritual awakening, an awakening that is due in great part to the considerable energies that are offered you and that emanate from your Galactic Brothers (of whom I am a part, and of which Jesus-Sananda is also as well as the Great Hierarchies of Light).

Humanity must awaken, must wake itself up! Only a very small percentage has awakened to the new consciousness! Even those who have awakened to the new consciousness do not know well where they are; they do not understand what is happening to them and they are sometimes also perturbed.

It will be up to you, brothers of the Earth, to offer the Love Vibration that you will develop in you thanks to your behavior, to your wisdom, to the knowledge that you will have more and more of yourselves and especially of the power of your thoughts.

I wrote prophecies. Some will take place, others will not take place. In fact, as it has already been told you, prophecies are meant to warn and not to be applied to the letter.

I saw what will happen in your period, I saw the considerable dangers that humanity could provoke by its ignorance, its incoherence, its lack of Love and of fraternity, and its warrior-like state. I saw all of that but I also saw hope, I saw Love flourish in the heart of men, I saw an important vibratory change and I saw the new world that is promised you.

Before you can go towards this new world, there will be unavoidable obstacles to overcome. You will overcome them depending on your evolution, depending on what you will have understood, depending on what you will have been able to integrate, and you will be precious beings who will help with the transformation of the world.

Right now, you are totally immersed in the period of the Apocalypse of which I wrote, the Apocalypse in the inferior sense of the word, that is to say in the sense of tribulations but also in the positive sense, that is to say in the sense of revelations.

I could perceive your era because I projected myself (with my body) two thousand years later and therefore into your era. I saw all of the dangers brought about by some forces that I will not name – because it is not necessary to name them – and who are going to do all that they can to wipe out part of humanity.

What these forces do not know is that there are forces in opposition, that is to say immense forces of Light. You will hear of wars and conflicts. You will sometimes read, with the important technology that the Internet represents of messages that could perhaps frighten you or have you asking questions.

Absolutely do not take these inferior messages that you may read into account, messages that are received by channels whose consciousness may have been manipulated.

What I have come to tell you this evening and that your Brothers in the Light often repeat to you, especially at this time is: have confidence! Have confidence and above all hope because all that you may hear as far as bombs are concerned and other terrible things are only the visible part of what is really happening in your world, made to frighten you, to lower your vibratory frequency. This is what you must absolutely avoid!

You must turn away from all that can lower your vibratory frequency! This is what those who are against evolution, against the transition of your planet and of all that lives on it and inside of it wish for.

In one way or another, what must be, will be! What must be will be thanks to the will of those who are much more important than me and much more important than any leaders or false leaders of this world who are themselves being led. Behind all of this is a much more powerful will than all the inferior wills who act for the greatest ill of, in a certain way, humans and of the Earth.

I therefore wrote prophecies to warn. What are human beings doing with this? They have understood nothing! They have not understood that there will be a great danger if they act totally without fraternity, without wisdom, without serenity, without harmony and especially without Love. They wanted to be totally free in their acts, and they have not understood that every action generates a reaction; whether it is an individual action or collective, an action always generates a reaction!

It is the same with thought! If you think “inferior”, if you think fear, if you think of everything that could pull you down, through what your thoughts generate (essentially fear) you will attract great difficulties to you.

So, today I would like to ask you to be vigilant because thoughts, being colossal energies that inundate this world can more likely manifest themselves in action, that is to say that a thought, even personal, can take shape. I am going to give you some examples.

If you think constantly about a disharmony in your body, you rapidly give form to this disharmony! If you think constantly of your perfect health, you will obtain it and you will remain in good health. If you think constantly that your world is going to shift into a world of Fraternity and of Love that each of you wants, you will create it little by little because at that moment your thought will act.

What is important to know is to think well, to know how to direct your thoughts in the totally positive, superior sense, in the most elevated sense that is the one of fraternity and of Love.

Before I leave, I would like to recall something of importance that was said.

Be aware of the importance of your thoughts. Try to think well, try to remember that each thought has importance and that it creates, positively or inferiorly; you also create for yourselves, that is to say you receive the results of your thoughts because the law of cause and effect applies at another level than the human level.

I would also like to sum up the importance of what your Great Brother in Love came to do, our beloved brother Jesus-Sananda. All the periods of his life were considerable at the level of what he anchored in matter and on planet Earth, in vibration and in Love.

Try to feel each period of his life at the sacred level and not on the human level. To celebrate Christmas and Easter is good but go within for a few moments and try to feel what he transmitted to human beings!

I bless you! To come here to you has been a great joy for me!

Be aware of what you are, be aware of your future, have much hope as to this future and do not listen to all that can be inferior and that is diffused at this time.

Once again, there will be some obligatory passages in man's destiny but where there is shadow there is also Light! Where there are difficulties in passing from one shore to the other, there is always the possibility of crossing it without any difficulty!

You will be accompanied in order to cross the bridge that leads you from one shore to the other. We will be very numerous in accompanying you.”

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